• Track-POD


Find out more about Track-POD Features.

Desktop Features

Delivery Management

Manage your deliveries and routes easily with our online platform.

Proof of Delivery

Receive real-time ePODs with signature once the job is completed.

Real Time on the Map

Track route progress and delivery status on the map in real time.

Route Optimization

Plan and optimize your routes in seconds to get the best route.

Vehicle Tracking & Smart Routing

Track your vehicle/driver's current location, monitor delivery efficiency.

Delivery Tracking

Let your customers track their deliveries in real time.

Color of Highlighting

Find out if deliveries and routes are completed successfully.

Route Modification

Send changes to the driver's smartphone online.

Arrival and Departure

Monitor arrival and departure time for every waypoint.

Analytics Reports

Use the unique analysis tool to make various reports.

Reports Export

Export any reports in different formats: PDF, XLS, XLSX.

Search & Filter

Sort, filter, drill down, search, move columns of your historical jobs.

Up-to-Date Detailed Maps

Always up-to-date highly detailed maps of any region of the world.

Visual Communication

Receive instant updates on any delivery issue with photos.

Two way communication

Send/receive messages between HQ and field staff.

Non-Delivery Reasons

Create customized matrix of reasons for non-delivery and non-loading.

Non-Signing Reasons

Create customized matrix of reasons for non-signing documents.

API Integration

Our API enables ERP or any other system integration with Track-POD.

Mobile Features

Electronic Signing

Get recipient’s e-Signature, electronic proof of delivery.


Receive jobs and notifications in real time anywhere and anytime.

Geotags and Timestamps

Capture geotags & timestamps to know when/where ePODs are received.

Easy Navigation

Navigate to destination directly from the app with voice guidance.

Direct call

Call your customer directly from the delivery driver app.

Completion in One-touch

Notify of routes and deliveries completion in One-touch.

Easy to use

User-friendly interface, no need in training your staff.

Taking Photo

Take photo for any issue or proof anywhere.

Order Details

Get order details or jobs simply online without any paperwork.


Register/check odometer reading broken down by truck/trailer.


Register/check fuel level broken down by truck/trailer.

Pickup & Collection

Receive jobs for pick-up of returnables or other cargo.

Getting Feedback

Record reasons for rejected items or customer's feedback on the delivery.

Actual Quantity

Record the difference between planned and actual goods delivered.

Registering Milestones

Register important milestones such as arrival and departure time.

Delivery Arrangement

Arrange deliveries to suit driver's needs when necessary.

Acceptance of Cash

Collect cash from recipients and enter amount of cash.

Summary Report

View summary report on original & actual cargo qty for delivery/loading.

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