Top Usability Features for Superior Dispatch Efficiency with Track-POD

Updated on June 04, 2024 by Tanya Derevyanko

dispatch efficiency

Managing daily deliveries can be challenging, but Track-POD strives to make this task more convenient for you. 

Route optimization considers ETA, vehicle capacity and availability as well as order destinations. To improve this process, Track-POD offers powerful features that enhance the platform’s usability and, consequently, make the dispatcher’s workflow error-proof and more efficient.

Read on to learn how to leverage Track-POD’s drag & drop and multi-select functionalities as well as vehicle overload notifications for maximum performance.

Use order drag & drop and multi-select to update and create routes

Track-POD’s drag & drop functionality allows dispatchers to add extra orders or sites to pre-scheduled routes - or create new routes - effortlessly. 

It is very simple to use this functionality:

  1. Select the relevant sites or orders from either the Unscheduled, Orders or the Sites sections of the dashboard;
  2. Click and hold on the icon with six dots next to one of the selected orders
  3. Drag it towards the Routes section of the dashboard, and:

a. Drop it on the “Drag and Drop to the New Route” line to start creating a new route, or

b. Drop it on an existing route to update it.

drag drop to another route GIF small

Are you looking for an option to multi-select your orders or sites? 

  1. Select the first order that you want to add to your route;
  2. Click and hold the Shift button;
  3. Select the last order that you want to add to your route.

order selection SHIFT GIF

Why Track-POD users enjoy the convenience of the drag & drop functionality?

It is one of those things that make the technology work for you, making your day at work easier via: 

Selecting and assigning multiple sites and orders individually can be time-consuming and prone to human error. The drag-and-drop option allows you to manage multiple sites and orders simultaneously, saving time and reducing mistakes.

Increased efficiency:
Streamlining the assignment process can enhance your overall route optimization and delivery efficiency.

Avoid re-dos with pre-notifications about vehicle overload

Effective route optimization requires careful consideration of vehicle capacity to ensure optimal resource usage. Vehicles should neither be overloaded nor underloaded to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

1. Track-POD's new pre-notification feature helps you manage vehicle capacity more effectively. When moving orders to specific routes within the platform, the system will notify you if a vehicle becomes overloaded:

overload warning GIF small

2. A vehicle’s load information will also be shown on the Route’s section of the dashboard. This information can be presented for the Weight and Volume columns:

overload in kg

The greatest thing is that the pre-notifications are available to all Track-POD users without any additional changes to your account settings. 

However, to utilize them, you need to make sure your vehicle data includes their maximum load information:

  1. Log in to your Track-POD account.
  2. Navigate to Directories - Vehicles on the left-side panel of the dashboard;
  3. Make sure the information in the Weight and Volume columns is correct for each vehicle.

Overloads and underloads can be challenging to detect, especially when managing multiple routes. This feature helps you distribute orders more productively, improving delivery efficiency. You can make informed decisions about order assignments by getting real-time capacity notifications, ensuring optimal use of your delivery fleet.

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