Let’s face it, the competition in the delivery market is high, and the best way to win more business is to find more customers, keep them satisfied and loyal to your company. Today’s customers want to be fully informed and provided information throughout the entire route planning process from the moment of placing an order till the delivery itself. 

 It also goes without saying that time matters, both for your business and for your customers. Track-POD is glad to offer you the routing app to optimize your delivery routes and do more with less costs. Trip planning in the route scheduler helps reduce not only fuel, vehicle maintenance and human resources costs, but what matters most – time (aka money). 

No doubt, customers treasure their time too.

Our routing program allows you to honor your customer’s time and wish to stay informed by sending an email or SMS notification a day or two prior to the delivery. 

These are the examples of what your customers would receive with Track-POD Advance Notification:

SMS ETA Notification in Routing                        

Make sure your customers are not stuck waiting for their order on the day of the delivery by sending the Predicted ETA Notification providing precious real-time info on the driver’s location and estimated time of arrival with live updates. Read more about Track-POD Predicted ETA Notification here.