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Route Optimization software

Your Route Optimization Software on Auto-Pilot

Planning your delivery routes can be a real headache. You have to consider so many things: weight, volume, vehicle type, cargo loads, working times, stopping times, the list goes on. Track-POD’s vehicle route optimization software makes that headache a thing of the past.

Route optimization means finding the fastest, most efficient way for you to make all of your deliveries. In a few clicks, Track-POD will optimize your routes, allowing you to maximize your profits. And it doesn’t matter what you are delivering, from food deliveries to courier services, field services to manufacturing. If you need to provide a service, Track-POD is for you.

1 clockback Minimum time

Our solution will find the fastest possible route for each of your vehicles, so deliveries get made more quickly.

1 compass Maximum drops

Each route calibrates to hit as many drop locations as possible, cutting fuel costs and improving your overall efficiency.

1 boxed Maximum volume

Fleet routing software spreads your packages across your fleet effectively, reducing the overall number of journeys and trucks required.

1 deliverycar Minimum fuss

One-click, and your delivery routes are optimized. Another click and your driver gets the road and is on their way.

Optimizing your Route Deliveries

Our easy-to-use delivery route planner can cut down the time it takes to plan and deliver items by 35% correctly.

1 route

Multi-drop route planner

Please make the most of every delivery run with our multiple stops route planner. Our route planning software will calculate how best to combine your deliveries into routes that optimize your efficiency - saving you both time and money.

1 clickarrow

One-click optimized delivery routing

Avoid the headache of having to find the fastest routes for your deliveries. With our one-click route optimization, you get each road planned and mapped out, so it’s easy for your drivers to follow.

1 clockback

Real-time route updates

Once your drivers are in transit, Track-POD’s vehicle tracking app will give them real-time route updates via their smartphones. The App will adjust to provide them with the best route possible as they go, so they avoid traffic jams and roadworks.

Vehicle Routing

Smart tools seamlessly integrated with your system

Cloud-connected and fully integrated with our driver app, Track-POD’s all-in-one logistics management solution puts you in control and gives you all the data you need.

Cloud Solution

Cloud integrated for low IT spend

All our fleet routing software integrates with our robust cloud platform. That means you can enjoy state-of-the-art route optimization without having to invest in expensive IT infrastructure.

Route App Update

Instant driver updates through App

Sharing your optimized routes with your drivers is instant and painless. With the Track-POD App on their Android or iOS smartphone, your drivers will get new routes automatically and instantly.

Route Dashboard Analytics

Full analytics and reporting package

Gain valuable insights and improve your long-term logistics performance with our full analytics and reporting package. Just filter and sort the data you need, then export reports in XLS or PDF format.

How Track-POD’s Route Optimization Software works

Step 1

Planning drops and packages

Our smart route optimization algorithm will automatically spread drops and deliveries across your vehicles in the most efficient way possible. The system will include all of your fleet's capacity limits: weight, volume, pallets - no need for manual route planning. Everything is automated.

Step 2

Optimizing the route

Then in one click, you will get the fastest, most efficient route for each of your drivers and vehicles. The solution will provide the exact ETAs (Estimated arrival time at each stop) and the maximum number of stops to visit your customers, taking into account the driver's working time and the time spent serving the customers.

Step 3

Assigning to a driver

Now our cloud data system instantly shares optimized routes with your drivers directly to their smartphones via the driver app. The drivers will sync all data on trips, multiple stops, ETAs, drop-off, and pick-up details. Thus, the drivers will make more stops per route with accurate ETAs and make your customers happier by delivering orders on time every time.

Step 4

Tracking and route adjustment

Once your drivers are in transit, you can track them in real-time. Plus solution will adjust the route for traffic and road works on-the-go. Our customer notifications keep your clients informed of the progress of each order in real-time. The system will automatically send a real-time tracking link by SMS or email.

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