Track-POD has been named Category Leader on GetApp 8 times in 2021. Now, we're leading in 8 logistics categories. This post is meant to give you a full overview of what Track-POD is best at. Let's dive in.

1. Route planning

2. Fleet management

3. Transportation management

4. Transportation dispatch

5. Food delivery

6. Courier software

7. Trucking software

8. Delivery management

Route planning

Track-POD is #4 on the list of 9 category leaders in GetApp's Route Planning Software category, published in May 2021.

getapp route planning category

Track-POD scores 88/100 points awarded according to 5 factors worth 20 points each.

  1. Ease of use.
  2. Value for money.
  3. Likelihood to recommend.
  4. Customer support.
  5. Functionality.

The full list of route planners in the category includes Routific, OptimoRoute, Route4Me, and other tools. If you're interested to explore Track-POD in comparison with these category leaders, you can use GetApp's quick comparison feature or view full comparison to explore all 5 factors in-depth. 

getapp compare trackpod

To further explore Track-POD as a route planner, dive into our guides.

Fleet management

In GetApp's Fleet Management Software category, Track-POD comes at #8 out of 14 category leaders, scoring 94/100 points.

getapp fleet optimization categoryThe list of category leaders in fleet management was published in April 2021. Same as in other categories, you can quickly benchmark Track-POD against other category leaders such as Samsara.

getapp compare fleet managementDiscover Track-POD's fleet management and optimization features by deep-diving into our guides.

Transportation management

Track-POD comes at #6 in the Transportation Management Software category, scoring 86/100 points.

getapp transportation management categoryThe list of category leaders in transportation management was published in April 2021 and includes such software providers as Freight Club and Tailwind TMS.

getapp compare transportation management

Discover more of Track-POD's transportation management features by reading our guides.

Transportation dispatch

In the Transportation Dispatch Software category, Track-POD comes second on the list of category leaders, scoring 95/100 points.

getapp transportation dispatch categoryThe list of category leaders in transportation dispatch was published in April 2021 and features software providers like LogiNext Mile and Verizon Connect.

getapp compare transportation dispatchTo keep learning about dispatching with Track-POD, check out our guides.

Food delivery

In the Food Delivery Software category, Track-POD is #7 among category leaders, scoring 79/100 points.

getapp food delivery categoryCategory leaders in food delivery software were announced in May 2021. You can benchmark Track-POD against other category leaders using GetApp's quick comparison tool.

getapp compare food delivery

To learn more about how Track-POD can be used by food delivery operations, keep reading.

Courier software

Track-POD is #3 on the list of category leaders in the Courier Software category. The list was published in August 2021.

courier software getapp trackpod

On the list of best courier software, Track-POD is joined by the industry's established brands like Routific, Onfleet, and OptimoRoute. You can also benchmark the software quickly using the comparison tool.

compare trackpod to optimoroute

To take a closer look at Track-POD as a courier management tool, check out the guides below.

Trucking software

On the list of industry leaders in the Trucking Software category, Track-POD comes in at #4 out of 11 software providers.

trackpod is a category leader in trucking software on getapp

The list was published in August 2021. To learn more about Track-POD as a trucking tool, explore the guides below.

Delivery management

Track-POD is #3 on the list of 6 category leaders in GetApp's Delivery Management Software category, published in September 2021.

Track POD is a category leader in Delivery Management Software on GetApp.

Before you go

GetApp is one of the biggest software comparison platforms that offer many tools for thorough benchmarking of tools in various categories. Go ahead and learn more about Track-POD by checking out detailed comparisons of software providers.

getapp trackpod detailed comparison

If you still have questions about how Track-POD could help your logistics operation in particular, we're happy to give you a tour during a free demo.