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Last Mile Delivery software system

Advanced last mile logistics software

Last mile logistics software from Track-POD provides an easy-to-use solution for managing and optimizing the final step within your delivery and collection process. Our solution goes beyond simple delivery management, it provides a complete toolkit including end-to-end delivery scheduling, advanced route optimization, proof of delivery notifications, instant data transfer and integration with your other systems, automated delivery notes, real-time tracking, and comprehensive analytics. All in all, our last mile software solution is designed to maximize delivery performance, increase your margins and delight your customers.

All-in-one last mile solution icon All-in-one last mile solution

From last mile scheduling, advanced route optimization, POD notifications, automated delivery notes and bills, real-time tracking, and comprehensive analytics - Track-POD handles it all.

Final mile tracking icon Final mile tracking

Track POD’s last mile logistics tracking software optimizes predefined delivery routes in real-time and constantly seeks ways to ensure drivers are kept up-to-date on the most efficient delivery routes while ensuring ETAs are adhered to.

Multi-stop route optimization icon Multi-stop route optimization

Based on customer addresses entered for the day, automation and smart features within the route optimization function - identify the most efficient driver routes. Routes automatically optimized for efficiency help save on fuel and delivery costs, improving your profit margins.

Powerful reporting icon Powerful reporting

Further analyze and improve your efficiency with real-time reporting and historical insights. Track only the metrics you need, such as task completion time, average driver delivery time and cost per delivery. KPIs can be monitored easily and PDF reports can be issued.

What is last mile logistics software, and what can it do for your business?

Last mile logistics software helps businesses manage the final stage of their delivery process; the stage that sees goods transported from a central distribution hub to the customer. Software that utilizes automated methods empowers businesses by helping them manage costs while meeting customer satisfaction expectations. Through last mile logistics software, modern technologies are harnessed to complement existing human efforts to improve efficiency while satisfying customers during the last mile stages.

Track-POD last mile logistics software offers a suite of solutions for solving your last mile challenges and for ensuring the optimal, cost-efficient performance of delivery operations during this stage.

Boosting productivity

Improved productivity for delivery businesses

Track-POD’s last mile logistics software secures improved productivity for businesses of all sizes by improving delivery times and reducing overhead expenses. Productivity is boosted as a result of empowering drivers to select the most efficient routes with the lowest likelihood of unnecessary delays and stoppages. Job satisfaction benefits also make the experience better and more productive for drivers.

Reducing costs

Lower the number of miles per delivery

Our last mile logistics software offers solutions for lowering the number of miles per delivery, improving visibility within the delivery process, mitigating risks of delays or stoppages, empowering drivers to boost productivity, generating multi-drop delivery routes, and ensuring conditions from service-level-agreements are adhered to. All of these features of the Track-POD software help businesses to improve their delivery cost structure.

Harnessing last mile technology

Push efficiency and productivity even further

Harnessing sophisticated optimization technologies to push delivery efficiency and productivity will provide a competitive edge to your businesses. The built-in features of Track-POD’s last mile logistics software analyze historical data and use predictive technologies to identify the most efficient delivery routes in real-time. This ensures ETAs are met, fuel usage is minimized, and customer satisfaction is optimized.

Modernizing efficiency

New solutions to delivery challenges

Unoptimized routing, poor delivery visibility for businesses and customers, unutilized idle time, and poor capacity and vehicle management have set a glass ceiling on delivery operations for some time. Track-POD’s last mile logistics software provides a modern answer to these challenges. Fueled by disruptive technologies and predictive analytics, last mile logistics software is being championed by businesses seeking to modernize their delivery landscape and further optimize their business processes.

The importance of last mile tracking and analytics

The tracking and analytics tools that are enabled via last mile logistics software help overcome delivery challenges and meet business objectives for efficiency, delivery profitability, and customer service in both the short and long term.

In the short term, an immediate return from Track-POD’s last mile logistics solution enables businesses to track their delivery fleet in real-time but it also enables predictions about whether delivery will be completed early, on time, or delayed. This ensures businesses can keep customers updated about their delivery, improving transparency, which secures greater goodwill and immediately improves customer satisfaction.

Longer-term business benefits are enabled through Track-POD’s reporting options, which help identify performance inconsistencies at a granular level. Last mile tracking capabilities improve the visibility of delivery routes and activities. For example, the tools make visible granular delivery status information, ETA calculations, and the staff member responsible for each last mile operation. More granular tracking, alongside analytical tools, helps businesses better understand the detail behind last mile logistics. This extra insight can then be translated into sustained improvements that offer long-lasting efficiency and customer satisfaction benefits.

Last Mile Delivery Tracking
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Great customer satisfaction

Track POD’s last mile logistics software will help meet and exceed these expectations ensuring high performance and maximum customer satisfaction. By leveraging disruptive technologies, long waiting times for customers will be eliminated.

last mile tracking

Seamless delivery execution

Our last mile logistics software will ensure your drivers are always up-to-date on the fastest and most efficient delivery routes, empowering them for improved route planning. Our mobile app for navigation assistance will help drivers choose better routes, reduce fuel costs and limit vehicle wear and tear.

Last mile bussiness

Grow with Track-POD

Our flexible pricing enables businesses to begin small and scale up as and when they are ready. It’s easy to begin with one driver in the system and to expand this as you grow your business, moving to full-feature last mile logistics software when you're ready. To support business growth plans, we store performance analytics within the system. These enable you to track the difference last mile logistics software is making to your business, and to scale accordingly.

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Track-POD’s last mile logistics software provides the solutions for addressing all your delivery challenges. The software has been built to accommodate delivery businesses of all sizes. We aim to provide you with 100% useful features and 0% of the headaches related to manual tasks. Try our last mile software solution free of charge today and see your company transform with Track-POD.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In logistics, "last mile" refers to the final stage of order fulfillment, i.e. the journey from a distribution facility to the customer's doorstep. Last mile logistics is also known as last mile delivery.

The last mile problem lies in the inefficiency of planning and execution. Since we're talking about the final stage of order fulfillment, we're talking about multiple drop locations, ever-rising customer expectations and costs, as well as the need for last mile visibility. All of these constitute the last mile problem.

Last mile delivery software relies on AI to organize the delivery process in the most efficient way. From instant order processing to seamless execution and real-time tracking, last mile logistics software automates and streamlines delivery operations of all sizes.

Last mile platform is a system that helps you organize the final leg of shipment. This includes reducing the number of miles per delivery through smart optimization, improving last mile visibility through live tracking, and harnessing performance insights through analytics. Using a last mile platform, you can improve delivery operations without sacrificing day-to-day efficiency.

Last mile optimization refers to finding better ways to organize and automate the final leg of shipment without inflating costs. From setting up seamless integrations and instant order import to optimizing multi-drop delivery routes, last mile delivery software helps you make the most our of your resources. With last mile tracking and analytics, you can keep an eye on all jobs in progress and look back at your operations to address gaps.

Last mile tracking is monitoring the real-time location of the delivery vehicle on the map. In last mile logistics, tracking of all the staff in the field needs to be seamless and available both on desktop and mobile. In addition to that, last mile visibility is ensured by offering live tracking to the customer via delivery notifications and live updates.

Last mile delivery can be very cost-efficient, especially when you can pay as you scale. With last mile logistics software like Track-POD, you can start with paying per driver/vehicle ($29+/mo) and scale to more drivers as you grow. In this scenario, you pay $29 per 700 orders a month.