Transportation and logistics companies are nothing without their software. The right transportation management software (TMS) is essential for a successful and well-managed business. With so many different moving parts involved in the entire transport process, businesses rely on their software to keep up to date with progress and planning.

There are many different options out there, so how do businesses find the best transportation management software for their needs? Regardless of the specifics of your business or the industry you are in, there are certain features that any logistics manager should look out for in their TMS software. Follow our guide below to make sure that you choose software that boosts the success of your business.

Overview of TMS Software

Transportation management software is designed to help coordinate the entire process of transport and logistics. When you have many different vehicles out on various delivery routes, staying up to date with each vehicle and delivery stop can be an immense challenge. TMS is not just designed for coordinating and planning the delivery routes, but it should be there to make sure that every delivery route is optimized as much as possible.

This software is used to maximize the logistics process and ensure that companies get the most out of each route. It makes sure that each vehicle is on the best route possible in terms of its delivery stops, size, load capacity, speed, and so on. All of these different factors are taken into consideration to ensure that each vehicle is working at its strongest.

Transport managers also use software to help with administrative functions. You can track orders, stay in touch with drivers, send out updates, and other various other functions. The best transportation management software includes a wide range of features to help logistics managers and customers for a smoother, more efficient journey.

Why Your Business Needs TMS Software

Transport management software is a must for any delivery business looking to increase its productivity and efficiency. This software can be used to assist in various areas of operation to improve your success. First of all, it can be used to increase warehouse efficiency by spending less time managing freight. This also helps to reduce shipment payments per freight which lower expenses.

Of course, TMS helps to plan more efficient delivery routes - making sure businesses get the most out of their deliveries. This helps to reduce unnecessary delivery costs, such as fuel, and improve productivity. The software helps to increase the efficiency of the supply chain, and make it easier to manage processes. This is thanks to the real-time tracking of deliveries and the decrease in paperwork.

Using this software also helps businesses to cut down the amount of time that they spend on manual processes. This allows for more time to be proactive and productive - boosting efficiency. Cutting out time-consuming jobs and paperwork also reduces costs.

Finally, TMS software offers enhanced accuracy across a delivery business. Companies can track their parcels better, stay up to date easier, improve communications, and offer a stronger customer journey. With the right transport management software, a business can run smoother, faster, and at a more profitable scale.

Most Important Features of TMS Software

Transportation management software may seem pretty straightforward, but there are many different aspects to consider. We have listed some of the most essential features for any transport and logistics managers to look out for when choosing TMS software for their business.

Fleet Optimization

The best TMS software will consider all of the different features of each vehicle, and compare this with all of the deliveries that need to be made. The software considers the weight, capacity, and volume of each vehicle, and it assigns appropriate deliveries to each vehicle. The deliveries are divided among the fleet for maximum efficiency. The best TMS software automatically allocates these deliveries out to the best possible vehicle to save time and calculations.

Route Optimization

The software should allow you to create and optimize routes so that each delivery is made as efficiently as possible. The best software options will achieve this by creating the most effective delivery routes for each vehicle. This should take various factors into consideration, such as the weight of the vehicle, speed limits, and any restrictions on the roads. The software puts every factor together to come up with routes that offer maximum value to the delivery schedule.

Route optimization means faster deliveries can take place and that any multi-drop routes are as carefully planned as possible. Not only does this speed things up, but it also helps to reduce fuel costs.

tms software route optimization

Vehicle Tracking

Any decent TMS software should offer efficient vehicle tracking. This feature uses a GPS system to help locate the vehicle in real-time, at all times. Vehicle tracking is essential for any good TMS software. This feature is utilized by both the logistics manager and the customer.

Managers need vehicle tracking to keep track of their vehicles and know exactly where they are at all times. This eliminates the need for communication and manual updates. It also helps to increase accuracy in vehicle tracking.

Customers use vehicle tracking to follow their orders. In today's competitive e-commerce environment, customers expect to access in-depth tracking of their orders. If the customer can follow their order on a map during last-mile delivery, then they will likely produce a much stronger relationship with the courier company.

Analytics and Data

Tracking insights on performance metrics are essential for effective management. The best software option for transport management should capture all of the necessary data for every single delivery and route done. This information should be stored in the software database, and it should be easily accessible.

Analytics and data help managers to make better business decisions and better understand their companies performance. If the software does not automatically capture this, tracking performance metrics can be a time-consuming and possible inaccurate job.

