Best Medical Courier Driver App & Software for 2024

Updated on November 16, 2023 by Yulia Miashkova

Best medical courier driver app for 2024

Consider this.

By 2027, the medical courier market size is estimated to reach $7.1 billion.

Whether it be prescription drugs, supplies, lab specimens, or confidential patient documents, there's a lot to deliver.

Medical courier companies are the ones who make it happen. Using last mile logistics software and various courier apps, they are able to carry out medical deliveries even amid covid-impacted supply chains.

In this blog post, we'll be looking at medication delivery driver apps and software for 2024. We'll go over the must-have features for medical deliveries. Then, we'll benchmark the best solutions against each other.

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1. Track-POD

2. Routific

3. Onfleet

4. Track-POD

5. OptimoRoute

6. Route4Me

7. eLogii

8. Tookan

9. Circuit

10. GSM Tasks

11. Detrack

But first...

What is a medical courier?

A medical courier is someone who can handle medical deliveries - either as part of a medical courier service company or as an in-house driver for a medical facility.

The list of medical items that can be transported includes but is not limited to:

  • Medical records.
  • Test results.
  • Medical specimen.
  • Medical supplies.
  • Blood and organs.
  • Prescription drugs.
  • X-rays.

Medication delivery drivers work within the healthcare industry, serving healthcare providers, laboratories, research centers, etc. They deliver medical items B2B (to other medical facilities) or B2C (to customers at home).

To plan and execute deliveries and collections, medical couriers use logistics software and various delivery driver apps.

Medication delivery driver tools

Whether you're thinking of starting your own medical courier business or looking to improve customer service and delivery success of your existing operation, it's important to know what solutions a medication delivery driver app can provide.

Pickup and dropoff tasks

We start with multi-stop route planning - the backbone of any courier software. Because of the nature of medical logistics, we need to account for both deliveries and collections.

Not every courier software provider offers pickup tasks out of the box. Make sure you have collection tasks included or easily enabled before you settle on a medical courier software provider.

Pro tip: look into medication delivery driver apps that allow adding orders on mobile. This way, couriers can add pickup or dropoff tasks to active routes when needed.

Time slots

Another must-have solution your medical courier software can provide is time slots. Medical deliveries require precision, both when it comes to B2B and B2C logistics - otherwise there's a high risk of delivery failure.

Time slots or time windows is another feature that needs to come out of the box. Using customers' preferred time slots, medical courier software will plan multi-stop routes to meet them.

Recurring routes

Medical facilities can have specific schedules for deliveries and collections. Transporting medical items becomes much easier when you can plan delivery services in advance.

Recurring routes or milk runs is a feature of medication delivery driver software that allows dispatchers to replicate regular routes and speed up planning and scheduling.

Barcode scanning

Barcode scanning and shipping labels is how logistics operations avoid delivery mistakes. By quickly scanning a QR or barcode on a package, medical couriers can avoid costly delivery mistakes too.

Medical deliveries are always sensitive. Making sure that every package belongs to the route and will reach its recipient safely is possible with a barcode scanner app for medical couriers.

Priority orders

Priority customers, addresses, or orders is a feature of courier software that makes on-demand deliveries possible. Medical deliveries are often time-sensitive and require prioritization.

To be able to squeeze in last-minute delivery and collection orders - or to assign permanent priority to a medical lab or another facility that needs to be served first - make sure you use this feature.

Safety checklist

A vehicle or truck driver safety checklist is a digital checklist that a courier can fill in before or after each route. This solution is provided by some medication delivery driver apps. This solution, often integrated into medication delivery driver apps, not only enhances safety protocols but also stays abreast of emerging trends in medical devices.

As the checklist is fully customizable, the dispatcher can add any items that may be required to keep the vehicle and the courier safe.

From WD-40 to gloves and sanitizer - a medical courier driver app with a safety checklist will keep you organized.

Live tracking notifications

Last mile delivery tracking is the key feature of any courier software. Medical courier companies need live tracking for the same reasons as any other logistics operations: to minimize calls on the status of the order and improve the delivery success rate.

Medical courier software can power live tracking and estimated time of arrival (ETA). By sharing a live tracking link + ETA with the customer via an email or SMS, you can maximize delivery success.


Electronic Proof of Delivery or ePOD is another way to minimize disputes and ensure successful delivery of medical items. By using a mobile app for medical couriers, your staff can take pictures and collect e-signatures as delivery confirmation.

Customizable ePODs are templates that you can adjust in order to include all data that your customers may require. You can add your logo, custom fields, or brand your PDFs however you like.

Partial delivery

In B2B logistics, couriers transport large quantities of items that all need to be accounted for. However, it sometimes happens that a courier delivers or collects fewer - or more - items than planned.

To enhance efficiency, the use of AI in inventory management systems becomes crucial. Medication delivery driver apps, for instance, offer a partial delivery/overdelivery solution. Couriers can scan item barcodes or manually enter the actual quantity of medical items delivered. Even if the delivered quantity differs from the planned amount, the delivery/collection won't be considered failed but delivered partially.

Customer Portal

A customer portal, as the name suggests, is a place for customers/shippers to log in to add or manage their orders. Medical courier companies working with specific labs, hospitals, or research centers can use a customer portal to delegate order entry.

When each medical shipper can enter their orders independently, the dispatcher's workload is significantly reduced.

Best medical courier software for 2024

With a full overview of courier software features invaluable in medical delivery management, let's take a look at some of the best-rated medical courier software with a mobile app. 

