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What you get with route planning software

We built Track-POD route planner to help you deliver.

Optimized delivery routes with unlimited stops.

Get the best route for each delivery.

Dispatch and track deliveries with multiple stops.

Dispatch & track in real-time.

Save on fuel with route planning and optimization.

Save on fuel & driver services.

Complete orders faster with route planning software.

Complete more orders faster.

Reduce delivery costs with fleet optimization.

Reduce delivery costs with fleet optimization.

Boost customer satisfaction with digitalized delivery operations.

Digitalize & keep customers happy.

Track-POD route planning software makes delivery routing instant and efficient. Not all route optimization systems are created equal - here's how you know you're choosing right.

Traditional Route Planner vs Track-POD’s Automated Route Planning software


Track-POD’s Automated Route Planning

Traditional Route Planner

The fastest and best routes for deliveries


Route planner with multiple stops or unlimited stops


Routes are automatically generated and reflected in the driver app


All routing strategies supported: round trips, outbound, and inbound routes


Routes created to match time slots of customers


Routes created to fit customers' preferred time windows


Routes based on work shifts and drivers' breaks


Dynamic departure time, ETA, and priorities of orders


Optimized routes with account for multiple stops duration


Multiple routes per driver per day. Recurring routes planning with daily, weekly, or seasonal scheduling


Many navigation and mapping tools to choose from, including Google Maps, Sygic, Waze, Here Map, TomTom, and more.


One route planning solution to all delivery challenges

Preferred delivery times

Planning for your customers’ delivery time windows.

Track-POD route planning software will plan and optimize your routes to hit the maximum number of stops with the minimum mileage. Route planning includes optimizing routes based on the time windows specified by your customers. Plan routes and deliver during preferred times to keep your customers happy.

Driver shortage

Matching routing with driver availability.

Track-POD routing software & route optimization system will optimize routes based on the availability of your drivers and vehicles. An ETA (estimated time of arrival) and ETD (estimated time of departure) will be calculated for every route to help you maximize efficiency. Optimized routes also account for the time it takes the driver to complete each delivery.

Dispatching & load checks

Get the right assignments to your drivers instantly.

Track-POD’s delivery route planning system will automatically assign orders to drivers/vehicles via the Track-POD courier app on your drivers' smartphones. The driver app can be used to run load checks, i.e. scan the QR or barcode on the packages loaded in the vehicle to make sure the orders are heading to the right customers.

Wasted vehicle space

Improve fleet capacity with optimized delivery routes.

Track-POD’s fleet routing engine considers the capacity constraints of your vehicles: weight, volume, pallets, vehicle types, cargo loads, and stopping times. The route optimization software will consider all vehicle requirements to maximize the potential of your fleet and make sure no vehicle or driver resources are wasted.

5 steps to optimized routes with Track-POD route optimization software

Getting started with Track-POD route planning software takes 5 steps. Once there, route optimization is fully automated to save your business time and money on each delivery.

Step 1: Add vehicles and geo area

Start by adding your vehicles to the system. All you need to input is the vehicle registration number, capacity, and assigned drivers with their working times. Then, select the geographical area for routing.

Step 2: Enter average stop duration

Now select how long, on average, your driver will need at each stop/service (for example 15 minutes). That will help to generate accurate ETAs and ETDs. In addition, you can individually specify the duration of the service for each stop.

Step 3: Import delivery tickets

Next is importing delivery tickets with customers’ preferred time slots into the system. Route optimization will account for the weight, volume, number of palettes, service duration per each order, and driver's breaks. Our delivery route planning software will consider everything to make sure each route is optimized for maximum efficiency.

Step 4: Modify routing options

Track-POD route planning software will optimize routes and recommend the most efficient routing setup based on your vehicles, orders, and customer time slots. You can then modify each route manually or reorder the sequence of stops in multi-stop delivery routes according to your priorities. It is possible to set the starting point to the driver's home location.

Step 5: Sit back & let AI do its thing

Once you have everything configured, click Routing, and all your delivery routes will be generated and optimized automatically. Optimized routes will then be automatically sent to your drivers via the Track-POD courier app. The app is available in English, Dutch, French, Estonian, German, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish - perfect for your international delivery team.

You can choose between 3 different routing strategies:

Round trips: Starting from and returning to your office/depot.

Inbound Routes: Starting at the delivery site furthest from your office/depot and ending at your office/depot.

Outbound Routes: Starting at your office/depot and ending at the delivery site furthest office/depot.

Best route planning solution for any business

Whatever your business, Track-POD helps you deliver.

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Route planning software with unlimited stops.