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How Track-POD's delivery management transforms your operations

Our delivery management system takes care of your customers, drivers, and fleet.

Software delivery management

Manage drop-offs and pick-ups

Manage deliveries in real-time

See delivery progress in real-time

Delivery system

Share electronic PDF via email

Vehicle tracking

Vehicle tracking for customers

One-click analytics

Order management and analytics

Sign on glass

Sign on glass and PDF template

We built Track-POD to cover every delivery need. Regardless of the size of your company, you can rely on our solution to manage all your drop-offs and pick-ups. By keeping it contactless and paperless, you future-proof your business and delight customers every day.

Cloud-based software, delivery management system


Track-POD’s Paperless Delivery Management

Traditional Delivery Management

Manage both delivery and collection orders


Vehicle tracking for back office


Vehicle tracking for customers


Delivery notifications via email or SMS


PDF delivery template


In-app chat for drivers and managers


Automatic task assignment of new jobs


IOS and Android compatible app


Digital delivery note in PDF


Variety of navigation and mapping tools (Google Maps, Waze, TomTom, Here Map, Sygic, and more)


Available in English, French, Dutch, Estonian, German, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish


A contactless delivery management solution to any challenge

Paperless operations

Make your delivery management fully digital

Track-POD helps you digitalize your operations with Sign on Glass and PDF delivery template. No need to invest in new devices or expensive equipment - your drivers can use their mobile phones to collect confirmation of delivery. Once populated, all of your delivery documents are stored in the cloud and are instantly available in your order dashboard.

No contact delivery

Promote safety and meet customer demands

Contactless delivery is the logistics industry standard and a new norm in consumer expectations. Use Track-POD to make a switch to no contact delivery in no time. Your field staff can take photo proof that becomes a part of the electronic PDF. The result: you deliver more and keep everyone safe.


Go mobile with vehicle tracking

Track-POD keeps you mobile-friendly with a navigation app for your staff in the field, as well as vehicle tracking available to customers at home. Our app is synced with the software solution, which means you have uninterrupted data flow and a smooth mobile experience even if your drivers are offline. With Track-POD, managing deliveries on the go is easy.

Customer centricity

Put customers at the center of delivery process

We built Track-POD to save you time and money while also empowering you to deliver excellent customer service. From on-time delivery to shipping options like paper and contact-free, you nail buyer experience and promote online ordering from your business or companies you cover order fulfillment for.

How delivery management software works

Delivery management powered by Track-POD is simple and stress-free. Here's how our all-in-one platform takes care of your operations, step by step.

Step 1: Add delivery tickets

Start by adding your deliveries and pickups into the system manually, in bulk, or automatically via integrations or API. The software will then assign tasks to your delivery drivers automatically according to their immediate availability and considering all of the delivery parameters.

Step 2: Track vehicles

Once a driver is en route, you can see their real-time location on the map. Every delivery item has a unique ID that you can use for tracking. Your customers can do the same - via a real-time vehicle tracking link that they can open on desktop or mobile in a single click.

Step 3: Sign on Glass

While on location, your field staff can collect the customer's signature using only their mobile device. It will then populate the delivery document and live in your order tracking tab for quick and easy download whenever you need it.

Step 4: Take delivery photos

If your logistics business offers no contact delivery, you can use the Track-POD app to take photos of successfully completed orders. The photos will appear on the PDF delivery template and be available for you anytime in your web dashboard.

Step 5: Share custom PDF

We help you customize our PDF delivery document to better reflect your brand and tone of voice. Improve customer experience with a branded PDF shared via email as soon as the delivery job has been marked as completed.

Key benefits of using a delivery management platform

Save time: Track-POD automates key operations in your delivery business.

100% deliveries in full & on time: Improve your customer experience with vehicle tracking & POD.

Save money: Deliveries can cost you. Track-POD helps businesses save on driver hours, fuel & repairs, and customer interaction.

Contactless delivery management software for all delivery operations

Track-POD was designed to fit all businesses that deliver. Our award-winning order delivery management platform can be used by logistics operations of all sizes, including small businesses, and is a good fit for a wide range of industries. If delivery is your business, then Track-POD is for you.

Try delivery management software for free

Start your free trial today to upgrade your delivery business to paperless & contactless. Track-POD helps you scale by putting manual tasks on auto-pilot and giving your staff the tools they need to do a good job and deliver on time, every time.

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