Girteka came to Track-POD to get a real time PODs with order tracking for their customers

Via 3L featured

Girteka Logistics' 3PL segment, now a part of Via 3L, was looking to improve on-time delivery and customer service while also engaging third-party carriers.


  • Achieve Delivery in full and on time
  • Record proof of delivery with digital signature
  • The ability for customers to track their orders via the customer portal
  • Provide a map feature to help them track, plan and optimize routes
  • Need to send the daily run sheet to drivers and 3rd party carriers via a mobile application


  • Delivery in full has been reached 99%
  • On time delivery has been reached 97%
  • 95% of jobs are now dispatched electronically and as a result staffing productivity increased by 60-70%
  • Customer calls decreased by 80% due to the tracking feature


"We were very pleased that mobile app was super easy for the drivers to use and this allowed a super quick and easy implementation with 3rd party carriers."