Begoodz: Delivering memories more efficiently with Track-POD’s technology

Begoodz Case Study

Spending free time differently! Adrien Gateau and Lorenzo Scotti started Begoodz to fulfill the consumer need for meaningful activities during weekends. Begoodz decided to solve three main challenges simultaneously: 

  • No complicated logistics; 
  • Feasible pricing;
  • Fun and innovative solutions.

The company offers full kits of items for different activities, such as karaoke, camping, movie night, etc. These are perfect for weekends with family and friends as well as special occasions. The kits are delivered with all the instructions, cables, and needed inventory. Thus, there is no longer a need to buy expensive items that won’t be used daily; just plan, order, enjoy, and give back! 

The main point is to “keep the memories, not items.” That way of having fun promotes conscious use of items and makes life more fun and easy!

Navigating the complex delivery industry 

Although the rental kits business is fun and entertaining, solving the complexities of multiple orders for different locations poses particular challenges. Customers want to receive certain items during specific hours and on certain days. Collecting items back would also require preparation, which comes on top of all the stock management, marketing, customer service, etc. 
Lorenzo Scotti, Co-Founder of Begoodz, said,

"Customer can rent a kit from the website in just a few clicks; by renting goods, the logistics get sorted out by us, too - both delivery and pick-up."

Customer service is a top priority for Begoodz

Begoodz is a customer-centric business thus customer satisfaction is a top priority. To ensure customer satisfaction, the company needs to:

  • Deliver items on time;
  • Provide customers with the ability to track their orders;
  • Ensure drivers can collect electronic proof of deliveries to verify the correct items were delivered and collected, as well as to check item conditions.

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To provide top-notch customer services in a complex delivery environment within and around Paris, the company had to solve particular challenges:

  1. Meeting customer demand for real-time tracking of both delivery and collection of the orders;
  2. Finding optimal routes considering traffic changes, driver and vehicle availability, and delivery windows;
  3. Cutting fuel costs and saving time by optimizing routes and measuring truck loads to avoid extra routes back and forth;
  4. Planning and fulfilling all the on-the-spot deliveries - for example, for the next day;
  5. Reducing any drop-off and pick-up delays of the items by leveraging analytics and solving issues that cause delays.

Finding a single platform to solve all delivery management challenges

The Begoodz team was managing orders manually but was certain that they needed an automated solution covering a variety of features. The main criteria was solving all the challenges described above, thus software for delivery management had to have many features:

  • Advanced route optimization

  • Live-time tracking

  • Vehicle load checks

  • Analytics dashboards

  • Drivers’ app

  • Order management within the platform

As referred from the company’s Co-Founder, Lorenzo,

 “We do need software that's capable of implementing changes quickly based on the turn of events and orders that come in''.

We at Track-POD’s are happy to be the solution that helped with that task!

Chose Track-POD as their software delivery management platform

We are grateful that Begoodz’s team chose Track-POD and found a multiple-solution solver in one platform! 

begoodz case study

Results reached through integration with Track-POD solution:

  • The number of orders that drivers can fulfill per day by optimizing routes and truckload has reached: Had a 30% increase
  • Customer satisfaction with deliveries increased. Had reached 90% customer satisfaction and the Track-POD part of it.
  • Saw an increase in % of customers being at the provided location at the time of delivery, thanks to the real-time tracking feature provided to customers.


Begoodz’s is growing and already manages four drivers with orders during weekends. Meanwhile, the team's goal is to expand to the rest of the Paris region, Ile-de-France.

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We at Track-POD, wish all the best to Begoodz’s team with their continued growth and mission of spreading more meaningful and easily accessible activity time for more customers.