We're beta testing (Android only) a brand new app for logistics managers for easy route management on the go. Download for free and help us build the perfect app for your needs.


Track-POD is a cloud-based route management solution precisely because we want to empower businesses to manage logistics on the go.

With all order data synced in real-time, our mobile app for the driver is an essential part of any delivery workflow with Track-POD. Now, we're proud to introduce to you the beta version of our Route Manager app.

Note: while we're beta testing the new app, it's only available for Android. As soon as we're done receiving user feedback and implementing your suggestions, the app will be available for iOS too.

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What can you do with Route Manager app?

Track-POD Route Manager is a mobile-friendly way to monitor delivery progress in real-time. Here's what you can do with it.

Route lookup

Route Manager gives you a quick overview of all delivery routes for the day. You can also sort routes by driver, status, and date to instantly locate the ones you need and see all delivery details.

Route Manager app route lookup

Order lookup

In addition to a full route overview, you also get a full order overview. This is a handy breakdown into order categories (unscheduled, scheduled, in progress, etc.) - with the option to go into individual orders and see all details that you might need to retrieve.

Route Manager app order overview

Delivery tracking

Naturally, as a manager you want to be able to quickly locate all your drivers and see delivery progree in real-time. Track-POD Route Manager makes it possible, with dynamic map-based driver tracking available to you.

Delivery tracking in Route Manager appYou can also get in touch with any delivery driver in-app, which makes for smooth and efficienct communication and quick resolution of any issues that may occur en route.

Download Track-POD Route Manager now and let us know what you think! Let's make the best manager app for your operational needs.

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