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Transportation Management System

Optimize your delivery operation with a TMS

When it comes to running a profitable delivery operation, optimization is key. With tight profit margins and demanding customers, you need to ensure that all your processes work together like clockwork. Every delivery needs to be made on time, and with the least expense and stress. That is why people are increasingly turning to transportation management systems like Track-POD. By combining and streamlining all logistics processes into one solution they massively reduce time and cost.

1 Maximum business intelligence

All delivery data is stored and easily converted into reports, enabling you to make evidence-based long term decisions.

2 Maximum efficiency

From your whole fleet down to individual routes, every element of your operation is streamlined, which is great for your bottom line.

3 Maximum speed

Features like real-time tracking, auto-delivery notifications and sign on glass POD mean every step of the process is accelerated.

4 Minimum IT spend

Because the Track-POD TMS is a cloud-based system, you get all of these benefits without having to invest heavily in IT infrastructure.

How Track-POD’s transport management software works

So what is a transport management system, or TMS for short? These are systems designed to help you optimize your entire delivery operations, from fleet management to routes to POD. Here are some of the features of Track-POD’s transport management system and how the whole system works.

Fleet optimization

By taking into account the weight, volume and capacity of your vehicles, Track-POD’s transport management software will accurately divide your deliveries across your fleet. So, if you have 30 packages, each weighing 100 kg, and your vehicle weight allowance is 500 kg, it will automatically allocate 6 vehicles.

Route optimization

With your fleet optimized, Track-POD then plans the fastest delivery routes for all of your vehicles. Its transport route optimization software uses an algorithm to create multi-drop routes that ensure deliveries are made as quickly as possible. Best of all, by incorporating multiple drops these routes help you save on fuel costs too.

Tracking and POD

Once your drivers are on the road, the Track-POD App will adapt the routes in real time to guarantee the quickest delivery times. You and your customers can also track drivers’ progress. And your customer can then sign for the delivery on the driver’s smartphone via Track-POD with no paperwork (sign on glass technology).

Analytics and business improvement

All the data on your fleet, routes and deliveries are stored by Track-POD in the cloud. And converting this data into formats like .XLS and .PDF takes seconds. This means it is easy to get valuable, data-based insights on your performance, helping you to make smarter business decisions.

Cloud-based TMS system and data for business intelligence

With all the data on your delivery operations saved in our cloud for when you need it, there’s no reason to invest in expensive IT. What’s more, Track-POD’s robust API has been built with the needs of a complex business like logistics in mind.

One of the benefits of transport management systems is that you can use them together with your existing digital tools. Track-POD can be easily integrated with your inventory management and ERP software of choice, so there are no compatibility issues.

You can leverage the invaluable data Track-POD saves to the cloud to compile reports and better measure your KPIs. This data can help you to optimize your business going forward to maximize profitability.

TMS cloud

Cloud-based data

All your data on fleet management, routing, proof of delivery, and driver performance is stored on our secure cloud server. This means there’s no need to invest in expensive IT infrastructure. You get the data you need without the costs.

TMS integration

Back office integration

Track-POD’s transport software has a powerful API and has been built to be easily integrated with your favored inventory management and ERP software. So whether you use Microsoft Nav, Sage, Linnworks, Xero, QuickBooks or other platforms, Track-POD is the perfect fit.

TMS analytics

Export data and business intelligence

You can create valuable reports by sorting, filtering, and drilling down through data. The data saved will allow you to accurately measure KPIs like Delivery in Full and On Time Delivery, allowing you to improve long-term performance. You can also export reports in whatever format you need (.PDF or .XL).

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Transport management systems are the perfect way to get your delivery operations streamlined without having to invest lots of your time and resources. The cloud-based TMS system can be used worldwide (US, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Asia etc.). To experience just how seamless your operations could be, request a demo of Track-POD today.

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