Delivery Management Software for contactless and paperless delivery.

Track-POD Contactless Delivery Management Software

A comprehensive delivery management solution that drives results

How contactless delivery management technology can transform your operations

Track-POD Delivery Management System is an all-in-one solution, enabling you to:

Multi-stop route planner for your last-mile delivery management.

Manage all your deliveries (both pick-up and drop-off) through one simple app

Real-time driver and package tracking.

Track your drivers’ progress in real time

Optimize routes and deliver more per day.

Issue instant PDF delivery confirmations to your customers

Multi-stop route planning for delivery businesses.

Provide live driver tracking to your customers

Delivery route planning with multiple stops.

Assign tasks to drivers automatically

Sign on glass for paperless Proof of Delivery.

Utilize the convenience of Sign on Glass software for POD

We designed Track-POD to cover every delivery need. It will handle all steps of your delivery operation, and can be used for pick-ups and drop-offs. Not only that - with our Sign on Glass software, your drivers will be able to have their deliveries signed via their smartphones. And once the item has been signed for, our system will automatically send your customer a PDF Proof of Delivery.

Track-POD - Your complete Contactless Delivery Management Solution


Track-POD’s Paperless Delivery Management

Traditional Delivery Management

Manage both delivery and collection orders (pick-ups)


Live delivery tracking for back office


Live delivery tracking for customers


Delivery notification with PDF & Photo confirmation


Direct chat function with drivers for effective communication


Automatic task assignment for new jobs


IOS and Android compatible proof of delivery app


Digital delivery note with electronic signature or photo


Compatible for use globally (US, UK, Europe, South Africa, Australia etc.)


Available in a number of languages (English, French, Dutch, Estonian, German, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.)


Track-POD mobile app supports the most popular navigation and mapping tools, including Google Maps, Waze, TomTom, Here Map, Sygic, and more


A Contactless Delivery Management Software that’s ready for any challenge

Challenge 1

Staying on top of your deliveries and job assignments. You’ll receive real-time tracking data on every delivery, allowing you to keep on top of operations without having to check it with your driver every 5 mins. This data is provided automatically, so you’ll have more time to focus on other areas of your business. Track-POD will even assign new tasks to your drivers automatically.

Challenge 2

Optimising both pick-ups and drop-offs in one route Track-POD delivery system software plans your routes (both pick-ups or drop-offs) so each run is optimized. Drivers can use the Sign on Glass software in the app for delivery confirmation - it even works offline. The app will automatically submit all data once it has a connection, including re-submitting if the initial connection is bad. So you know all POD confirmations will be accurate, where they are made.

Challenge 3

Giving your customers all information they need, instantly Track-POD online delivery tracking software lets your customers track deliveries as they happen. They can receive instant updates by SMS or email. After signing for the item, they automatically receive a PDF delivery confirmation. This PDF is sent via Track-POD delivery confirmation software and contains a timestamp, geotag, picture, and signature. You can even brand the PDF template with your own logo and info.

Challenge 4

Maintaining highly effective workflow and communication with drivers. Tired of spending time trying to get through to your drivers? Track-POD comes with an embedded light chat function that gives you real-time access to your drivers. Track-POD delivery driver management software is compatible with all US phones and networks, and is perfect for use in the UK, South Africa, Australia and Europe. The app is available in a number of languages (English, French, Dutch, Estonian, German, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.)

How our Delivery Management Software works

Assigning tasks and tracking deliveries with Track-POD is simple and stress free. Once delivery tasks have been assigned, our delivery software will take care of most of the work for you. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Assigning tasks

Start by adding your deliveries (drop-offs and pick-ups) into the system. The system will then assign tasks to your drivers automatically according to their immediate availability and the best routes available.

Step 2: Tracking deliveries

Once the delivery is underway, you can track each delivery and driver. Every delivery item has a unique ID which you can use to access tracking. And via Track-POD embedded light chat, you can also contact drivers directly. Customers can also track their deliveries, and you can send them real-time SMS notifications.

Step 3: Sign on Glass or Photo Proof

Once they have downloaded the app onto their smartphones, your drivers can use the app’s Sign on Glass feature to optimize the ease of delivery. With this, they’ll be able to have their deliveries signed for via their phone screen without the need of any paperwork.

Step 4: Sending automatic delivery confirmation

As soon as the delivery has been signed for, our delivery confirmation software will send your client a PDF delivery confirmation. Along with the item information, this confirmation will include a timestamp, geotag, picture and signature, and you can use it as an invoice.

Step 5: Automatically create a credit invoice

Once you have everything received like proof of delivery with recipient’s eSignature, timestamp, photo proof from within our app, recorded actual items, collected cash from recipients (COD) you are able automatically to generate your invoice eliminating any errors and getting the minimum fuss. Track-POD integrates with many ERP&Accounting systems through public API.

You can get 3 main benefits in strategy:

Less paperwork: Start using the most versatile paperless delivery software.

100% delivery in full & on time: Provide comprehensive customer service delivering all your shipments just in time.

Higher profit: You know, time is money, money is a successful delivery too. Just cut down your time for your routines and deliver your service without any headache.

Contactless Delivery Management Software for all delivery operations

Track-POD was designed to fit all businesses that have delivery operations. This award-winning delivery management software can be used by businesses of all sizes, including small businesses, and is ideal for a wide range of industries. In fact, if delivery is your business, then Track-POD is for you.

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