Businesses can improve the efficiency of their delivery and service operations through route planning. By adjusting routes based on factors such as distance, time, and other scheduled stops, transportation expenses can be reduced, while providing reliable scheduling for customers and drivers. For optimal results, routing strategies need to be flexible and responsive to the many dynamic components of logistics management, from traffic to delivery stops. Through extended routing strategies, businesses have additional options to deliver more quickly, more accurately, and at a lower cost.

Routing that applies driver’s home location

Depending on the locations of your warehouse, your customers, and your drivers, you may find the most optimal delivery route is not a typical round trip. Extended routing strategies enable businesses to get products to their customers more quickly, by looking to leverage driver location at various points along the delivery timeframe.

For example, a driver can start working from a home location and be paid for the distance and time spent on the way from home to a warehouse. This is an example of inbound routing.

A second example of an extended routing strategy is when a driver loads a truck in the evening prior to a route starting in the morning, drives home and starts from there. Another option, which is often used by companies that provide services to customers on a service route, start and finish their runs without stopping at an office.

Each of these options has benefits for a business in reducing the time for deliveries and minimizing costs. Manually planning and managing these different methods is a challenge. Through automated route planning and optimization software, businesses can quickly plan and implement each of these types of routes, calculating distances and times with accuracy.

Extended route planning strategy

Choosing an extended route planning strategy gives more options, whether a business needs a dynamic or fixed routing design.

Track-POD is an advanced delivery and route planning software solution that helps businesses efficiently arrange multiple deliveries with ease. With tools for optimizing drivers’ runs with multiple stops in one click, Track-POD generates the fastest routes to deliver more in less time. Track-POD’s optimization capabilities mean business can determine the best route based on a driver’s starting point, destination, and waypoints. By considering vehicle capacities, time windows and mileage, Track-POD helps businesses deliver quickly, accurately, and at the lowest cost.

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