Deliver Your Way: the Roadmap to Track-POD's Custom Branding Tools [UPD 2023]

Updated on October 31, 2023 by Alina Kostukova

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Here at Track-POD, we recognize how crucial it is to be customer-centric, i.e., effectively communicating with your customers throughout the entire order fulfillment.

From accepting an order to scheduling a delivery and all the way to arriving at your customer's doorstep - communication is a key part of building a successful customer experience. 

To make customer experience truly remarkable, communication should be personalized and reflective of your brand's unique identity.

That's why we've introduced our advanced custom branding features

Let's explore all the ways you can customize your deliveries with Track-POD, from a custom live tracking page to personalized electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) and tailored shipping notifications.

Custom shipping notifications

Custom-branded live tracking

Custom proof of delivery PDF (ePOD)

Custom shipping labels

Why personalize your deliveries?

When it comes to logistics, branding and customization are the pillars of creating a positive client experience.

Every customer interaction, every text message or email notification, is a great opportunity to create a seamless and memorable customer journey.

Here's why branding is an integral part of any delivery business across all contacts with customers.

1. Consistency

A well-defined brand ensures that the look and feel of your delivery service remains consistent across all customer touchpoints.

For example, by using your brand elements on your printed materials, brochures and pamphlets, as well as across social media, you reinforce brand cohesion.

Likewise, the visual consistency should be present at all stages of your delivery processes.

It fosters a sense of reliability and professionalism and provides customers with a seamless and instantly recognizable delivery experience.

2. Customer Engagement

The power of branding is evident in the way it transforms customer notifications.

Engaging and memorable custom notifications enhance the overall customer experience, making each interaction more meaningful.

3. Brand differentiation

In a fiercely competitive market, branding helps you stand out.

By effectively communicating your distinct value proposition and brand personality, custom branding can help you carve out a unique market position for your company.

4. User-friendly experience

The branding of your live tracking page and shipping notifications extends to their functionality.

A customized interface can be more user-friendly and visually appealing, providing customers with an efficient and enjoyable package tracking experience.

The structure and usability of shipping notifications and delivery documents can enhance the entire customer journey.

Custom branding in Track-POD

There are a number of ways in which you can tailor your delivery workflow and customer communication.

Let's dive into all the customization features that come equipped with Track-POD.

1. Custom shipping notifications

Track-POD lets you send automated shipping notifications via email and/or SMS. Yet, customization doesn't just mean setting up different types of notifications for separate business cases.

custom shipping notifications types Track POD

Track-POD's dashboard introduces a user-friendly interface that consolidates all notification settings into one Notifications menu. It offers a range of customizable notification templates to cater to the diverse customer needs.

The following are examples of custom shipping notification templates available in the web dashboard:

  1. Prior to Route;
  2. At Route Start;
  3. En Route;
  4. At Departure.

As you add or remove template elements, you can fully customize each notification layout for both SMS and email formats.

Some of the placeholder fields that can be added include order information, ETA, live tracking links, and route information

You can also add unlimited custom fields, your company's slogan, or a 'rate us' link, among other elements.

The Notifications menu also lets you set up other essential elements, like a live tracking page and a proof of delivery template, which we will discuss below.

Custom shipping notification

2. Custom-branded live tracking

Previously, the only way to personalize a live tracking page was to upload a company logo. Users of any subscription level can access this option, and it remains a fantastic way to tailor live tracking. 

You can try an AI logo generator online to help you make your logo easier and faster; upload it in the dashboard settings, and it will appear on the live tracking page automatically.

While logo customization is still possible, Track-POD now offers far more flexibility in terms of branding.

Now, with an Advanced Plus or Enterprise subscription, Track-POD users can create their own custom-branded live tracking page.

custom branded live tracking page Track POD

With a simple toggle switch, you can control what elements are shown on the live tracking page. The instantaneous preview updates to reflect your changes make it easy to fine-tune the page as needed.

You can add or remove items like the call button, client's place in line, and goods info, among other optional elements.

It is also possible to change the colors of essential components of the live tracking page, including:

  1. Driver pin;
  2. Client pin;
  3. Links;
  4. Logo background;
  5. Active buttons background;
  6. Button text.

Customizing live tracking provides clients a uniform experience across all communication channels, gives a white-labeled feel, and simply adds some fun into the rutinous package tracking process.


3. Custom proof of delivery PDF (ePOD)

Proof of Delivery, aka POD or ePOD (electronic Proof of Delivery), is a paperless confirmation of delivery shared with your customers via email.

Track-POD allows you to fully customize your ePOD template and speak to your customers in a consistent voice that shows your brand personality.

custom proof of delivery template Track POD

Custom ePOD notifications tool enables you to add, delete, and rearrange structural components in your proof of delivery document.

For instance, you can include the following template components in your ePOD document:

  • Client information (name, address, contact info);
  • Shipper information (name, address, contact info);
  • Order details (order number, date, weight, status);
  • Goods information (name, code, description, price);
  • Actual proof of delivery (e-signatures, photos, map location);
  • Driver and vehicle details (name, vehicle);
  • Reasons for rejection (reason, image evidencing rejection).

However, the customization tool enables you to alter not only the structure of the ePOD document, but also the entire appearance: colours, fonts, logo, and other details.

4. Custom shipping labels

A well-formatted shipping label is essential for efficient logistics. 

Custom shipping labels are another way to personalize the delivery experience. 

custom shipping label Track POD

Track-POD allows you to set up, customize, and print shipping labels from the Mobile workflow dashboard. 

Using a free shipping label template, you can drag and drop the fields you want to display on the label, including:

  • Contact name and address;
  • Depot/Ship from;
  • Shipper info;
  • Route and order dates;
  • Order weight;
  • Order volume;
  • Note;
    +unlimited custom fields

Custom fields, such as "Invoice number" or "Delivery type," let you make the shipping label design fit your business needs perfectly.

Last but not least, you can improve the appearance of your shipping label by including your business logo.

Before you go

Logistics personalization provides consistency, engaging customer interactions, brand distinction, and a user-friendly experience.

Track-POD's custom branding tools let you build a smooth and memorable customer journey, boosting brand identification and delivery experience.

Live tracking page, shipment notifications, ePOD documents, and shipping labels can all be tailored to your business's needs and your customers' preferences for a seamless delivery experience.

Try Track-POD for free or book a custom demo to make your logistics process uniquely yours with our custom branding features!