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Vehicle Check and Safety Management System new 1.5x

Your Safety Management System for Vehicle Checks

Gone are the days when fleet management involved lots of paperwork guessing time likely to be needed to complete a job and worrying about safety. The Track-POD's vehicle check app removes the need for tiresome paper-based systems, and ensures that you are compliant with the mandatory checks.

Track-POD's Vehicle Check helps businesses to easily ensure the safety and compliance of their vehicles, from walkaround checks to reporting defects; inspection scheduling and secure, electronic record keeping. The combination of the easy-to-use mobile App and the comprehensive cloud-based software makes it easy to log issues and defects through to resolution, keeping you and your team safe – in the office, or in the field.

4 Minimizing paperwork and time

Save time and manage your fleet efficiently without drowning in paperwork. Electronically record inspections in the mobile App.

1 Keeping your vehicles safe

Maintain the safety of your vehicles, work equipment and plant machinery. Save time by keeping asset and vehicle information in one place.

1 report Detailed defect reporting

Report defects with photo evidence, apply clear processes to control and manage issues resolution with a clear chain of responsibility.

1 like User-friendly interface

Track-POD Vehicle Check is designed to be simple and user-friendly for all drivers, so they can carry out important vehicle checks quickly and efficiently.

Optimizing your daily Vehicle Checks

Our easy-to-use paperless safety management software can cut down the time it takes to properly maintain your fleet and offer 100% completed forms for every inspection.

1 checklist

Customizable checklist

Easily create & customize your checking list based on vehicle type and personal workflow. Track-POD app makes it simple for driver’s to record multiple checks against vehicles, including daily walkaround checks; mandatory & first use checks; and end-of-use checks and report defects.

1 clickarrow

Summary of vehicle issues

Avoid the headache of having to find the issues for your vehicles. With our one-click powerful filter option, you get each issue with photographs and detailed notes. Your maintenance users are notified of any defects / issues by our smart alerts.

1 clockback

History of vehicle checks

Once defects and issues have been recorded, you can track and trace corrective actions all the way through to final resolution. Managing your entire fleet’s inspection and maintenance history you can maximize vehicle utilization as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Safety Management Software

Your Vehicle Maintenance Compliance Solution in the cloud

Cloud-connected and fully integrated with the Track-POD vehicle check app, Track-POD’s safety management solution puts you in control and gives you all the data you need securely and seamlessly.

9 cloud solution 2 1

Cloud-based secure paperless system

All data is stored securely within our cloud-based system and can only be viewed by our powerful monitor platform, giving you a complete end to end audit trail without extra costs. There's no need to spend money on costly IT infrastructure.

Multi function defect inspection app

Multi-function defect inspection app

Easy-to-use mobile App allows drivers to complete essential pre-shift daily checks and report defects, with photo evidence. The app reduces the time and resources spent filing and managing paper check sheets.


Defect reporting & management

Defects identified pre-shift or in-shift are returned to our cloud-based dashboard, ready for repairs to be actioned. As everyone has all the information about every new defect, they know exactly what is required.

How Track-POD’s Vehicle Check and Safety Management Software works

Step 1

Create your own workflow

Customize inspection workflows to help your drivers track and report any discovered defect and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Step 2

Enable vehicle inspection

Once workflow's set up, enable Vehicle Check function to make sure your fleet is inspected prior to a route and upon it if needed.

Step 3

Complete & record multiple vehicle checks

Conduct inspections, submit photos and add comments all from your mobile device using our Track-POD vehicle check app.

Step 4

Report & track defects through web

Report any issues discovered and make sure all the defects are carefully managed and resolved.

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