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Turn any smartphone into industrial grade delivery driver app toolbox

The #1 most versatile delivery driver app featuring a barcode scanner and Sign on Glass.

Want to optimize your delivery driver operations?

Track-POD is an all-in-one, easy-to-use delivery driver app designed for drivers and back-office managers to work for food delivery and grocery, for jobs and services. For your back office team, Track-POD’s delivery software makes it simple to assign and track tasks. Simultaneously, our app for drivers will help them manage their deliveries and get the best routes in real-time, all from their smartphone comfort. Download for free today and feel how easy delivery can be with Track-POD.

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The app for delivery drivers that delivers the best service and tracks work performance

The all-in-one POD delivery App icon The all-in-one POD delivery App

From contacts to POD to customer invoices and task assignment, the Track-POD Driver App does it all.

Free to download icon Free to download

This delivery driver app for Android and iPhone is free and takes seconds to download.

Easy to use icon Easy to use

Designed with drivers in mind, the App is simple to navigate and requires no training.

Detailed delivery data icon Detailed delivery data

The App gives your back office team all the data they need, from driver location to delivery confirmations.

The Track-POD Delivery Driver App for your drivers

→ Are your drivers tired of being stuck in traffic on the way to a delivery?

→ Or bored with having to go through piles of paperwork to get the job done?

→ Or sick of having to go through the operator at the office every time they need to contact a customer?

Then the Track-POD Driver App is for them. They’ll receive up to the minute notifications of what they need to deliver and where, no matter what to have, is food, grocery, or service. What’s more, the App’s real-time route optimization will give them the best route to get there. Customers can track the progress of their delivery in real-time. And if your drivers need to get in touch with the customer to tell them they are running early, they can contact them directly via the App.

What’s more, using the App’s innovative electronic proof of delivery software, customers can sign for their deliveries directly on your driver’s smartphone. There’s even a feature for attaching photos if there’s a problem with the delivered goods. These smart functions make time-consuming paperwork a thing of the past. And the best part? All of this can be done using one easy-to-use Smartphone App.

driver tracking app

mobile notifications Take control of your deliveries

An All-in-one App that offers delivery notifications, a real-time route planner, and direct customer contact.

mobile ios android Android & iPhone (iOS) compatible

Do everything from the convenience of your smartphone. Plan your route. Contact your customer. Your deliveries can even be signed for using your phone.

paperless Cut down on paperwork

With the App’s sign-on glass or taking photo feature, deliveries are completed in one touch, which means less paperwork to manage.

The Track-POD Delivery Driver App for your BackOffice

Using existing delivery planning software to track your drivers and assign new tasks can be complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. But Track-POD’s Driver App is different, offering you accurate, affordable, and effortless delivery management.

This vehicle tracking app is suitable for trucks, vans, motorcycles, and bikes, features automated job assignment, real-time delivery tracking, embedded smart navigation, instant data transfer to your system, automatic delivery notes and invoices for your customers, and much more. Integrating the app into your operations is easy - it’s free to download and compatible with your drivers’ Android and iOS phones. And you’ll start seeing the benefits straight away: financial savings, less admin, and smoother relations with your drivers.

driver tracking software

track drivers live Track drivers in real-time

Know where your drivers are and when an order is delivered in real-time using our dashboard and the Track-POD Driver App.

check Assign tasks quickly and easily

Automate your delivery and task assignment. Easily assign deliveries and collections with our dashboard.

check Fast implementation and low costs

You can get started using Track-POD with zero investment required. The Track-POD App is free to download for iPhone and Android.

How Track-POD fleet Driver App works

Step 1

Assigning deliveries

With automated task assignment, you can efficiently allocate deliveries to your drivers and couriers using our dashboard. They instantly receive the job on their smartphones via the Track-POD fleet Driver App.

Step 2

Navigation and driver tracking

Once the driver is on their way, the App’s embedded smart navigation directs them on the fastest route. You and the customer can track the driver's progress in real-time so you know when you can expect the delivery.

Step 3

Completing the delivery

Once the driver has arrived, they can access all contact information in the App - so there’s no need for them to bother you. Delivery is completed in one touch using the App’s sign on glass technology. There is also an option to take and attach photos if there are any issues with the goods.

Step 4

Notifying the customer

An automated delivery notice and payment receipt emails to the customer. Data transfers to your central system via 4G or Wi-Fi. With the delivery completed, our system will instantly find another job for you to assign to that driver.

10,000+ businesses accelerate drivers performance by Track-POD app


Try Track-POD delivery driver app for free

Sign up for a free trial today and start enjoying effortless delivery and route management. The driver app is ready to use globally (US, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Asia etc.). The best delivery app to work for food and grocery, for jobs and services. With no credit card required, you can try out Track-POD for free and see how this delivery software can transform your logistics operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A fleet driver app works by automating task assignment. Fleet drivers log in and see their daily routes, orders, and all relevant details added by the dispatcher. Using the app, drivers can navigate to multiple customer addresses a day, use Sign on Glass and photos to prove task completion, and keep in touch with the customers and back office.

Delivery drivers use many apps to successfully complete delivery and pickup orders.

  1. GPS app
  2. Barcode scanner app
  3. Delivery confirmation app
  4. Sign on Glass app
  5. Fleet maintenance app

These apps can be used separately or be a part of a single delivery driver app solution like Track-POD.

The best delivery driver app is one that makes it easy to assign deliveries and collections, navigate and track drivers in real-time, document delivery and pickup completion, and notify customers. Track-POD app is iOS and Android compatible and allows your drivers to work in offline mode.

The truth is that there's no single best GPS app for delivery drivers. The trick is to be able to switch between different GPS apps depending on the area and personal preferences. The best way to help drivers navigate to customer addresses is to give them all the best GPS apps in one interface. Track-POD driver app offers multiple GPS apps to choose from. Drivers can switch between apps even on the go.

  1. Google Maps
  2. Apple Maps
  3. TomTom
  4. Waze
  5. HERE WeGo
  6. Sygic

Delivery driver apps are usually a part of a larger delivery software solution that includes a web dashboard for the back office. Track-POD driver app is free and can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play Store. The cost of Track-POD delivery software starts at $29/mo per driver.