Advanced Routing 2.0: Discover Plan & Track, Cut Route Planning Time in Half

Updated on June 26, 2023 by Yulia Miashkova

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At Track-POD, we're constantly innovating to bring you the most advanced last-mile delivery tools.

We've already introduced our brand-new 2.0 version of web analytics. And we don't stop here.

Track-POD web 2.0 comes packed with a new Plan & Track page and next-level route planning tools.

Read on to learn more about how you can use Track-POD to cut your route planning time in half.

New UI and UX

1. Customize dashboard
2. Save date view
3. Perfect sync

Better map

1. Upgraded UI
2. New lasso tool
3. Order clusters
4. New map toggles
5. Live driver statuses

New actions

1. Global search
2. Bulk actions
3. Quick edit

New UI and UX

The new routing dashboard design is not only about the looks - it's also about usability and a better user experience. Let's see what's new in dashboard tools and capabilities.

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Full customization

The perfect last-mile delivery software is the one you built yourself. At Track-POD, we give you all features out of the box, with the option to tailor your workspace to your needs. In Plan & Track, you can customize your dashboard view by adding, rearranging, and saving columns according to your preferences.

You can organize and save columns in Routes, Sites, Scheduled, and Unscheduled separately from one another.

Whatever you choose to be displayed, the custom columns feature allows you to create a highly tailored and efficient workspace.

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Save date view

Another notable addition to Track-POD web 2.0 is extra date range options, which provide more flexibility in collecting and analyzing order data. You can choose between Today / Yesterday / This week / Next 7 days / Custom date ranges to view and manage delivery routes.

Track-POD goes one step further by remembering your date view. Now, when you leave or reload the Plan & Track page, your unique date view will still be there.

You can quickly access key time frames without having to set the date range every time you return to the dashboard.

save date view trackpod web 2.0

Perfect synchronization

Time is of the essence when it comes to last-mile logistics. With our improved and expanded back-end architecture, Track-POD can now swiftly synchronize data between several web dashboards in the same company account.

Users can quickly add orders or change settings (depending on their user permissions), confident that changes will be immediately visible to all the sub-users. No need to refresh the page.

Better map

You can't plan unlimited multi-stop routes without a responsive map, so we are always trying to make ours better. Let's look at the most important changes to map-based planning in Track-POD.

Upgraded user interface

With a sleek and intuitive new UI, navigating the map has never been easier. You can seamlessly move around and interact with the map to visualize your delivery routes.

New selection tool

Now, you can pick a specific area with orders simply by drawing a selection on the map.

With the new lasso tool, you have complete control over the selection border, making it quick and easy to choose the exact orders you need.

lasso map for blog

Whether you're assigning a group of orders to a new or already created route, the new selection tool adds more speed and flexibility.

Order clusters

To take efficiency to the next level, Track-POD's web 2.0 update also introduces order clusters.

By intelligently grouping orders that are in close proximity to each other, the system identifies numbered clusters on the map.

You can easily zoom out to see the full picture of all scheduled and unscheduled orders in the same area. Or zoom in to see individual order points on the map.

Updated map toggles

Track-POD's Web 2.0 update covers the map interface, with new toggles that give users more control than ever over the map visualization.

You can choose which orders, routes, or drivers to show on the map. This allows for a highly customizable and focused view.

new map toggles trackpod

The new display toggles put you in control, whether you want to focus on certain order types, highlight scheduled routes, or see active or available drivers.

Live driver statuses

Track-POD web 2.0 takes live tracking of drivers to a whole new level, helping you handle the issue of idling once and for all.

The color of driver pins now changes depending on how long they've been idle.

live driver statuses

  • GREEN pin means that the driver is en route, with under 10 min of idling time allowed.
  • YELLOW pin signifies 10+ min of idling time.
  • RED pin means that the driver has been idle for 20+ min.

New actions

Our order management tools have been refined to tailor and improve your order planning experience. Let's jump right into the new functionality.

Global search

Plan & Track allows you to instantly locate any order by looking up its number. Simply start typing an order number and the system will do the rest. Locate orders and routes in seconds.

global search blog

New bulk actions

Plan & Track includes new bulk actions that make it easier than ever to manage several routes at once.

With the new "delete" and "empty" quick actions, you can remove any number of routes from the dashboard.

bulk delete for blog

You can also use the quick "Email Advanced Notification" action to send delivery notifications in bulk for several selected routes.

Quick actions

Plan & Track will change how you handle orders.

You can now access vital order information, make edits, duplicate orders, live track, or download Proof of Delivery - all from within the slide-in menu. This workflow saves you time and effort, making it easier to manage orders during busy times.

quick edit


Track-POD web 2.0 takes route planning to a whole new level with an upgraded Plan & Track page, a better map, improved UX and UI, and lightning-fast synchronization.

With improved speed, accuracy, and enhanced customization, you can unlock unparalleled efficiency and take full control over your multi-stop unlimited route planning.

Book a custom demo and experience the power of Track-POD web 2.0.