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Route Planning Software with Advanced Delivery App

Route planner and delivery solution that grows your business and keeps customers happy.

What you get with route planning software

We built Track-POD route manager to help you deliver.

Delivery routes

Build routes with multiple stops in seconds.

Track deliveries online

Use GPS tracking to nail driver management.

Routing saves fuel

Cut logistics costs with shorter routes.

Fast route manager

Deliver more with the same field service.

Cheap deliveries

Use analytics to improve resource planning.

Routing for customer satisfaction

Nail customer service with dynamic ETA.

Putting together a day of comings and goings to customers' doorsteps can be a nightmare. A good route manager makes daily planning instant and efficient. However, not all route planning software solutions on the market will fit your needs - here's how you know you're choosing right.

Traditional Route Planner App vs Track-POD’s Automated Planning Software


Track-POD’s Route Plan Software

Traditional Route Planner

The best routes for pickups and dropoffs


Multi-stop planning for unlimited deliveries


Routes are built automatically and synced with the driver app


All strategies are supported: round trips, outbound, and inbound


Routes match customers' preferred time slots


Order priority is taken into account


Planning is based on work shifts and drivers' breaks


Dynamic departure time and estimated arrival time


Different stops and service duration considered


Multiple routes per driver per day. Recurring routes with daily, weekly, or seasonal scheduling


Great choice of navigation and mapping tools, including Google Maps, Sygic, Waze, Here Map, TomTom, and more


One Advanced Route Planning Solution to All Delivery Challenges

Preferred time slots

Planning for your customers’ time windows.

Online buyers want shipping options, and that includes same-day shipping, free shipping, and getting their packages delivered during specific time windows. This can be tricky to pull off as you want your drivers to be able to combine several drops into one route instead of going back and forth. Track-POD will build routes that make it easy to excel in customer service. Our solution considers customers’ preferred time slots and supports priority orders. Find the best routes and deliver whenever your clients want you to, keeping customer satisfaction high and exceeding your revenue goals with new business.

Driver shortage

Matching daily routes with driver availability.

Driver shortage is one of the biggest challenges in the logistics and transportation industry. It's also ever-present in supply chains globally. How do you make sure you always have enough drivers to carry out all jobs? You get smarter with planning deliveries. Track-POD planner will consider the availability of your drivers and vehicles on any given day. Our system will assign tasks based on the best usage of your resources to help you deliver on time. We even account for your staff’s breaks and how long it takes to complete each delivery to help you succeed.

Delivery costs

Building the cheapest and safest routes.

Delivery costs are always on the rise. Be it fuel, driver charges, or return trips to missed locations - you need to navigate them all. As an owner that makes it their business to deliver, the best you can do is get the right tools to bring operational costs down. Then you can deliver more without increasing your spend. By using an advanced planner, you can hit the maximum number of jobs with minimum mileage. This lets you consistently reduce operational costs by saving on fuel and driver time. When you use your resources to the max, you can control how much shipping costs your business and customers.


Assigning routes & staying connected.

Communication is a big challenge for any business managing field staff. When your drivers are in the field, there's no way to know whether they're committed to doing their best - unless you have the right tracking tools that make everyone's job easier. Track-POD is the best tech stack for instant updates and in-app communication. As soon as routing is complete, your drivers see assigned daily jobs on their mobile devices. Thanks to in-app live chat, they stay connected with managers at all times. Customers can also easily track deliveries via notifications.

5 Steps to Profitable Routes with Track-POD Advanced Delivery Routing Software

Getting started with Track-POD route planning software takes 5 steps exactly. Once you’re done with them, routing is fully automated to save your business time and money on each delivery.

Step 1: Add vehicles and geo area

Start by adding your vehicles. All you need is the vehicle’s registration number, capacity, and assigned drivers with working times and breaks. You'll need to repeat that for each of your commercial vehicles. Then, the software will prompt you to select the geographical area where you will be providing your service.

