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Making wholesale delivery more efficient

box time Rapid delivery times

With Track-POD's automated order routing, wholesale distributors can streamline delivery routes, significantly reducing delivery times and enhancing customer satisfaction.

routing Efficient route planning

Track-POD leverages advanced route planning algorithms to optimize delivery routes, reducing fuel consumption and improving overall efficiency.

repeat Real-time visibility

Get real-time visibility into your wholesale delivery operations, track driver locations, and monitor order status to ensure timely and efficient deliveries.

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Real success stories

Rob Barr

Rob Barr

Transportation Manager at Imperial Dade Canada

Track-POD is an easy-flowing system that’s not difficult for drivers. It dropped us from an average of 24 minutes per delivery down to 17 minutes per delivery, which is a huge saving when you have 100+ drivers. The difference between then and now is that we have the flexibility to adjust on the fly.

Skuba doubles efficiency, serves customers 2x faster with Track-POD’s automated routing

Skuba used Track-POD's intuitive routing solution, resulting in improved delivery times, enhanced route planning, and doubled order capacity, now expanding implementation internationally. Learn more >>

Eagleship cuts operational expenses by 75% with Track-POD’s customer portal

Eagleship significantly improved efficiency and client acquisition with Track-POD's automated solutions, doubling its monthly revenue and reducing operational costs while expanding its warehouse space and vehicle fleet. Learn more >>

The most transparent delivery process for your wholesale operations

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Automated & Optimized Vehicle Routing for Best Efficiency

Track-POD offers industry-leading order routing solutions for dispatchers to:

  • automate workflows
  • manage new orders in bulk
  • automatically create new routes
  • keep track of delivery drivers
  • the convenience of a single dashboard solution

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Easy-to-Use Mobile ePOD Application for Delivery Drivers

Track-POD’s Delivery Driver Apps for iOS and Android includes:

  • barcode & QR code scanning
  • electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) management (pictures, signatures, pin codes and more!)
  • live chat to dispatcher
  • live driver location tracking

Learn more about Track-POD’s Delivery Driver App >>

analytics for route planning

Industry-Leading Data Analytics for Data-Based Decision Making

Use Track-POD Analytics 2.0 to analyze your route planning efficiency:

  • insights based on 12-24 months of historical data
  • full picture of individual driver efficiency
  • fleet capacity analytics
  • route cost analytics

Learn more about Track-POD’s Analytics 2.0 >>

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