Beat Paris Olympics Traffic for Timely Deliveries

Updated on July 04, 2024 by Edvardas Pocius

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Large-scale events, like the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris, attract crowds from all over the world. As they last for weeks and take place at different venues, such events inevitably lead to disruptions in city traffic and access.

For courier companies and businesses that rely on efficient last-mile delivery, these disruptions may be a nightmare that results in delays, increased costs, and customer dissatisfaction. 

This is where such last-mile delivery management platforms like Track-POD come into play. Track-POD offers two great functionalities, Map Zones, and Pickup Delivery Management, that are key to making sure your drivers are moving while the competition is stuck in traffic.

Let’s explore how to leverage them:

Navigating traffic disruptions with Map Zones

Track-POD's Map Zones feature allows businesses to define specific customer zones on a map and assign these zones to designated drivers. This way, all the orders falling within the designated zone can automatically assigned to a specific driver, which simplifies dispatching, enhances driver efficiency, and reduces costs by ensuring deliveries are routed optimally.

How to leverage Map Zones to avoid the “no-go” city areas?

During the Olympics, dispatchers should designate certain parts of Paris as “no-go zones” due to expected traffic restrictions, security measures, and large crowds. 

Take a look at this official article by the Olympics organizers about the upcoming traffic disruptions to learn which areas in the city will be most affected.

Avoid traffic disruptions during big events like the Paris Olympics with innovative last-mile delivery management features

To avoid disruptions, there are two things you should take care of:

  1. Define your “no-go zones”:
    Login to Track-POD, enable the Map Zone feature and create zones around those areas in the city that you do not want to include when routing your delivery orders. Make sure you do not assign them to any of your drivers drivers.
  2. Assign the “green” zones to your drivers:
    Now repeat the process for the “green” zones, but this time assign them to your drivers.
    Orders in these zones will be automatically routed, freeing you from manual tasks.

Watch this video for a more detailed explanation of how to enable the Map Zone feature and how you create zones:

“What happens with orders within the no-go zones?” you may ask. 

They do not get added to your driver routes. To deliver them, you’ll need to leverage the Pickup Delivery feature.

For the No-Go areas, use the Pickup Delivery

While Map Zones help in navigating traffic disruptions, there is still the challenge of delivering to customers within no-go zones. This is where Track-POD’s Pickup Delivery feature comes into play, providing a complementary solution.

Leveraging Pickup Delivery During the Olympics

  1. Designate pickup locations:
    Set up pickup points at the edges of your no-go zones. Customers in restricted areas are informed to collect their orders from these locations at specific times based on your settings.
  2. Keep your customers informed:
    Customers receive notifications about their nearest pickup location and the scheduled pickup time. This clear communication helps manage customer expectations and ensures they receive their orders without delay.
  3. Save time with consolidated deliveries:
    By consolidating deliveries to a few pickup points, businesses reduce the number of trips to restricted areas. This not only speeds up the overall delivery process but also optimizes resource utilization.

Explore this article for a more detailed explanation of how to add local self-pickups.

Deliver on time with Track-POD

The Paris Olympics will undoubtedly pose logistical challenges for last-mile delivery services. However, with Track-POD's Map Zones and Pickup Delivery features, businesses can turn these challenges into opportunities for efficiency and enhanced customer service. 

By automating order routing and providing flexible pickup options, Track-POD empowers delivery companies to navigate disruptions smoothly and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Embrace these innovative tools from Track-POD and ensure your delivery operations run seamlessly during the Paris Olympics and beyond.