In today’s world of booming e-commerce, businesses need to make sure that their entire delivery process is optimized as best as possible. Consumers expect more from businesses in terms of their delivery systems - with tracking orders being an essential element.

Delivery tracking software is a must for any type of courier service. In such a competitive delivery environment, this software can be used to keep customers happy, as well as better manage deliveries and logistics. The entire process of delivery includes multiple steps, and efficient delivery tracking should cover the whole process.

The Steps In A Scheduled Delivery

Scheduled deliveries are not a simple single-step process. There are numerous steps to any delivery, all of which need to be optimized and managed for an efficient delivery process.

Typically, the process will start from the production base or warehouse. Next, the goods will be distributed to a packaging plant, get sorted by the couriers, and then finally get delivered to the customer. The final step of the process, called last-mile delivery, is the most important when it comes to consumers and delivery tracking.

Delivery tracking software is used to follow the entire delivery process. Customers can use the software to gain insights into the progress of their delivery. They could get notified at each delivery step and stay up to date with real-time progress. Logistics managers, on the other hand, can use the software to optimize and track their delivery process.

Delivery Challenges

Managing deliveries is no easy business. Particularly in today’s climate with massive increases in e-commerce, the logistics behind deliveries can be an overwhelming process. Throughout the whole process, there are four main challenges that logistics coordinators are often faced with. We have listed these below.

1. Staying on Top of Deliveries

The first major challenge that any logistics manager faces is keeping track of each delivery out there. Each vehicle on the road will have multiple stops along its delivery route. When you have a large fleet of vehicles, this can become a daunting process. Staying on top of the process of each delivery is important for understanding the rate of progress or for answering any customer queries.

Keeping tabs on each delivery can be done manually - something that would be an incredibly time-consuming headache to manage. This is one area that delivery tracking software can help.

2. Optimizing Delivery Routes

delivery tracking software routes

Couriers face many deliveries each day, and these need to be spread out over various vehicles. To ensure businesses are providing the best delivery to their customers, each route must be carefully optimized. Optimization involves carrying out the maximum number of deliveries in the shortest amount of time. This is important for an efficient delivery process as well as the reduction of overhead costs.

The challenge of optimizing each delivery route is a big one. Logistics managers need to carefully plan out each route, each stop, and take various considerations into mind (such as the terrain or traffic between deliveries). Managers will also need to stay up to date with these routes while the drivers are on the road so that they can be aware of any changes that take place.

3. Customer Information

Once customers have placed their order, they want to be kept up to date and notified throughout the delivery process. Customer expectations are higher than ever for deliveries, and courier companies need to meet these requirements to keep up with the competition. 

An obstacle that couriers face is being able to keep the customer up to date with their order. However, keeping clients in the loop is a must. This is not only imperative for customer satisfaction, but it is also important for any possible communications or updates that need to be sent out along the way.

4. Communicating With Drivers

Logistics managers and drivers need to have an open channel of communication throughout the day. No matter how optimized the delivery routes may be, there can always be something that gets in the way to affect the route or create a sudden change. Because of this, both sides must be on the same page.

Traditional communication methods can be a problem. This is because employees are often unavailable for communication while they are driving. Making sure that communication is always available is necessary for proper logistics management.

How to Track The Delivery Process From Start To Finish

Delivery tracking software is necessary for effective delivery management. If you are using a top delivery management software option like Track-POD, the following steps will apply to tracking the entire delivery process.

Task Assignment

First, all deliveries will need to be added to the software. This includes any drop-offs and pick-ups. Once in the system, the software will automatically assign the deliveries to the most convenient drivers. This means that each delivery gets matched with a driver and route that will offer the most efficient solution. Automatic task assignment instantly optimizes each delivery and creates the perfect routes.


Each delivery item that has been assigned to a driver will have its own tracking ID. From this point, the delivery tracking software will be able to trace each delivery ID to let you know exactly where it is. Tracking is generally done through a live map that starts once the courier has the parcel and is delivering it to the destination. This can also be used to issue updates to customers about their orders.

Both the customer and the logistics manager can access the delivery tracking functionality. If there are any queries or concerns about a specific package, the tracking number can be searched to determine a precise location.

Digital Signing

Now the package is delivered to the customer. Once the customer receives their delivery, they will need to sign for it. Delivery management software simplifies this through digital signing that can be done on the screen of a smartphone via the Track-POD mobile app.

This is a great way to reduce paperwork and simplify processes. The digital signing also triggers other digital processes to follow.

