10 Best Tools for Custom Shipping Notifications [UPD 2023]

Updated on September 29, 2023 by Alina Kostukova and Yulia Miashkova

custom shipping notifications tools

There are many ways to look at last mile logistics software.

  1. You can compare route planner apps for delivery drivers to see which one will do the best job building your routes.
  2. You can take a deep dive into barcode scanner apps to maximize efficiency and load planning.
  3. You can compare proof of delivery apps that will help you handle paperless deliveries.
  4. You can even look into the best Shopify shipping apps for ecommerce to simplify your order fulfillment workflow.

Your findings on all of these would be valid reasons to invest or not invest in a last mile logistics software.

Seeing how customer satisfaction is the cornerstone metric of any delivery operation, comparing software vendors is impossible without considering the customer's perspective.

We're talking, of course, about shipment notifications via email and SMS.

What should the customer know about the delivery after they've placed an order? How can you adjust the frequency, contents, looks, and communication channel?

In this article, we compare 10 best last mile logistics tools for custom shipping notifications.

But first...

Shipping notifications use cases

Before looking at specific last mile logistics tools that offer SMS & email notifications to customers, we need to understand the use cases. When do you need to notify customers? What features to look out for? Let's break it down.

Order confirmation

As soon as an order has been placed, customers expect a confirmation in the form of an email or SMS notification.

You might not have a delivery date or estimated time of arrival for them yet; still, it's important to notify the buyer that their order is being processed.

Last mile delivery tools, especially when connected to an order placement system or directly to an eCommerce store like Shopify, can notify customers whenever an order has been placed.

This is the market standard in retail, and you can have it at no additional cost when you've invested in a last mile logistics software.

Delivery date & time

Once in the system, the order can be put on a delivery route to later be dispatched to a driver and transported to the destination.

This is when your customers receive a notification containing data like the delivery date and delivery time window prior to route. The key here is to make sure customers stay put for the delivery service.

trial free track pod

Force majeure

The delivery process is complicated. Sometimes, there will be changes to the order of delivery addresses because of priority, traffic, navigation issues, weather conditions, or anything else.

Last mile logistics software also enables real-time communication between drivers and customers in case something comes up while the delivery is in progress.

Regardless, having logistics management software that powers delivery updates is a big help in order fulfillment.

Route start

On the day of delivery, last mile software will notify the customer when the driver has departed from the warehouse or store location.

The customer can see the estimated time of arrival (ETA) as well as the driver's contact details.

Probably the best part - this type of notification will include a live tracking link for the customer to follow their package on the mobile device.

Real-time communication is an efficient way to improve your on-time delivery (OTD) rate.

Next in line

To further improve the rate of successful deliveries, you can use your last mile logistics software to send updates on the driver's whereabouts.

For example, the driver can trigger an SMS or email saying they've left the previous stop and are about to deliver the package (en route notification).

Alternatively, you can set the system to send these updates on deliveries automatically.

Proof of Delivery

Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) is a key feature in last mile logistics tools.

On the one hand, the driver's mobile app must support e-signature, photo proof, and other POD.

On the other hand, you need to have an ePOD document ready as soon as the service has been rendered. This will help you avoid misunderstandings and customer disputes.

You can customize your Proof of Delivery PDFs to reflect your company voice and communicate a consistent brand image to stand out from competition.

10 best tools for shipping notifications

Now that you know about the use cases of customer notifications, we'll look at some of the best last mile delivery tools that power order fulfillment through instant communication.

1. Track-POD

Track-POD is an all-in-one last mile software provider that covers everything from route planning & fleet optimization to real-time order tracking and proof of delivery.

The system consists of two parts: a web dashboard for dispatchers and a driver app for couriers. The technology behind Track-POD is cloud-based, with all order data synced across the web dashboard and mobile driver app online and offline.

shipping notifications track pod

Shipment notifications in Track-POD

Below are the types of SMS & email alerts that you can share via Track-POD.

