Contactless and Paperless Delivery for Increased Safety

Updated on April 08, 2020 by Andrey Baturin

contactless delivery

In these challenging times, companies that handle deliveries must balance safety with getting business done. Contactless and paperless delivery can help businesses meet their customer’s needs while ensuring the safety of customers and employees.

Removing human interaction is increasingly necessary due to social distancing, but without the right tools and technology, managing contactless delivery can be a challenge.

Different delivery options for changing times

Contactless delivery means that delivered items are left for the recipient, such as in a “leave it at my door” option that many food delivery companies have rolled out over the past weeks.

For those concerned about potential exposure to coronavirus, contactless delivery avoids person-to-person interaction, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note as a leading source of infection.

While contactless delivery seems prudent from a public health perspective, not all businesses can simply drop deliveries off without a system to track successful delivery and monitor performance.

A delivery management system can do more than just facilitate safer deliveries; it can also improve your ability to track and monitor deliveries, providing more value to your customers as well.

Paperless delivery for when verification is needed

Contactless delivery can also retain the same level of quality control and security as traditional person-to-person delivery. With contactless and paperless tracking, drivers can use their smartphones as a sign-on-glass device, either signed by the recipient or noted by the driver as delivered after the customer accepts the delivery.

This way, a customer can confirm receipt and receive proof of delivery electronically, without the need for paper receipts.

Track-POD delivery management system provides an all-in-one solution for contactless and paperless delivery, enabling businesses to manage deliveries through a single app, track driver progress in real time, issue instant PDF delivery confirmations, track drivers, automatically assign driver tasks, and more.

Learn about Track-POD contactless delivery workflow


In addition to that, the Track-POD mobile app supports the most popular navigation and GPS apps, such as Google Maps, Waze, TomTom, Here Map, Sygic, and more.

Not only does Track-POD enable contactless and paperless delivery, but it has the capability to fully manage all of your delivery logistics needs. The system works offline, holding data for submission once connectivity can be established — a crucial feature for delivery drivers that travel to areas where data network coverage is sparse.

For more information on how Track-POD can help your business provide contactless and paperless delivery options while still accurately managing the delivery logistics process, book a free demo or take a 7-day trial to see our system in action.