Track-POD Recognized by Gartner Digital Markets as One of the Top Products in 2021

Updated on February 09, 2022 by Yulia Miashkova

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With 2022 in full swing, it's important to look back on what we've done in the previous year, appreciate our achievements, and celebrate our customers.

Track-POD completed 2021 with huge success and accolades from Gartner Digital Markets brands (Capterra, Software Advice, and GetApp). Our products got recognized in various flagship reports under many categories in 2021.


Named an Emerging Favorite in 6 categories, Track-POD continues to get recognition from Capterra users. Below are the categories we tapped into in the previous year.

"Very good software for logistics. The integration API is simple to use and reduces our time and cost."Lucas D.[Source: Capterra]


GetApp is another platform where Track-POD was celebrated widely in 2021. It was awarded Category Leader 8 times, with categories ranging from delivery management to transportation dispatch.

"The excellent features provided to logistic businesses. I suggest all new courier corporations to apply Track-POD. Being capable to check deliveries being dropped off and that they are able to signal and take an picture that is right customer support.” - Mgcini Norman G. [Source: GetApp]

Software Advice

Software Advice is the third Gartner Digital Markets brand that features Track-POD as top-rated software in the following categories.

“Track-POD is a great partner to work with. Their delivery software allows us to increase our customer satisfaction (=performance) and engagement.”Roberto [Source: Software Advice]

Track-POD is rated 4.6 (out of 5) on all Gartner Digital Market brands. We would like to sincerely thank all our users for loving us so much and rating us so high on Gartner Digital Markets websites.

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