  1. Prior to Route - can be shared at any time to let the customer know when the package will be delivered.
  2. At Route Start - sent when the driver begins the route, can have a live tracking link and a dynamic ETA.
  3. En Route - triggered by the driver manually or sent automatically upon the driver's departure from the previous location, can have a live tracking link + ETA.
  4. At Departure - contains a fully customizable PDF with Proof of Delivery data; can also include a customer feedback link.
  5. Customer feedback - appears in the live tracking window or 'at departure' notification, with the option to rate the delivery service and leave a comment for the dispatcher to see.

All SMS & email notifications powered by Track-POD, including prior to Route, at Route Start, en Route, at Departure messages, and Proof of Delivery PDF, come in fully customizable templates. Email updates are free of charge; SMS notification costs vary from country to country, depending on the local carrier.

customer notifications track pod 


Track-POD's pricing model is flexible: you can choose to pay per driver or per order a month. The cheapest plan comes at $29/mo per driver (with an annual subscription). You can test the platform by grabbing a 7-day free trial.

2. Route4Me

Route4Me is a route planning and dispatching tool well-known across the industry. It provides last mile solutions to businesses that require dynamic and recurring routing.

The platform is a marketplace with many free and paid add-ons for features like time slots, priorities, driver breaks, etc.

As far as shipping notifications go, SMS notifications come with extra charges, as does sending both SMS and email  notifications.

Shipment notifications in Route4Me

Route4Me offers the following types of SMS & email alerts for customers.

  1. Scheduled - sent when a delivery has been dispatched to one of the drivers.
  2. You are next - sent when the driver is in close vicinity of the delivery address.
  3. Geofence entered - sent when the driver has arrived at the customer's location.
  4. Geofence left - sent when the driver has departed from the customer's location.
  5. Completed - sent when the package has been delivered.

SMS notifications correspond to the same order delivery stages but come at an additional cost. All customer alerts are geofence-triggered, i.e. based on the parameters you've indicated for each stop, the system determines when to send a timely notification to each customer.

route4me shipping notifications


Route4Me's minimum flat fee is $199/mo (just the route planner without optimization), but the final costs will vary depending on how many add-ons you enable. You can also make use of Route4Me's free trial option for 7 days.

3. Tookan

Tookan is a last mile logistics tool that supports delivery management for businesses serving consumers in many industries. The system is a big help for retail businesses, as it covers everything from automated order management to marketing campaigns.

Tookan's mobile app and web dashboard rely on cloud technology, which means your drivers can use their app not only online but also offline. This flexibility is essential for smooth order fulfillment in hard-to-reach areas.

Shipment notifications in Tookan

Tookan offers five types of SMS & email user notifications that fall under the Pickup & Delivery workflow.

  1. Request received - triggered when an order has been created.
  2. Request accepted - triggered when an order has been accepted.
  3. Agent started - triggered when the driver is headed towards the delivery destination.
  4. Agent arrived - triggered when the driver has made it to the destination.
  5. Successful pickup/delivery - triggered when the service has been completed successfully.
  6. Failed /cancelled - triggered when the service has been unsuccessful.

Similar to other last mile logistics solutions, Tookan automates customer updates via email and SMS while allowing you to customize the messages until they meet every demand of consumers.

tookan shipping notifications v2


Tookan prices per number of tasks a month, which means you can have multiple drivers under all subscription plans. The cheapest plan covers 200 tasks and comes at $39/mo (with an annual subscription). A 14-day free trial is available.

Please keep in mind that some features like ETA or route optimization come as paid integrations and entail additional costs.

4. Onfleet

Onfleet is a popular last mile delivery platform built for larger Enterprise operations. It supports varied fleet solutions, e.g. in addition to vehicles, you can run routing for on-foot deliveries.

Onfleet allows you to alert customers with SMS messages only. Email notifications are available via a Zapier integration.

