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Logistics plays a big role in the global supply chain and local fulfillment operations alike. With high transport costs and ever-rising customer demands, everything needs to work like clockwork. Transportation has to happen on time, with minimum expenses and no bottlenecks. That is why businesses rely on software solutions that automate and speed up transport management. Let's take a close look at the web-based Track-POD TMS software - intelligent transportation management system.

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All orders and shipping data live in the TMS for full transparency and instant performance insights. Once converted into reports, transportation data is easy to share and build upon.

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Transportation management is integrated with the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for streamlined operations and top efficiency. All of your resources are used to the max.

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Improve your service levels by removing bottlenecks. Web-based transportation management allows you to sync up operations and work faster with the same resources in the long term.

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Logistics costs can really pile up. An intelligent TMS like Track-POD helps you cut transportation expenses without sacrificing customer service. All thanks to automation and smart features.

What is a transportation management system & how does it work?

Logistics is a crucial component of any supply chain. A TMS helps get things moving in the literal sense of the word. It helps plan, organize, and optimize all assets involved in transporting goods. Let's take a closer look at how Track-POD solution helps companies manage transportation, one step at a time.

Plan & forecast

Planning for your assets and transportation management needs

Staying on the same page with all of your carriers, suppliers, and customers might be the most challenging part of transport management. The only way to navigate this is by ensuring uninterrupted data flow between all of your stakeholders. A TMS, being integrated with your ERP system and warehouse management system (WMS), powers accurate and efficient load planning. By bringing all systems together, you can make better decisions with account for all stakeholders in your network. The result is accurate forecasting and planning for all of your assets involved in the movement of goods.


Streamlining manual tasks to focus on what really matters

When it comes to the physical movement of goods, there is lots of work to be done with your hands. That is why TMS software is built around the automation of traditionally manual tasks. With transportation asset management software, you can rely on AI to set things in motion and focus on whatever needs your undivided attention. Add your vehicles, staff, and orders to the system - and Track-POD will do all the heavy lifting for you. Automated transport management means you have all the time to innovate and think creatively.

Track freight

Keeping track of all your shipments' progress in real-time

It's easy to lose things out of sight when you need to be watching both in-house and outsource or partner operations. Especially when things you need to supervise are moving territories and even borders. Keeping all freight in sight can be tough - unless you have tracking systems at the heart of all your logistics processes. With Track-POD, you can see all of your shipments in progress, which gives you a full overview of your freight and field staff. Whatever party is receiving the shipment can also track it in real-time on desktop or mobile. This is possible thanks to one-click tracking and tracing designed for your maximum convenience.


Moving away from printed freight documentation

Digitalization is at the heart of global trade. The faster your business gets on board, the further ahead you will be of your competition. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to be left out of the game. The good news is, digitalization in transport management is easy to do when you have a TMS. Gone are the days when you needed to wait for a printed document to come back to your office before you could complete a shipment. Track-POD lets you cut paper out of your supply chain and move to 100% electronic proof of shipment.

Transport management system for your efficient supply chain

With all data on your shipments stored in our cloud for when you need it, there’s no reason to invest in expensive IT infrastructure. What’s more, Track-POD API was built with complex logistics business in mind, which means we got your transportation management needs fully covered.

Among the many advanced transport management system benefits is freight tracking - a must-have for any logistics operation handling multiple loads and carriers. Our TMS offers track and tracing that lets you be at the center of all freight movements at any time.

Last but not least, you can leverage all the shipments data that lives in the Track-POD cloud for instant reporting and better support of your KPIs. Real-time and historical insights on your freight help optimize your operations going forward to maximize profitability.

Transportation system (TMS)
TMS in the cloud

Transport management in the cloud

Cut the learning curve and get all the perks of enterprise-level transportation management. By going with a cloud-based solution, you get everything you need to optimize supply chain logistics with no extra costs and with minimum involvement from your IT staff.

TMS software

Integration with supply chain tech

We offer a powerful API for easy integration with your warehouse management solution, ERP, CRM, or any other platform used in your supply chain. Whether you use Microsoft Nav, Sage, Linnworks, Xero, QuickBooks, or other solutions, Track-POD TMS is your perfect fit.

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Data export and business intel

The best transportation management software is one that makes it easy to report to the larger business. Track-POD helps you create quick reports by sorting, filtering, and drilling through freight and shipping data (both real-time and historical).

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A cloud transportation management system is an affordable solution to streamline your shipping process without inflating operational costs or raising the price per delivery. Track-POD supports global businesses (US, UK, EU, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Asia, etc.) and is a perfect all-in-one solution for in-house operations and third-party logistics companies alike. Request a software demo or start your free trial today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Transportation management is the process of planning, organization, and optimization of all assets used in the transportation of goods. The meaning of transportation management in logistics is making sure the supply chain remains functional.

TMS in logistics means transportation management system. A TMS is the backbone of any supply chain as it powers the transportation of goods and oversees all assets involved in moving products along.

The best software to handle a transportation business is a transport management system (TMS). It is essential in planning and optimization of all logistics resources the company owns. Transport management software can automate and digitalize manual tasks and help transportation businesses with visibility and tracking.

Transportation management systems (TMS) are the go-to software for logistics management in any supply chain. Transportation software is what powers supply chain visibility and allows businesses to cut costs on manual tasks.

Transportation management system software (TMS) works by optimizing every step of the transportation process.

  1. Forecasting & planning assets for operational needs.
  2. Streamlining manual tasks for maximum performance.
  3. Tracking freight for supply chain visibility.
  4. Completing digital transformation with paperless operations.

Track-POD TMS helps organizations keep their supply chains efficient and cut costs with resource optimization.

An automated transportation management system is important because it keeps supply chains organized without overstretching resources. Logistics management involves keeping track of many tasks; a TMS system can save logistics managers hours every day by streamlining processes and delivering real-time analytics. 

The main benefits of using a transport management system are 1) minimized costs and 2) maximized efficiency. By automating manual processes and removing bottlenecks, you get to optimize logistics costs and cut your operational spending. By integrating your transport management system with ERP, you can plan and execute faster and maximize your efficiency with full transparency. 

The main benefit of using a TMS like Track-POD is that you can integrate all your systems (ERP, WMS, etc.) and improve logistics management with smart solutions like load planning, live tracking, analytics, and reports. Transportation software allows you to stay organized and improve your speed with no additional costs.

A TMS in logistics is used by transportation businesses and large logistics operations. TMS systems integrate easily with ERP software and warehouse management software, which means it's a perfect solution to supply chain challenges of large transport operations.