Managing the delivery process can be tricky, with route optimization, driver management, vehicle safety checks, and growing customer demand adding complexity on all levels. On top of these multifaceted challenges for delivery companies, customer availability, and requirements for in-person delivery can further complicate the delivery management process. Delivery management software provides the businesses with tools to optimize route planning and manage fleets, but scheduling and route planning based on physical location alone can result in the need to redeliver if a customer is not available when the route is scheduled.

Multiple customers at one address

At first, delivery to multiple customers at one address can seem like a logistical gift to a company. Sending out a driver with multiple deliveries to a single location, such as a shopping mall or industrial park, is efficient and saves resources. Logistics management software can aggregate these multiple customers into one delivery route for ongoing resource savings. However, not all businesses operate on the same schedule. Not all businesses have the necessary personnel available to receive deliveries at the same time as other customers.

If a customer is not available to accept delivery, the delivery company has to reschedule the driver to make a second trip at a later date. Redeliveries can be unavoidable in some situations, but they can add delays to both the shipping company and the recipient. A customer might need a vital part for their manufacturing, for example, or sales inventory for a busy shopping day.

Time slot order splitting adds an extra layer of efficiency

Companies that deliver to multiple customers at a single location may not be able to coordinate customer schedules to allow for single deliveries each day. With Track-POD, companies can fully leverage technology to make multiple stops to a single address as efficiently as possible. Track-POD delivery management software allows companies to dive deep into their logistics management and create time slots for splitting orders. By establishing set time windows, companies can give customers more options. Customers that might need multiple deliveries in one day can benefit from increased access to inventory, and the specific time window availability can significantly reduce redeliveries, resulting in lower-cost shipping and time savings.

Track-POD allows companies to manage deliveries and routes with ease, cutting transport costs through optimizing scheduling, vehicle capacity, time windows, and mileage. With the ability to split orders by time slots, companies can regain control of a source of inefficiency and pass benefits on to customers. It’s just one reason to move your company’s logistics management to Track-POD. From proof of delivery to real-time delivery progress, Track-POD makes delivery visible and efficient. For more information on how Track-POD can optimize your deliveries, contact us today.