Do you have a clear idea of what your business process should look like? Might you follow some well-established set of business processes, but it does not deliver the results? We propose that you take a look at the following examples and compare them with what you have at the moment.

In this post, we share the model important processes in the Track-POD app so you could be able to understand, analyze, and make positive changes to your workflow.

1. Load Check -> Sign -> Delivered

1. Loadcheck Sign Delivered


The driver starts the route and passes the Load Check, where they confirm or vice versa does not confirm the fact of the loading of the orders. If the order was not loaded, it is automatically assigned the Rejected status.


The driver has passed the Load Check and is on the way to the client's point.


The driver arrives at the customer's point. Orders with the Rejected status after the Load Check cannot be delivered. For other orders, to confirm that they were successfully delivered, the driver gives the smartphone to the customer to sign. As a result, the order is assigned the Delivered status and after passing all the points, the driver can close the route.

2. Scanning while Load Check -> Scanning on customer's site

2. Loadcheck Scan Sign Deliver

The driver scans orders when passing Load Check to confirm that they have been shipped, and then at the customer's location to confirm the delivery. 

3. Scanning of items

3. Scanning of items

The driver scans all items of the order at the customer's location. After the process is completed, this order will automatically be assigned the status 'Scanned'.