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Track-POD’s Route Planning Software in depth

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What route planning software with optimization tool can deliver

Delivery route planning software designed to help businesses:


Reduce the number of late deliveries


Improve fleet efficiency by sending the minimum amount of trucks


Save fuel by reducing the total number of miles/kilometers driven


Cut time spent by back-office staff on vehicle route planning


Improve driver satisfaction levels


Boost customer satisfaction

Route optimization systems do this by using software to map out the best routes quickly. But not all route optimization systems are the same, and advanced fleet routing systems - like Track-POD’s Automated Route Planning software - offer a range of advantages over traditional route planner tools.

Traditional Route Planner Vs Track-POD’s Automated Route Planning software


Track-POD’s Automated Route Planning

Traditional Route Planner

The fastest and best routes for deliveries


Route planner with multiple stops or unlimited stops


Routes are automatically generated based on data inputs


All routing strategies supported: round trips, outbound, and inbound routes


Routes created to match time slots of customers


Routes are created based on work shifts and the availability of drivers


Dynamic departure time calculation, accounting driver's breaks, and priorities of orders


Time duration for each stop/site is factored into route planning


Orders and routes are automatically assigned to drivers


Can automatically create several routes per driver per day. Offers recurring routes planning with daily, weekly, or seasonal scheduling


Supports most popular navigation and mapping tools, including Google Maps, Sygic, Waze, Here Map, TomTom, and more


Multiple challenges, one route planning solution with optimized routes in seconds

Challenge 1

To match your customers’ preferred delivery times

Track-POD’s system will arrange your routes so that the maximum number of stops met with the minimum mileage. With time as a premium in delivery services, you will always stay given the fastest possible route. Not only that, the system will arrange these routes around your customers’ preferred times.

Challenge 2

To match routing with driver availability

Track-POD’s system will create routes based on the availability of your fleet’s drivers/vehicles. An ETA (estimated time of arrival) and ETD (estimated time of departure) for every route will be calculated to help you maximize efficiency. These times take into account how much service time is required for each delivery site/stop.

Challenge 3

To get the right assignments to your drivers instantly

Track-POD’s auto-assignment function will automatically assign orders to drivers/vehicles via the Track-POD vehicle tracking app on your drivers’ Android or iOS smartphones. The system optimizes all deliveries and factors in driver time slots, working time, and service duration to ensure the best results for you and your customers.

Challenge 4

To optimize deliveries across your fleets

Track-POD’s fleet routing engine considers the capacity constraints of your operations: weight, volume, pallets, working times of each vehicle per route per day, vehicle types, cargo loads, and stopping times. Our routing engine will then split orders to maximize the potential of your fleet.

Getting started with Track-POD’s Advanced Delivery Routing Software

Setting up your Advanced Routing with Track-POD is quick and easy. Best of all, once the data is inputted and configured, our solution takes care of everything else. Here’s how to get started with Advanced Routing:

Step 1: Add vehicles and area

Start by adding your vehicles to the system. All you need to input is the vehicle registration number, the vehicle’s capacity, and its assigned drivers with their working times. Then select the geographical area for the routing.

Step 2: Enter the average stop duration

Now select how long, on average, your driver will need at each stop/service (for example 15 minutes). That will help to generate accurate ETAs and ETDs. In addition, you can individually specify the duration of the service for each stop.

Step 3: Import delivery tickets

Next, you’ll need to import delivery tickets with customers’ preferred time slots into the system. You can provide extended delivery details: weight, volume, palettes, service duration per each order, driver's breaks. Our vehicle routing software will consider everything in the calculating.

Step 4: Modify your routing options

Track-POD will automatically recommend the most efficient routing set up based on the vehicles, deliveries, and customer time slots you have entered. You can then modify the routing manually or reorder the sequence of stops according to your priorities and requirements.

Step 5: Automatically create your routes

Once you have everything configured just how you want it, click Routing, and all your routes generate automatically. All will then be automatically sent to your drivers via the Track-POD App. The App is available in English, Dutch, French, Estonian, German, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish - perfect for your international delivery team.

You can choose between 3 different routing strategies:

Round trips: Starting from and returning to your office/depot.

Inbound Routes: Starting at the delivery site furthest from your office/depot and ending at your office/depot.

Outbound Routes: Starting at your office/depot and ending at the delivery site furthest office/depot.

One Routing Solution with Route Planner App for all Delivery Operations

Whatever your business. If you deliver, Track-POD is for you

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