Skuba Doubles Efficiency, Serves Customers 2X Faster with Track-POD’s Automated Routing

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Skuba is truck and trailer experts in Europe, providing commercial vehicles sale, repair and spare parts supply. For over 30 years now, the company has powered commercial truck and trailer movement across Europe.

Skuba owns 180 branches and serves more than 72,000 customers annually along two logistics lines.

  1. Daily delivery from the central warehouse in Vilnius, Lithuania to branches in 18 countries.
  2. Last-mile delivery of goods to end customers in all countries from local stores.

We talked to Maksim Šukeloit, Logistics Manager, about maximizing operational efficiency with automated solutions for routing.


Since last-mile delivery has to be completed in under 2 hours after an order is received, Skuba needed a solution that would:

  • plan routes with precise ETAs for round trips,
  • distribute the flow of shipments among drivers,
  • keep customers informed on the status of their orders.

“We did not know how many orders a driver would deliver in one route.”

Before Track-POD, there was a zoning system in place and each driver was assigned a number of orders to deliver in a day. There was a lack of data on specific routes, e.g. how many stops were visited or how many customers were served per route.

Because Skuba didn’t have ETAs that would be calculated automatically, it was a challenge to plan routes and distribute orders efficiently.


Even though introducing a new system is always a challenge, the team had no issues onboarding drivers to the Track-POD environment.

“Track-POD is very intuitive; it's a matter of knowing the basic steps and you can start using it.”

Track-POD is now fully integrated with Skuba’s trading system, ensuring instant import of order data and customer details for routing.

The team found the option to use coordinates instead of addresses very useful, as in some countries, customer addresses aren’t well targeted. Using coordinates helps drivers know the exact location of each dropoff.

“Track-POD makes it very easy to distribute routes to drivers, as all orders are visible in one place and laid out on a map.”


skuba results

Immediately upon Track-POD implementation, Skuba solved the challenges of route planning and order distribution.

“We can plan the availability of drivers and provide customers with precise updates.”

Delivery times improved thanks to consistency in route planning, as drivers are now able to reach customer addresses faster.

“Track-POD is very helpful in optimizing the number of drivers needed to serve our customers.”

Since the system was implemented in Skuba’s HQ location, the number of orders has doubled while the number of drivers and working hours remained the same.

Using Track-POD’s solutions, the team was able to consistently optimize the workflow and improve delivery times in every location it was implemented.

“We focus on providing top quality services everywhere in a sustainable manner.”

This year, Skuba is finalizing the implementation of Track-POD internationally across 18 countries. The goal is to ensure the highest quality of delivery services in all branches, speed up deliveries, and optimize operations.

We’re proud to provide routing solutions and support Skuba’s optimization efforts internationally. If you’d like to explore the Track-POD system, start your free trial now.