Ditch Generic Live Tracking for a Custom-Branded Page [Product News]

Updated on October 25, 2023 by Yulia Miashkova

new custom live tracking Track POD

Customers love live tracking notifications. As long as these notifications are:

  1. Timely.
  2. Concise.
  3. On brand.

The importance of clear and timely shipping updates is evident. But why is it essential to keep your delivery notifications on-brand?

Consistent branding creates trust and improves customer loyalty.

Creating a smooth, on-brand delivery experience will make your company memorable and ensure customers actually follow your shipping updates and monitor the delivery progress.

What better way to increase the rate of successful deliveries and yield the full power of live tracking?

Read on to learn how to white-label your live tracking page using Track-POD's brand-new customization features.

What exactly is new?

Following our most recent update, Track-POD's Advanced Plus and Enterprise subscription plan users can customize their live tracking pages.

Now, in addition to adding your company logo, you can change the colors of the key elements of the live tracking page.

  • Driver pin.
  • Client pin.
  • Links.
  • Logo background.
  • Buttons background.
  • Buttons text.

 custom style for live tracking


You can also choose which elements will be visible on your live tracking page. With a toggle switch, you can add or remove elements such as the customer's number in line, driver's name, goods info, and more.

All changes are instantly reflected in the preview, which makes it easy to edit the page in real time.

custom live tracking element settings

Why use custom branding?

Custom branding shouldn't be reserved for big companies with custom-developed software solutions for delivery management. Track-POD allows small and mid-sized businesses to communicate their brand and stand out.

Let's look at some of the benefits of custom branding.

1. Consistent experience

An average buyer will interact with your company across many touch points.

  1. They come to your website and place an order.
  2. They receive a confirmation email.
  3. They get a live tracking notification.
  4. They get a Proof of Delivery document.

All of these are opportunities to communicate your brand and be remembered. With custom Proof of Delivery, branded emails, and a custom live tracking page, you can create a consistent delivery experience.

2. Increased trust

Going back to the touch points, customers may feel confused when receiving shipping notifications that don't look like your previous communication.

When clicking on a live tracking link, it's important that the customer feels safe and familiar with the layout and the looks of the page. This will increase the chances of the customer following the progress of their delivery and being available at their designated address when the order arrives.

In this way, custom branding improves the rate of successful deliveries.

trial free track pod

3. Brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is not just a marketing buzzword. When deciding to buy from a company, customers tend to navigate toward the brands they recognize and can relate to.

Using the same colors supports brand recognition, improves trust, and increases customer loyalty.

Next time a customer is choosing which company to buy from, they'll go with the brand they know. Recognition is based on the visual perception first.

4. White-labeled feel

Custom-branded tracking pages used to be available exclusively to companies that develop their own software solutions. Now, even on a small budget, you can achieve the white-labeled feel.

At Track-POD, we believe that all delivery solutions should come out of the box. At the same time, we give you customization tools to adjust the system to your needs.

From unlimited custom fields to shipping labels and Proof of Delivery - you can improve Track-POD's ready-made solutions to fit your business better.

Get started with custom branding today

Getting started with custom branding is easy when you have the tools to experiment and change things up on the fly. Customize your live tracking page today and enjoy the benefits of creating a consistent delivery experience while communicating your brand.