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More than just Proof of Delivery Software with Tracking App

Thousands of businesses of all sizes use Track-POD’s all-in-one delivery management software to deliver in full and on time, every time.

Need an all-in-one delivery management solution, electronic confirmation, paperless note?

Track-POD is an advanced delivery management software featuring an electronic proof of delivery app, a mobile solution for real-time driver performance monitoring and delivery confirmation. Our paperless delivery system works as route planning software for arranging multiple deliveries in seconds. You can also use our mobile app as a QR/Barcode scanner for load control. Track-POD's out-of-the-box features include GPS vehicle tracking, Sign on Glass, custom delivery notifications, and electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) template. You can capture signatures and take photos to populate your digital delivery note and confirm that the delivery was successful.

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Proof of delivery app that really delivers more, better, faster, and boosts performance

All-in-one ePOD App icon All-in-one ePOD App

Track-POD app does everything you need for delivery confirmation: captures geotags & timestamps, takes photos, grabs clients' signatures, and scans packages.

Free to start, quick to scale Free to start, quick to scale

Our delivery confirmation software for Android and iPhone is free, and you can get the app on Google Play or download it from App Store.

Intuitive app, working offline Intuitive app, working offline

The ePOD mobile app is simple to run for new users. Track-POD works offline and synchronizes data when the connection is restored.

Digital signature, less paperwork Digital signature, less paperwork

Our ePOD App gives you the option to capture recipients' e-Signature with the Sign on Glass technology, reducing your paperwork and invoicing errors.

Track-POD Proof of Delivery App for your Electronic Signature

→ Ready to move on from calling the driver to know the status of delivery?

→ Tired of piles of paperwork just to get the job confirmed with actual data?

→ Worried about making a mistake at the office every time you need a credit invoice?

Track-POD software answers the urgent demand for a fast, accurate, cost-effective, and easily accessible delivery scheduling system. Our ready-to-use, cloud-based delivery management software for small and mid-sized businesses eliminates phone calls, emails, and paperwork.

The best ePOD application is available on App Store or Google Play. Get started with paperless delivery software without any upfront payment. Your drivers can use our delivery driver app for digital signature capture. Customizable proof of delivery form, POD shipping, email delivery confirmation, tracking of parcels, packages, deliveries, collections, and more. Plus, your couriers can scan packages before/after loading to make sure the right cargo is headed to the right customers.

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Prove your delivery in full faster image Prove your delivery in full faster

Once the delivery is signed and scanned, Track-POD will instantly send feedback on order status with an actual quantity of items and the delivery receipt.

Get on-time delivery every time image Get on-time delivery every time

Send SMS or email notifications with ETA and a driver tracking link to your customers to let them know when a courier is about to knock on the door.

Deliver more orders in less time image Deliver more orders in less time

Plan and optimize drivers' runs with multiple stops in one click. Track-POD will generate the fastest routes to deliver more in less time.

Track-POD Delivery Management Software for your last mile, log, and tracking

Track-POD is the easiest way to manage deliveries and collections. Using our delivery management software's web dashboard, you can track your drivers and deliveries, allocate new jobs with map-based scheduling and drag-and-drop, and supercharge your transport management.

Our complete toolkit for delivery management with a mobile tracking app is suitable for companies across dozens of industries, including food and beverage, retail, wholesale, utilities, parcel delivery, and more. Track-POD offers an end-to-end delivery scheduling solution, advanced route optimization algorithms, proof of delivery template with notifications, instant data transfer, automated delivery notes and bills of lading (BOL) for your clients, real-time courier tracking, and comprehensive analytics.

Track-POD Delivery Management Software for your last mile, log, and tracking image

location pin check Delivery tracking in real time

Track your vehicle's current location, control on-time delivery. Monitor all your cars on a single map, track the progress of all deliveries in one dashboard in real time. Record actual distance anytime, anywhere.

messages Instant delivery notification

Send your jobs and delivery notifications branded with your logo and company name in real time. Get instant email updates on your delivery — both for you and your customers.

messages Tracking with live ETA for your customers

Keep your customers in the loop with live delivery updates on any smartphone. Share dynamic ETA with a tracking link by email or SMS to win more business.

How Track-POD Delivery Software with tracking app works

Step 1

Import deliveries and collections

With our import tool, you can easily add your new deliveries and collections with order ID, item description or job description, price, Q-ty, weight, volume, COD value, note, delivery address, shipper's name, and more. Track-POD's API allows you to automatically import and export data in real time, avoiding manual input.

Step 2

Allocate orders and sync with mobile app

With all data imported, our delivery software allocates orders to the drivers. Your drivers sign into the mobile app, and the app synchronizes all the job details using 4G technology or a Wi-Fi connection. Your team instantly receives new assignments and updates on their smartphones via the Track-POD mobile app.

Step 3

Capture electronic signature & scan barcodes

Once the driver has arrived, they can complete the delivery/collection by capturing the recipient's signature and/or taking a photo to provide as proof of delivery. They can also attach pictures of any issues with goods, shipments, or jobs, and scan packages to make sure the right order is delivered to the right client. The app synchronizes all details with our web dashboard in real time.

Step 4

Send notification with PDF confirmation

A delivery notification with a digital PDF doc is emailed to the customer. Our paperless delivery confirmation template includes the customer's signature, geotag, timestamp, and all shipment details. Signed proof of delivery works as a delivery note or bill of lading to automatically create a credit invoice in your ERP or accounting system.

10,000+ companies streamline delivery management process with Track-POD

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Sign up for a free trial now and start using our delivery and collection management solutions today. You can try out Track-POD for free and see how our delivery software can transform your last mile logistics operations. The app works globally (US, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Asia, etc.). Track-POD takes your delivery operations to the next level.

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