Here at Track-POD, we are inspired by stories of growth and success we get to know from our customers, whether they are small businesses with a couple of drivers, or substantial market players with a large fleet. Designing our routing planning software, we keep in mind those challenges members of the delivery market have to overcome and those tasks they need to solve on a daily basis. We know there is a bunch of them and we are ready to dig deeper into our customers’ needs to offer better tools for their business efficient operation.


For those companies who use unlimited stops route planners and have top-priority customers or deliver special orders to special locations we offer our new automated feature Priority. From now on your dispatcher can set rules and assign Priority level to an order, a customer or location to provide exceptional service to your special customers. The system will optimize routes according to the Priority settings to make sure your high-priority customers or locations will be visited first. This Track-POD feature may be applied in an exceptional situation when a specific order shall be delivered first, or on a constant basis when a dispatcher assigns High level of priority to a customer or location in the Directories. Thus, our truck routing software will always calculate optimum routes for your drivers placing high-priority customers or locations on top of the list.


We are proud to announce this unique feature as none of multiple stops route planners like Google Maps Route Optimization Tool can offer something like this. Contact our Track-POD team to find out more about new tools and features that will boost your performance and provide delightful delivery experience to your customers.