1. Track-POD

Track-POD is a single-dashboard solution for courier management. Unlike many vendors on this list (keep reading to see for yourself), it offers all features out of the box , depending on the pricing plan.

  • Pickup and dropoff tasks.
  • Time slots and recurring routes.
  • PER ITEM barcode scanning.
  • Priority orders, locations, customers.
  • Partial delivery and overdelivery.
  • Custom Proof of Delivery template.
  • 12+ months of analytics.
  • Customer Portal (adding orders).

Another thing that makes Track-POD the best medical courier driver app is how easy it is for scaling deliveries. You can pay per courier and switch to paying per order (unlimited couriers) at any point.

medical courier software app 2023

Pricing: Track-POD's cheapest plan is $29/mo per courier if paid annually (includes 3,000 orders and a custom Proof of Delivery template). The most feature-rich plan (unlimited orders, Route Manager app) is $69/mo per courier.

2. Routific

Routific is another courier software vendor that charges per vehicle/driver. It's a solid courier management system that enables you to plan delivery and collection routes and monitor drivers in real time.

routific courier app software

Be mindful of the fact that not all features come out of the box. For example, if you want to send delivery notifications to customers, you'll need to go with the more expensive plan that Includes Proof of Delivery and pay an additional $19 per driver just for notifications.

With Routific, you can share SMS or email delivery notifications, but not both.

Pricing: Routific's cheapest plan is $39/mo, but it doesn't include Proof of Delivery or live tracking. If you wish to send live tracking notifications, you'll need to pay $65 per driver.

3. Onfleet

Onfleet is a courier management platform designed for larger teams. It charges per number of jobs per month with unlimited users.

Onfleet covers all bases of last-mile logistics. To name a few:

  • Route optimization.
  • Proof of Delivery.
  • Barcode scanning & age verification.
  • ETA notifications.
  • Historical analytics.

onfleet courier app software 

Pricing:  Onfleet's cheapest plan is $550/mo and covers 2,000 tasks for unlimited drivers.

4. OptimoRoute

OptimoRoute is a small business logistics software that charges per courier. Starting with 700 tasks (deliveries or collections) a month, you can optimize routes, track drivers, and use live ETA & breadcrumbs.

Even with limited historical analytics (1 month), you can still track driver time and mileage, compare planned vs actual time, and analyze customer feedback.

optimoroute courier app software

If you want your couriers to collect Proof of Delivery, you'll need to go with a bigger plan that includes 1,000 tasks a month. 

Pricing: starting at $35.10/mo if you don't need Proof of Delivery features.

5. Route4Me

Route4Me is a marketplace of route planning solutions for a great scope of delivery scenarios. It's tailored to teams of up to 10 people, as each subscription plan includes up to 10 team members. Additional users can be purchased on top of that.

Because Route4Me works as a marketplace, you can customize the platform by adding/purchasing features. A few examples are below.

route4me marketplace apps

To be able to use the marketplace and add features, you need to pay a base subscription fee.

Pricing: Route4Me's cheapest plan costs $199/mo. The final pricing will be determined by the number of features you enable.

6. eLogii

Next on the list is eLogii - a courier management system for teams fulfilling 2,500+ orders a month. Its pricing structure covers unlimited drivers and web users, while also offering a wide range of features.

  • Multi-depot optimization.
  • Customer dashboard for adding orders.
  • Barcode scanning.
  • Proof of Delivery, age verification.  

elogii courier app software

Pricing: starts at $359/mo for 2,500 orders with unlimited users.

track pod try for free banner

7. Tookan

Tookan is a courier management system tailored to many logistics scenarios. Its smallest plan covers 200 tasks a month and can be configured according to your operational needs.

One thing to know about Tookan is that it lacks a native route optimization solution. 

Route optimization needs to be enabled through a paid integration with Mappr - another software provider from the Jungleworks family. Route optimization alone will cost you $0.1 per task on top of your base fee.

tookan courier app software

Pricing: Tookan's starting price is $23/mo for 200 tasks. If you need to use route optimization, you'll need to pay an additional $0.1 per task.

8. Circuit

Circuit for Teams is a courier management system tailored to the needs of small to mid-sized delivery operations. With Circuit, you can:

  • Plan and optimize routes.
  • Track couriers in real-time.
  • Capture Proof of Delivery.
  • Send customer notifications.
  • Analyze performance.

circuit courier app software

Pricing: Circuit for Teams will charge you a minimum of $100 (includes 2 free drivers) - this plan doesn't include Proof of Delivery.

9. GSM Tasks

GSM Tasks is a courier management platform that includes unlimited orders in any subscription plan. It charges per user and offers many of the key features of medication delivery driver apps out of the box.

Per user pricing means that you'll need to pay for each user, including web users like dispatchers and other managers who have access to the system.

 gsm tasks courier app software

Pricing: starts at $17/mo per user - this plan doesn't include route optimization.

10. Detrack

Detrack is a last-mile delivery software provider with affordable pricing and advanced features. The catch with Detrack is that it doesn't have a native route planner solution.

Route planning happens via a paid integration with ElasticRoute. As a result, you need to operate in 2 separate dashboards.

detrack courier app software 

Pricing: Detrack offers a free version that allows you to plan 20 orders. ElasticRoute needs to be purchased additionally.

Wrapping up

As you can see, there are many medical courier software providers to choose from. To find your perfect medication delivery driver app, take a close look at out-of-the-box solutions and compare them to your needs.

If you're curious to test driver Track-POD, start your free trial now.