No matter what goods or services you deliver and what size of a company you are, if you belong to efficient and competitive businesses in the delivery market, you shall solve a certain set of tasks to reach your business goals, stay competitive and build long-lasting customer relationships. Track-POD keeps that in mind and designs new features for you to address these needs and boost your performance. Route optimization is crucial in the delivery service – you spend less, you deliver more and on time. Optimize routes and create predictive notifications for customers in your route planner to increase efficiency and enhance the customer experience. 


To better help you create smart routes, in our latest release, we have introduced ETA notifications providing customers with live delivery updates. That‘s how it works:


  • The customer receives a notification with a link.
  • The customer uses the link on any mobile device to track the driver’s location on the map and ETA in real time.
  • The ETA is recomputed in real time. 
  • The customer is happy as there is no need to sit and wait for the driver! 


Predicted ETA notifications allow you to maintain a consistent level of quality while visiting your customers. By arriving on time and being in touch with your customers, your company will avoid negative reviews and poor ratings on related websites and social media. Predictive notification is a great feature that is beneficial both for your customers and your business no matter your sector.