The latest version of Track-POD includes those powerful features you've asked for. Take a look at them and enjoy the new approach to automation.

Explore extended Routing possibilities for your business

As you know Track-POD offers route advanced optimization based on Time, Distance and Expenses allowing you to choose the most suitable strategy for your business. With our latest update, we offer you a new tool to calculate the cost and evaluate the efficiency of the routing process.
Just enter the actual values for the cost per km/mi, cost per hour and base fare and the system will calculate the cost of your routes.

  • you can set default route rates in the Routing and Optimization settings that will be applied to all your vehicles in bulkRoute rates
  • you can set specific route rates for your fleet of vehicles in Directories / Vehicles. The system will apply these values for calculations and assign the cheapest options for Expense-based optimizationRoute rates vehicles
  • You can switch between Distance, Time and Expense based optimization strategies to find the most suitable option for your business. For this purpose, Track-POD keeps the record of your Routing history. Compare the time, distance, the number of vehicles involved and the cost to choose the most efficient strategy which will save you both time and moneyRouting history
  • And one more useful feature we want you to be aware of - you can track the deviation of the actual route from the planned. Just activate the display of the Deviation column on the dashboardrouting comparison deviation