Let’s admit it, the art of delivering orders may be a hustle, and the more orders are to be delivered per route, the greater number of issues may arise. FedEx and UPS shipping service teams handling huge volumes of packages would prove that loading is a tricky stage of the delivery process when things may go wrong. Some packages may be left behind in the warehouse, also, having packages loaded in a wrong sequence makes it quite a trouble to find the right package at the customer’s. That means loss of precious time, schedule delay and, naturally, additional costs to your business.

 Track-POD’s truck route planner is here to help you make the delivery process smart and lean, load and unload efficiently and make sure all stuff is on board. When creating a shipping routes map your dispatcher checks the option Load Check and thus, forces the driver to perform mandatory QR/ bar code scanning while loading.

 In their Track-POD Driver’s App the driver receives a Load Check list. The driver may leave the warehouse and start the route only if Load Check is completed with all packages scanned and loaded in the right sequence. The only device needed for scanning orders is the driver's handy. If necessary, the correctly performed loading may be confirmed by the driver’s signature. 

In a few words the procedure looks this way:

  • Load Check is forced by the dispatcher
  • The driver receives a list of orders to be scanned at the warehouse
  • The driver scans all listed orders and makes sure they are loaded in the correct sequence
  • The driver leaves the warehouse

Now you can sit back and relax being sure that the delivery process will be seamless, and all stops will be served in full and on time.