Delivery Confirmation

Once the customer has signed for the delivery, an immediate, automatic confirmation email is sent. The software will handle this, which makes sending out confirmations an accurate and instant process. This should include all of the delivery and product information for the item delivered. It can also be used as proof of delivery.

Automatically Creating Credit Invoices

Now that all of the delivery and product data is collected, invoices can be automatically generated. This process is incredibly easy when using delivery management software, as all of the effort and time is removed - allowing you to achieve instant, accurate results.

Why Delivery Tracking is Important

Ordering goods online and expecting fast, efficient delivery is the new norm. Businesses that want to keep up with this on-demand service to outshine their competitors need to ensure that they meet all consumer expectations. Here, efficiency, communication, and ease are the keys to success.

This is why delivery tracking software is important. Here are some of the main reasons that utilizing the right delivery management software is essential for any type of courier or delivery service.

Keeps Route Managers Up to Date

Delivery tracking software lets logistics managers stay up to date with their drivers at all times. No matter how many drivers are on the road or how complex the routes may be, the software will accurately pinpoint the current location of each vehicle. This is essential for effective delivery management.

Using delivery tracking software avoids manual checkups and unreliable forms of communication. It also takes any time and effort out of staying up to date with drivers. Instead, this information is readily available at all times for logistics managers. This allows them to spend their time on more productive tasks.

Keeps Customers Updated

Customers need to know the status of their delivery at all times. This helps them to plan when they should be available to collect it or to understand just how long the delivery will take. Businesses need to ensure that their services do not add any stress or difficulty to the customer’s life. By offering accurate delivery tracking software, customers can see where their delivery is and know when it will arrive. This helps to make their lives much easier.

Delivery tracking software can send instant updates to the customer. This comes in handy, particularly when there has been a complication or delay on the route. Notifying customers about any obstacles will increase customer satisfaction since they will not be left in the dark about the arrival of their packages. People are often much more understanding when you clearly and transparently communicate.

Keeps Customers Excited

Delivery tracking is not just designed to enhance operating processes, but it also helps to create happier, more excited customers. By using live tracking maps and updates, consumers will start to anticipate their order and build excitement for it. This adds to a more positive customer experience.

Not only this, but consumers also expect to be able to access things like live tracking maps when they make online orders. If you arent using the right delivery tracking software, you could fail to meet customer expectations. The use of tracking software can lead to increased customer loyalty.

Improved Communication

Delivery tracking software offers accurate insights into any delivery vehicles currently on the road. Logistics managers can always access this data. This makes communication far easier. Without the software, drivers and managers would have to call each other to stay up to date. This can be difficult to do during busy driving schedules. Better communication is a key area for improved management.

Faster Deliveries

With better communication and everyone being constantly updated without any effort, delivery times will be faster. Something as simple as delivery tracking software can help to completely enhance the speed and efficiency of deliveries. Many time-consuming activities, such as manual communications and updates, are removed. This enhances productivity and makes delivery routes run more efficiently.

If any changes or updates are made to the delivery route, the driver will be instantly notified through the delivery software. This ensures that there is no unwanted confusion along the way.

Route Optimization

Delivery tracking software is simply designed to always show the current location of a vehicle or delivery package. However, the software is not just used to offer instant updates, but it is also used to help optimize delivery routes.

Tracking software stores all data from past deliveries, and it offers complete access to detailed GPS mapping. This allows deliveries to be placed on the most optimal routes possible.

Managers can also gain better insights into current delivery routes to make any necessary adjustments or modifications along the way. For instance, if a manager notices that there is a roadblock on the current route, they can alter the route to divert the driver away from this obstacle.

Delivery Scheduling

Delivery tracking software will help to schedule each drop-off, pick-up, and stop along the way. This takes all of the work out of creating a delivery route, and it makes it easier for drivers to efficiently follow their route without any confusion. Each time a task is scheduled on the route, this can be easily tracked and traced through the software.


Delivery tracking software allows for a completely paperless experience. From keeping track of data to planning and optimizing delivery routes, everything is completely digital. This makes processes far easier and less time-consuming to manage.

delivery tracking software paperless


Tracking a scheduled delivery from start to finish is important for both consumers and delivery managers. Particularly now that there is so much competition in the e-commerce and online delivery markets, businesses need to make sure that they are providing enough for their customers. It’s also important to offer the most efficient and optimized deliveries available. This is where the right delivery tracking software comes in.

This software can be used to optimize deliveries, update customers, keep managers and drivers on track, and generally speed up and improve delivery processes. Be sure to check out the delivery tracking and management software from Track-POD if you would like to find out more.