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Upgrade courier management with cloud-based dispatch software

Overwhelmed with manual scheduling and day-to-day dispatching? Courier software is a must-have for any delivery operation that wants to automate manual tasks and let dispatchers focus on the human side of the business. From instant daily job assignment to live courier tracking - Track-POD will handle your dispatch management in the following ways.

Automated scheduling icon Automated scheduling

Imagine all of your time-consuming tasks handled by a superhuman assistant. This is what putting together daily schedules for your team looks like with Track-POD.

Instant dispatching icon Instant dispatching

Our dispatch dashboard is synced with the Track-POD mobile app, which means assigning all of your delivery jobs takes less time than making one dispatch phone call.

Courier tracking icon Courier tracking

With courier tracking software, you're always informed of your staff's whereabouts and progress on delivery jobs. GPS tracking is also available to customers at home.

Performance insights icon Performance insights

Track-POD stores performance data on all of your couriers to help you analyze and improve efficiency with real-time and historical insights. KPIs and PDF reports supported.

What is courier software and how does it work?

Trucking dispatch software is a system that handles courier management with AI and automation. Smooth dispatching and scheduling sounds great but how does it actually work? Below is a deep dive into how Track-POD award-winning software operates, step by step.

Add your couriers

Specify courier and vehicle information

Dispatch management starts with adding all of your resources - human and equipment - to the system. Track-POD will ask you to add your couriers and match them to vehicles and depots. At this stage, you also set individual login details - usernames and passwords that your couriers will use to authorize themselves in their mobile apps.

Add your orders

Import delivery tickets for the day

Next up is adding your orders. You can do that manually or automatically. Manually means importing orders via a CSV/Excel file. Automatically means setting up 1-click integration with your Shopify store, eBay shop, etc. - or using an API to connect Track-POD to your CRM or ERP.

Schedule jobs

Let Track-POD assign people to jobs

Our courier management system will consider your staff's working hours, breaks, and all order and customer details to schedule delivery jobs in the most efficient way. The best part is that scheduling takes seconds. You can always make adjustments or change priorities afterward.

Dispatch in seconds

Send delivery tickets to the courier app

The biggest advantage of using cloud-based courier service software is that all data is synced up. Once you have your delivery schedules, you can dispatch right away. Track-POD sends all jobs to the couriers' mobile apps and they can instantly see their tasks for the day.

Cloud-based courier software for your business

Dispatching doesn't have to take a toll on your resources. By going with a cloud-based solution, you don't need to increase your IT spend or wait months for multi-step implementation. Getting started is only a matter of adding your data to the system.

Track-POD is the perfect dispatch software for a small business and a larger logistics operation alike. We power courier companies and in-house delivery operations from various industries, including food delivery, retail, HoReCa, field services, etc.

Make your dispatchers' lives easier and eliminate human error by moving to fully automated scheduling and courier management. The result is hours saved on dispatching that you can spend scaling your operations.

courier dispatching system
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Dispatch on the go

No more lags in dispatching. Track-POD stores all data on your team's availability so that scheduling and job assignments can be completed in seconds. As soon as daily delivery schedules are ready, they're shared with couriers via their mobile devices.

courier tracking software

Track in real-time

Our courier tracking software makes it easy to know how your staff is performing at any given point in time. See all of your couriers on the map and share tracking links with customers. Both dispatchers and people expecting deliveries are kept in the loop.

Last-Mile Tracking

Grow with Track-POD

We offer flexible pricing so that you can move to full-feature courier dispatch software when you're ready. Start with one driver in the system and expand as you grow your business. We store your performance analytics and make it easy to learn and scale.

10,000+ businesses use Track-POD for courier dispatch management

What businesses achieve with Track-POD

Try courier software for free

Courier software solutions need to address your specific challenges. We built Track-POD with delivery businesses of all sizes in mind, which means you get 100% useful features and 0% headache related to manual tasks. Try dispatch software free or charge today and see how your company transforms with Track-POD.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Courier management software is an automated solution to the key courier service and dispatch management challenges. From day-to-day scheduling and centralized dispatch to courier tracking and delivery confirmation - courier management software takes care of what used to be time-consuming manual tasks.

A courier service system or courier management system (CMS) is the type of software that helps dispatchers organize the daily schedules of many couriers at once. You can import your orders, schedule deliveries or collections, and dispatch in seconds. A courier management system also allows you to keep track of your staff in real-time.

A courier system works in the same way a dispatcher would work but with all processes automated. First, you add your couriers into the system, then you import daily orders, and then you build schedules days or weeks in advance. After that, a courier system will dispatch jobs in seconds and give you the couriers’ location throughout the day.

The three examples of courier services are deliveries, collections, and deliveries & collections combined. Meanwhile, delivery services come in many varieties such as same-day delivery, on-demand delivery, contactless delivery, carbon-neutral delivery, overnight delivery, etc.

Dispatch management is a process that requires a dispatcher or transportation/logistics manager and a courier dispatch management system. Track-POD is one of the best courier software providers on the market, offering scheduling, centralized dispatch, courier tracking, and analytics. Get started for as little as $29/mo per courier and upgrade to more couriers or more advanced plans when you're ready.