Smart, paperless vehicle inspection app keeps you safe

Fleet management & proactive maintenance via a digital safety checklist for drivers.

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Your safety management system for vehicle inspection

Gone are the days when maintaining truck safety involved filling in long inspection forms. Track-POD's vehicle check app is here to replace your paper-based inspection process and keep your staff and customers safe.

Our digital vehicle inspection app helps businesses support excellent service of their commercial vehicles - from walkaround checks to reporting defects, inspection scheduling, and secure record-keeping. The combination of the easy-to-use car inspection app and safety management software makes logging issues and defects instant and efficient.

No more paper forms icon No more paper forms

Let inspection data be digital. Upgrade from printed forms to a custom inspection checklist on a mobile device.

Low maintenance costs icon Low maintenance costs

Make safety inspections a part of your drivers' daily routine. This way you keep maintenance cheap and efficient.

Minimal repair costs icon Minimal repair costs

By keeping your fleet in top condition, you minimize the risk of costly repairs. Consistency is easy to maintain.

Fast defect reporting icon Fast defect reporting

All inspection data is synced with your Track-POD web platform in real-time. Inspection reports are ready in seconds.

Make safety inspections a part of your daily routine at no extra costs

Our safety incident management software and inspection app work in perfect sync to help you maintain truck safety without inflated costs.

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Custom safety checklists

Create & customize your car inspection checklist based on your fleet and company policy. Track-POD app makes the inspection workflow clear to everyone: daily checks, mandatory & first use inspection, and end-of-use reports.

shield check

Reports on all vehicles

No more force majeure for your business. With Track-POD's one-click search, you get full visibility of all vehicles in service, complete with photographs and detailed notes. Smart alerts will notify you of all commercial vehicle safety issues.


History of safety checks

Once recorded on mobile devices, all inspections will be automatically available as reports in your Track-POD web dashboard. View or download historical safety reports to improve visibility and upgrade your inspection routine.

safety management tool

Your vehicle inspection software in the cloud

Cloud-based and fully integrated with the Track-POD app, our safety management software puts you in control of all inspection data to improve compliance.

cloud solution

Secure system

All data is stored securely within our system and can only be retrieved via the Track-POD web platform, giving you a complete end-to-end audit trail.

Safety check system

Mobile inspection

Our free vehicle inspection app empowers your staff to complete essential pre and post trip checks and report defects, with photo evidence for more clarity.

Vehicle defect reporting

Defect reports

Vehicle defects reported pre-shift or in-shift are reflected in the system. You can export data and react to urgent issues immediately to minimize downtime.

How Track-POD vehicle inspection app and safety management software work

Create your workflow

Set the groundwork for your inspection process

Safety management begins in your web dashboard. Set up and customize your vehicle inspection checklist. Using that, your staff can report on any defects to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Enable vehicle inspection

Activate daily pre and post trip maintenance

Once your workflow has been set up, enable the Vehicle Check function to make sure it's active in the Track-POD mobile app. Then, your fleet has to be inspected regularly to start and complete every job.

Conduct safety checks

Your team uses inspection checklist on mobile

Once downloaded from App Store or Google Play, the Track-POD app is ready to use for daily vehicle maintenance. Custom safety checklists are ready for all of your field staff to use on the go.

Watch repair costs shrink

Regular truck maintenance helps minimize repairs

See all car safety issues in digital reports and make sure all the defects are carefully managed and resolved. This way, you keep your assets in top condition and cut your repair costs in the long term.

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Fleet management requires always looking for ways to minimize downtime and boost efficiency. We built Track-POD to help you stay on top of truck safety inspections at all times. Request a free demo and see our vehicle check app in action.

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