Interview with Head of Customer Success Team

Updated on November 12, 2021 by Yulia Miashkova

Interview with Tanya Derevyanko

This is the 7th interview in our Meet the Team series where we sit down with the people behind Track-POD to talk about what they do and think on a daily basis. We've now talked to a developer, a customer success guru, a QA engineer, a business analyst, and 2 account executives. Meet Tanya Derevyanko, Head of Customer Success at Track-POD.


How long have you worked in customer success?

I’ve been working in Customer Success for two years.

How long have you been a part of the Track-POD team + leading the customer success team?

I’ve been a part of the Track-POD team for about three years. Actually, I’ve started in the Customer Support team and then moved to Customer Success.

Describe your average workday in 5 words or less.

Creating a successful Track-POD experience.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

I definitely love the result of my work when customers’ pain points are solved and I can see companies using Track-POD features in full. I also adore our customers growing their businesses and expanding with our solution: routing optimization and live tracking features.

What has been your biggest challenge in the past year?

I understand that it may sound like a cliche, but I would say it is COVID-19 as it is affecting the operation of the company in the past year, each and every single person, posing new challenges for our customers and thus for me as the Customer Success Manager. We are learning to work in new circumstances and see them as opportunities for development and success.

Which is the hardest: an angry teammate or angry customer?

An angry person is a challenge of course no matter whether it is your colleague or a customer. But I would say that an angry customer is harder for me personally. Luckily, it is a pretty rare thing.

What are your personal top-3 Track-POD features?

It is not the feature but an integral part of the service we offer - Track-POD customer support which is very responsive, reactive, and exclusively human. But if I were to name a few features:

  • Live tracking - everyone likes being up-to-date.

  • Route optimization and fleet management - top features for cutting business costs.

What is something about Track-POD more people need to know?

Track-POD is a great app for everyone: self-employed couriers, small family businesses, medium-sized companies, large distributors, and producers. The set of features our software offers can cover a vast variety of delivery and other business needs.