5 Business Ideas that Benefit from Using Logistics Software

Updated on May 24, 2023 by Daniel Groves

cleaning service business idea

Home delivery isn’t a new concept, but it is one that’s growing in popularity. In 2022 alone, a staggering 268 million Americans ordered products online - a number that’s expected to increase by almost 20 million in the next two years.

As home delivery becomes the new-normal, delivery software, too, is seeing a surge in demand as brands jump on the tech bandwagon. But, could your business idea find a use for logistics software? Let’s take a look.

What is logistics software?

Logistics software is any digital product that aids the process of shipping a product or service from a starting point to the customer’s delivery address. Ideally, any software you use will improve the experience for both your customers and your staff. Logistics software should:

  • Ensure deliveries are on-time

  • Keep the customer updated on the delivery

  • Ensure safe and reliable transportation

  • Make the transaction as simple as possible

  • Improve employee experience

  • Improve customer experience

The software you implement could be an all-in-one management tool for the transit of your products/services or specific business management features. Physical products are also available to make the process of delivery simpler, like a contactless card reader.

Different business ideas will benefit from different software. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the business models that logistics software could enhance.

1. On-demand house cleaning

As home delivery via apps becomes more common, on-demand services are becoming increasingly popular.

Companies that can provide a physical service quickly via an intuitive mobile application are the future of the American business landscape, fitting into people’s busy schedules and providing much-welcomed convenience.

One area that we think could see a lot of benefit from logistics software is on-demand house cleaning/maintenance. A customer books a same-day cleaner or handyman to pop over and take care of house chores that the customer is too busy (or not confident in their DIY skills) to do.

cleaning service business idea

Using delivery tracking software, the customer can monitor where the cleaner/handyman is and when they’re expected to arrive. In this way, they receive a more accurate ETA and can make sure they’re at home. Any time changes are communicated quickly via delivery notifications, and your customer is left knowing exactly what’s going on for superb customer satisfaction.

2. HoReCa delivery

The US is home to the second-largest food delivery market in the world (just behind China), making it an extremely lucrative industry. But, food delivery isn’t always easy to get right.

One obvious challenge is ensuring the food gets to the client quickly to maintain the right temperature. This is where route planning software comes in handy.

Optimizing the quickest route based on real-time updates to avoid traffic and roadworks, your drivers will always get to their destination in as little time as possible. Prevent impatience with tracking software, too, and ensure your food arrives fresh every time.

3. e-Commerce delivery

Many modern business ideas involve e-Commerce delivery (the delivery of goods bought online). One of the main ways that software can improve efficiency for your e-Commerce company is with route optimization.

We’ve already looked at route optimization for quick one-off deliveries, but it also has excellent capabilities for multiple drop-offs.

If a driver heads out with 20 products, for example, the software will take into account all of the addresses, traffic/roadworks, and distance to create the quickest route possible to drop off all parcels.

Your drivers will automatically receive their daily route on their smartphones, with no need for communication with management. This saves time for back office staff and improves the experience of the drivers, too.

driver app for ecommerce delivery

Route optimisation from Track-POD can be used for a number of different vehicles, from bicycles to vans, and uses different strategies for route building.

4. Healthcare/pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated, and delivering healthcare products and medication is a serious business. Your main priority is to deliver the right products to the right customer. Getting this wrong could cause health damage for the client and reflect badly on your brand.

In these cases, we recommend a medical courier app. This contains all the relevant information the driver needs to ensure correct delivery, including the recipient’s name and the property location on a map (as well as the written address, of course).

When at the delivery destination, they can easily record the delivery is going to the correct person using a signature feature on their phone - known as sign-on glass. The ability to take pictures of the product at the destination adds another layer of security.

Once dropped off, an automated delivery notice will alert the customer that their pharmaceuticals have been delivered. If it’s gone to the wrong address, they’ll be able to quickly alert the company who can then take prompt action to fix the issue.

5. Home-delivered laundry

Did you know that almost 70% of people dread doing their laundry? Starting a laundry company is a smart way to cash in on this, taking the burden of cleaning clothes from your clients’ shoulders. To make your service even more convenient, you can also offer home pick-up and drop-off.

Keep your customer updated on where their driver is with tracking and allow them to monitor the progress of their laundry from their smartphone.

ecommerce delivery live tracking

It’s wise, too, to offer multiple payment options to give your customers plenty of choice. In-app payments via a bank card or third party, like PayPal, are a no-brainer, but so too are Cash on Delivery (COD) and contactless card payment on delivery.

A lot of customers will enjoy being able to pay after their laundry is done, and a contactless card system makes it simpler and more securer for both the customer and your business.

Final words

Building a company from the ground up isn’t always easy, especially in today’s cut-throat business world! To find success, your company needs to stand out.

Hopefully, this article has shown you how logistics software can help you do just that, creating a modern business that prioritizes efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction.

To find out more about logistics software and take advantage of the many features we’ve spoken about, check out Track-POD for effective delivery management for your business idea.