Shipment notifications in Onfleet

Onfleet offers the following SMS notifications shared with customers for pickup and dropoff tasks.

  1. Task started - triggered when the driver starts the task on their app.
  2. Driver arriving - triggered when the driver is within 150 m of the delivery address.
  3. ETA is - triggered when the estimated time of arrival is less than a certain number of minutes.
  4. Dependency started - triggered when the driver has completed a task linked to the task in question.
  5. Task completed/failed - triggered when the service has been rendered, successfully or unsuccessfully.

onfleet shipping notifications

All automatic SMS notifications sent by Onfleet are inherently anonymous, customizable, and versatile - meaning they can be fully automated or based on the actions drivers perform in their apps online.


Onfleet prices per number of tasks a month with unlimited drivers. The smallest plan that covers 2,000 tasks monthly starts at $500/mo. You have 14 days to test drive Onfleet for free.

5. Routific

Routific is a delivery route planning solutions provider built for local delivery operations. As such, it offers either SMS or email shipment notifications to customers awaiting their orders.

Please bear in mind that all shipping notifications in Routific come with an additional fee of $16/mo per vehicle (annually) or $19/mo per vehicle (monthly).

Let's take a closer look at what kind of delivery updates you can share.

Shipment notifications in Routific

Routific offers the following types of SMS and email notifications for the customer.

  1. Planned Delivery - to share the estimated date and time of delivery.
  2. Out for Delivery - the route has started and when the driver is about to arrive.
  3. After Delivery - to confirm that the delivery service has been completed successfully.
  4. Cancelled Delivery - to confirm cancellation.

routific shipping notifications v2

You can choose to share delivery updates via SMS or email but not both. The text of notifications is customizable so you can adjust the message to your liking.


Routific prices per driver per month, with the cheapest plan - Essentials - available for $39/mo if paid annually.

However, to be able to share shipping notifications, you'll need to go for the more expensive plan - $49/mo, and pay an additional $16/mo per driver, which brings your total to $65/mo if paid annually.

You can also test-drive Routific for 7 days for free.

6. OptimoRoute

OptimoRoute is a delivery route planning and field service management software. It serves a wide range of businesses and specializes in route planning, route optimization, and delivery scheduling.

The system allows you to share SMS and email shipment notifications, with the option to enable or disable live tracking for customers depending on your needs.

SMS notifications require extra credits - pricing varies depending on the region.

Shipment notifications in OptimoRoute

Below are the types of SMS & email delivery updates you can share via OptimoRoute - all fully customizable.

  1. Scheduled time notification - to let the customer know when the delivery service will be carried out.
  2. Driver is on the way - to let the customer know they will be visited soon.
  3. Order completed - after the delivery or field service has been rendered.
  4. Order failed - in case of force majeure that resulted in a failed delivery or field service.

optimoroute shipment notifications

It is possible to use both SMS and email shipping notifications but please keep in mind that SMS notifications come with additional charges.


OptimoRoute charges per driver per month, with the cheapest plan available for $35.10/mo if paid annually. You can try OptimoRoute for free for 30 days.

7. Detrack

Detrack is a courier management software provider that serves a wide range of delivery businesses.

Live tracking, shipping notifications, and Proof of Delivery are the system's key features.

Because Detrack lacks a native route planner, it needs to be integrated with ElasticRoute. Route planning happens in a different interface and is best experienced on 2 monitors.

Let's review the types of instant updates you can share with your customers using Detrack.

Shipment notifications in Detrack

There are many types of shipping notifications you can set up in Detrack.

