Take a brief tour around Track-POD to discover the benefits of our Proof of Delivery software featuring a Route Planning tool for your business. See how Track-POD can boost your efficiency, reduce costs, and increase your profits.

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All-in-One Solution

Track-POD is a compact but powerful solution for transportation management, fleet optimization, and Proof of Delivery. Use the web dashboard at the office and the mobile app in the field to nail last-mile delivery and delight your customers. Cloud-based, intuitive, and flexible - Track-POD has everything you need to build a customer-centric logistics business.

Electronic Proof of Delivery app - Track-POD.

Electronic Proof of Delivery - ePOD

Upgrade to fully paperless & contactless Proof of Delivery. Use Track-POD's mobile driver app to collect electronic signatures, take photo proof of deliveries, and communicate all data to the back office even if you're offline. Instantly share customized Proof of Delivery PDFs with customers and have them stored locally + in the cloud for easy access at any time.

Route planning and optimization with ETA - Track-POD.

Route Planning with Dynamic ETA

Track-POD is an AI-based route planner that considers every parameter of your fleet to design the most efficient routes for your drivers in the field. Use the platform to run complex route planning with several departure and arrival locations. Every route you plan and dispatch with Track-POD will be instantly communicated to the driver through their mobile app.

Real-time vehicle tracking - Track-POD.

Real-time Vehicle Tracking

Use Track-POD to make real-time vehicle and driver tracking available to your dispatchers and customers alike. Track and trace is our signature feature that lets customers monitor the real-time location of their orders with a single click. Take a huge step towards customer-centricity by making real-time vehicle tracking the standard of your delivery service

Contactless delivery software - Track-POD.

Contactless Delivery

Implement the contactless delivery option to ensure safety and convenience for your customers and drivers. Use Track-POD's mobile driver app to take photo proof of successful deliveries and share Proof of Delivery via email. No physical contact, no risks to public safety and wellbeing, impeccable delivery service powered by Track-POD.

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Paperless Workflow

Track-POD powers paperless logistics workflows with all documents stored in the cloud and accessible at all times. No more lost PODs, no more waiting for paper documents to arrive. Complete your business' digital transformation by embracing a fully paperless delivery workflow and speed up your services while improving efficiency.

Analytics and reporting - Track-POD.

Analytics and Reports

Last-mile delivery is incomplete without real-time and historical analytics. Track-POD has a fully customizable analytics dashboard as well as built-in reports with insights into individual and collective performance. Use these data points to make informed decisions and optimize your entire logistics operation.

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Cost Optimization

Track-POD is packed with features and tools that help you reduce operational costs. From fuel and fleet management to prescheduled delivery and Customer Portal for regular shippers - every use case of your last-mile delivery software leads to savings and revenue growth in the long term.

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Sign Up & Start for Free

No initial payments required. Sign up today and start transforming your logistics operation right away. Grab a free trial or invest in a plan that fits your budget. As you scale your business, you can adjust the Track-POD subscription with no friction. We're flexible and versatile to support every delivery business that wants to succeed.


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