Safety Management

Fleet managers need to consistently review their vehicles to check roadworthiness and safety. Regular fleet maintenance is essential for any delivery business, as it is necessary for driver safety as well as efficiency of the fleet. If vehicles are properly managed, overhead costs will be lower, and vehicles will be able to perform deliveries at their highest level of efficiency.

Safety management is a key feature of TMS software to make this happen. The software should provide an easy platform to maintain the roadworthiness of vehicles and to stay up to date, and manage any of their defects. Look for a TMS software option that doubles up as fleet management software.

Cloud-Based Systems for Easy Integration

The best TMS software for your business shouldn't just be powerful at doing its job, but it should also be easy to integrate into your existing systems. Using cloud-based software options allows businesses to easily start using top software without having to invest in expensive IT infrastructure. The server that stores all data is secure, which helps to boost performance and reduce IT expenses.

Cloud-based software options are easier to use, easier to manage, and simple to stay up to date with. These systems do not require internal IT support, alongside others and they update themselves. Top TMS software options like Track-POD can also be used alongside existing digital tools to help companies easily integrate their new software solution.

Instant Notifications

Every time a delivery is made, instant, automated emails can be sent out. These are received by the customer and act as a receipt and proof of delivery. They can also be sent to the logistics manager, who uses it to stay up to date with all deliveries and progress.

The software should also send out instant notifications. Customers can get these notifications to stay up to date with their orders. Notifications allow the customer to know when the order is being shipped and when it will be arriving at their delivery address. This feature is something that e-commerce consumers of today expect, and it is something that businesses need to stay on top of. Instant notifications can work both internally and externally for more streamlined operations and enhanced service.

Instant Communication

Your choice of software should be used to completely enhance operations - including communications. One of the main benefits of having TMS software is to reduce the need for manual communication checkups, as this takes up a lot of time and can be inaccurate. Using GPS tracking and instant notifications helps to improve the flow of communication.

However, another useful feature is when the software offers its own direct communication channels. The best TMS software allows HQ staff and field staff to communicate directly. Drivers can directly get hold of managers through the software, making communications much more streamlined and effortless.

Great delivery software also allows delivery drivers to communicate directly with customers if needed. If a driver gets lost or has a concern about the delivery address, they can contact the customer to sort this out. Enhanced communication makes for wildly improved logistics coordination.

Mobile Capabilities

tms software mobile capabilities

The best TMS software can also be used on mobile devices to offer delivery drivers an easy place to access the software. This can help the drivers with various processes, making transport management an easier job on both ends. If the software is cloud-based and mobile-friendly, you will be able to achieve much more with it.

Mobile TMS can be used to help drivers with navigation and staying on top of orders. The software will instantly update with any route changes or rescheduling. Again, this improves the flow of communication and keeps everybody in touch.

Mobile software can also allow customers to sign for their orders. This provides you with an electronic signature for better proof of delivery, and it allows them to confidently access receipts and delivery proof. The best platforms also allow delivery drivers to take down notes on customer feedback and put this into the system’s database.

Basically, TMS software can be used for more than just delivery tracking and management. A whole load of additional features can help any courier business to enhance its operations and improve the customer journey. The right software should make all areas of work easier and more efficient.

Using Track-POD for the Best TMS Software

If you are after the best and most versatile TMS software option for your business, then be sure to consider Track-POD. Track-POD offers a powerful transportation management solution to completely optimize any business’s processes and reduce stress.

The software offers maximum business intelligence for smart reporting and data analysis. This helps businesses make informed long-term decisions for optimized growth. Track-POD offers maximum efficiency to completely streamline each individual route. With the entire fleet and each delivery being optimized, Track-POD can help to enhance the growth of your delivery business and improve results.

Track-POD makes sure that every part of the delivery process is accelerated for maximum speed and efficiency. This is seen in things like real-time tracking, auto-delivery notifications, and the sign-on POD. Every step of the journey is sped up to help the business achieve an improved delivery network.

This software option is also cloud-based, which makes it easy for any business to use. There is no need for expensive IT infrastructure. Track-PODs powerful API makes it easy to use the software in all kinds of different business and logistics environments.

Final Thoughts

Deliveries and logistics can drive anybody crazy with all of the different processes involved. Keeping track of delivery routes and making sure that they are working as effectively as possible is no easy business. This is why TMS software is essential in today’s demanding world. 

The right software can help your business to improve productivity in many different ways. This software saves time, reduces expenses, and makes sure that all deliveries are operating at the highest possible level. With a great TMS on your side, your business will see huge improvements in the way it operates and in the way it delivers. Pay attention to the software that you choose, as it will become your business’s most useful tool for success.