  1. When a delivery/collection job is added - to let the customer know the delivery is being processed.
  2. When a job is scheduled to deliver/collect.
  3. When a job is out for delivery - to let the customer know the driver has started their route.
  4. When heading to job location - to let the customer know they're next in line.
  5. When cancel heading to location - to notify of any changes.
  6. When arrived at location - to let the customer know the driver is there.
  7. When a job is completed or partially completed - to confirm delivery in full or partial shipment.
  8. When a job is delayed - to let the customer know the driver is running late.
  9. When a job is failed - to confirm unsuccessful delivery.

detrack shipping notifications

Detrack allows you to send SMS and email shipping notifications. Please note that in order to use text messages, you'll need to set up an account with one of the 9 SMS providers that work with the system.


Detrack prices per driver and even offers a free subscription. However, you need to integrate the system with ElasticRoute in order to use route planning features.

Detrack + ElasticRoute bundle is available for $44/mo per driver if paid monthly.  

You can also make use of Detrack's free trial to see the system in action before you invest.

8. eLogii

eLogii is a route planning and dispatch software provider that powers delivery businesses and field service providers alike. As part of the package, you get real-time tracking via SMS and email shipping notifications.

Let's take a closer look.

Shipmen notifications in eLogii

Here are the types of shipping notifications you can share via eLogii.

  1. When the route has started - to let the customer know the driver is out for delivery.
  2. When the driver is about to arrive.
  3. Post-delivery notification - to confirm successful delivery.
  4. Canceled delivery notification - to confirm cancellation of delivery.
  5. Customer feedback - to ask for feedback on the delivery service.

eLogii allows you to use both SMS and email shipment notifications, with extra charges associated with SMS notifications. All updates are customizable and can be triggered via rules and geofences.

elogii shipment notifications


eLogii prices per number of tasks a month and offers 4 plans: Starter, Premium, Professional, and Enterprise. The pricing is available upon request. eLogii does not provide a free trial, but you can book a demo to see the software in action.

9. Circuit

Circuit is a route planner software available in 2 versions: for individual drivers and for delivery teams with multiple drivers.

Circuit for Teams offers SMS and email shipping notifications to help you keep your customers in the loop.

Shipment notifications in Circuit

Let's review the types of SMS and email shipment notifications you can share with customers via Circuit for Teams.

  1. After a driver starts their route - includes an estimated time of arrival (ETA) and a live tracking link.
  2. Post-delivery - to confirm successful or unsuccessful delivery.

circuit shipping notifications


Circuit for Teams prices per driver per month. The cheapest plan - Essentials - will cost you $100/mo per 2 drivers. You can also try Circuit for free for 7 days.

10. Shippit

Shippit is a logistics and order fulfillment software provider built for retailers.

Among the shipping solutions available in the platform are a fully customizable tracking page with order statuses as well as SMS and email shipping notifications that can be shared with customers at various stages of order fulfillment.

Shipment notifications in Shippit

Below are the types of SMS & email notifications that can be triggered and shared automatically via Shippit.

  1. On its way - triggered when the package has been scheduled for delivery.
  2. With driver - triggered when the package has been loaded into the truck.
  3. Delivery attempted - triggered after the driver was unable to complete the delivery.
  4. Partially completed - triggered in case part of the goods remains undelivered.
  5. Completed - triggered in case of delivery in full.
  6. Awaiting collection - triggered after the package couldn't be delivered and now needs to be picked up.

shippit shipment notifications v2

All shipping notifications can be customized and branded with your company logo to ensure brand recognition and visibility.


Shippit charges per number of orders a month. The cheapest plan covers 250 orders and costs $54/mo. Please keep in mind that there are extra charges for features like a branded returns portal or a branded tracking page. You can try Shippit for free for 30 days.

Final thoughts

Instant communication at the last stage of order fulfillment is one of the industry standards that will only get higher.

Customers demand transparency and involvement in the shipping process, and retailers have to deliver if they want to work towards customer satisfaction.

I hope this intro to SMS and email shipment notifications gives you enough context to make cost-efficient decisions and choose the best last mile logistics software providers for your business.

If you have any questions about last mile logistics solutions offered by Track-POD, book a free custom demo, and we'll give you a guided tour.