Whether you run a last-mile delivery company with a fleet of medium vans or offer long-distance delivery service, route optimization is something that you definitely need to compete in the market and improve your performance. 

Planning two or three-day routes with multiple stops may be a real challenge as you have to bear in mind many conditions and quite often you go for manual planning which, we must say, is not the best solution.

Our routing planning software is here to help you make more in less time by creating the optimum routes. Track-POD algorithms are designed to consider plenty of variables to generate the smartest solutions for your delivery business. Track-POD intelligent route optimization involves many Advanced settings like time windows, customer priorities, service duration times, etc. In this article, we will review Driver’s Break as one of the important settings required for truck route planning.

You can set up Track-POD to automatically optimize two-day routes considering drivers’ breaks. Thus, the system will create routes with allowance for the drivers’ rest time whether it is a 30-minute lunch or a 9-hour sleep. Moreover, if it is a night-long break, the system will automatically recalculate ETA shifting it to the next day. Your multi-stop long-distance routes will be planned with ease.

Start optimizing your routes with Track-POD and be sure that we always bear in mind the concerns and goals of your delivery business. Deliver more, spend less, get more efficient with our route planning software.