Step 2: Input average stop duration

Now select how much time, on average, your driver will need to spend at each stop to perform the delivery service (e.g. 15 minutes). That helps Track-POD generate accurate estimated times of arrival (ETAs) and departure (ETDs). You can also individually specify the duration of service for each stop in case it differs at different customer locations.

Step 3: Import daily tickets

Next is importing daily tickets with customers’ preferred time slots. You can import orders from CSV or Excel files or set up automatic order import from platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, etc. Track-POD software also offers an API that lets you set up instant order transfer from your CRM or ERP.

Step 4: Modify routing options

Our algorithm will recommend the most efficient setup based on your vehicles, orders, drivers' availability, and customers' time slots. You can then apply your first-hand local knowledge to modify each route manually or reorder the sequence of stops according to your own priorities and customers' preferences.

Step 5: Sit back & let AI do its thing

Once you have everything configured, all that is left is one click! Routes will be synced with your drivers' mobile app available in 9 languages (English, Dutch, French, Estonian, German, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish), which makes Track-POD the best option for an international logistics team.

Choose between 3 strategies:

Round trips: Starting from and returning to your office/depot.

Inbound Routes: Starting at the site furthest from your office/depot and ending at your office/depot.

Outbound Routes: Starting at your office/depot and ending at the site furthest from your office/depot.

Best Route Planning Software for Any Business

Whatever your business, Track-POD helps you deliver.

Suitable for Logistics, Wholesale, Retail, HoReCa, Utilities, Services, Manufacturing and Construction, Food Delivery, Courier Service, and Workforce Management companies.

Ready to plan a delivery route online?

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Vehicle routing for free

Frequently Asked Questions

To plan a route manually, you need a map of your service area as well as insider knowledge. Your vehicles, cargo specifications, road traffic, drivers' availability, customers' preferred time windows, and any other constraints need to be taken into account.

Another way to go about it is to automate the whole process. For this, you can use free delivery planning software. With a tool like that, you can build routes considering all of your business and customer preferences to minimize your costs and maximize efficiency. The best part is that all the heavy lifting happens in the background while you're focused on growing your business.

To map a route, you need to consider all of your daily deliveries and pickups and arrange them into one route for the driver to visit. For personal use, free tools like Google Maps are more than enough. However, for commercial vehicles, i.e. cars or trucks used by a business, you need a more advanced solution.

A planner is what most businesses use to manage their daily logistics. With a system like that, you can import orders and use smart algorithms to plan routes with the maximum number of stops and minimum mileage. This is possible because all of your vehicle, driver, and cargo restrictions are considered and delivery jobs are arranged in a smart way.

Building a route with multiple stops requires in-depth knowledge of your resources (vehicle, driver, etc.) and service area as well as designated software. While you can plan personal trips manually, commercial vehicle routing calls for more advanced solutions.

The best way to plan a route with multiple stops is by using a planner like Track-POD or similar logistics tech solutions. Not all software is created equal, so you need to make a choice with the best results for your business needs. To keep your shipping costs low, make sure you find a tool that offers multi-stop routes with the option to consider different vehicles and assign priority to orders.

Yes, Google Maps is the best free route planner app for personal use. However, if you're managing a business with a varied fleet and cargo to transport, you need advanced route planning software. This is because it is built to consider all of the variables and build smart and efficient routes for commercial transportation.

Track-POD combines all order, fleet, GPS, and driver data, as well as customers' preferred time windows, to create the fastest, safest, and cheapest routes possible. What would otherwise take hours of planning can be done in seconds. The best routing software is one that’s as easy to use as Google Maps but built for growing your business.

Track-POD route plan solution is a part of the Advanced Plus plan that also includes real-time vehicle tracking, dynamic ETA for the customer, geofencing, and PDF reports. The Advanced+ plan comes at $69/mo per vehicle if you choose to pay annually. Alternatively, you can choose to pay per number of orders a month, which is a go-to option for larger operations. You can also experience Track-POD route planning software free of charge during a live demo.