Route planning software is used for the arrangement of delivery trips and mileage measurements across multiple stops. It helps in optimizing routes for delivery and transportation businesses.

Route planning software replaces the conventional approach of planning routes with an automated and advanced solution. This software is based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to make better strategies for routing solutions.


How free routing software can help your delivery business

There's a number of ways in which efficient routing can boost the efficiency of a delivery operation. Let's look at the key ones.

Effective business operations demand optimized routes

Good routing software aka a route planner enables delivery businesses to grow faster with lesser time consumption and low costs. This way you can make effective planning for routes optimization and managing deliveries. It takes a lot of time for delivery service providers to plan the best routes with a manual solution, which reduces productivity and results in erroneous route analysis.

Routing software not only helps in searching for the shortest route possible between two destinations. It provides solutions for other variables as well, like traffic situation, accessibility to delivery personnel and tools, and other real-time occurrences.

 Some of the important benefits of using free routing software for a delivery business.

  • Minimizing expenses and utilizing lesser efforts are two main factors that every business considers. Good routing software resolves these issues.
  • Free routing software offers efficient optimization of delivery routes and dynamic estimated time of arrival which is beneficial for both the delivery service and clients.
  • When fewer resources are utilized and a more targeted delivery solution is provided, a delivery business can grow its return on investment (ROI).
  • It is easier to monitor on-the-road conditions with effective routing software and plan faster route optimization for delivery providers and vehicles. This helps to save a lot of time.

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How can a delivery business improve efficiency?

A delivery business can increase its efficiency by reassessing the delivery route planning. Better route planning using the latest technology can help achieve business goals. There are some simple methods to improve delivery efficiency with effective delivery route scheduling and optimization.

1. Priorities

When orders are arranged by priority, you can easily serve a customer according to its order’s importance. Route optimization becomes simpler if you define order priority and preschedule orders based on low or high priority can be a good way to organize your business.

2. Commitments

Assigning the right order to the right customer without delays can increase business credibility and reputation. A business can fulfill commitments by delivering on the scheduled time to keep customers satisfied.

3. Drivers’ input

It is a good idea to keep in contact with the drivers and get their feedback to improve route planning. This feedback can help in analyzing traffic conditions, understanding the buying behavior of customers, and allocating destinations to the drivers who are more familiar with certain areas.

4. Avoid error

Using optimized route planning, businesses can reduce the chances of error and concentrate on other important business goals while staying customer-centric.

5. Less paperwork

An effective route planning software helps to stay in contact with the team and reduce paperwork. You get all instant updates from the road about the order delivery, expected time of arrival, and other insights.

Is Google Maps good for multiple stops route planning in 2022?

Google Maps provides the best solution for scheduling routes if the number of deliveries is small. It is free, fast, and easy to use. It can plan your delivery route but does not offer an optimized solution for a route with multiple stops. You can use Google Maps to plan deliveries in the following cases.

  • There are 25 stops or less in a route.
  • There should be one driver at a time.
  • Routes with limitations of time windows for delivery, drivers’ stops, space for vehicle load can not be optimized.

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Learn more about Google Maps for truck drivers

Google Maps route planner for deliveries

You can try planning routes for multiple stops on Google Maps by following these steps.

Driver areas: You can allocate one area to a driver by distributing the areas in zones or streets. This way drivers do not have to travel long distances and they consume less fuel for several deliveries. Drivers use the same territory and get complete knowledge of the areas to schedule the shortest route.

Delivery stops: As the areas are distributed, you can arrange delivery stops in the order of completion. The order should be according to the level of priority and other variables like time windows for delivery and office hours of a business. 

Delivery notes: You can assign a list of instructions to the drivers for a smooth route plan. This includes notes about parking location, delivery destination, delivery time, etc. This way drivers can cover more stops in one route.

Make a batch of routes: To plan the shortest route between two stops, you have to schedule your routes in a batch of 10. 

Assign routes: Google Maps has the option to dispatch routes to the driver by sending an e-mail or a text.

Best free multi stops route planning software in 2022

There are limited options for the free route planners with multiple stops.

  1. Google Maps: Free, accurate, and user-friendly.
  2. RouteXL: Free, automatic optimization for routes, enables order allocation between multiple drivers, unlimited route planning.
  3. Speedy Route: Free, plans route automatically, route planning for up to 10 drivers, drag and drop functions.
  4. Badger Maps: Route optimization and scheduling, Appointments tracking
  5. MapQuest: Easy routing, reliable, and popular.
  6. Waze: Serves multiple purposes, real-time data, speed restriction, parking alerts.
  7. Truck Router: Truck specific routes, optimized stops, trip charges calculator
  8. Plotaroute: Engaging maps, outdoor routes
  9. MyRoute: Easy functions, Route optimization by time or distance, Routes saving option
  10. RAC’s Mapping Service: Unlimited stops plotting, risk-free routes, avoids accidents

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Limitations in free multi-stop route planning software

Free multi-stop route planners come with some limitations.

Limited stops

Free route planning software with multiple stops has a limited number of stops for optimization.

Optimization per vehicle

Many free route planners allow route optimization for one vehicle. For more than one delivery route, free service is not the right option hence it’s best to go with a paid solution that offers free trial to let you test before paying subscription costs.

Ease of use

Free route planning software costs a lot in terms of design and level of difficulty. A limited number of deliveries do not need great design and easy-to-use solutions. The problem occurs as the business grows and delivery route planning takes time. This makes the delivery costs higher and the free route planner does not serve the purpose.

Delivery time windows

Free route planning software does not come with the feature of delivery time windows. A customer has to wait for the whole day for order delivery.

Mobile app

Drivers need to have access to the right tools for providing efficient delivery solutions to the customers. A mobile app for drivers to execute the assigned routes and orders is not accessible with free route planning software.

Solutions in advanced multi-stop route planning software

Complex transportation operation

An advanced multi-stop route planning software such as Track-POD is suitable to manage a fleet of several vehicles for delivery solutions.

Route times accuracy

In more advanced route planning software, algorithms pay attention to accurate plans to achieve scheduled delivery time windows. Factors such as driving speed during peak times, construction areas, and estimated delivery time for specific orders are considered as a major part of the routing plan.

Easy to use software

The advanced route planning software is designed for people who work in logistics operations such as dispatchers and fleet managers, where the key purpose is to understand the functions and features to improve efficiency. These people need routing software training conducted by experienced trainers.

Software interface configuration

Advanced route planning software is easy to configure and customers can use a custom layout and configure the software according to what they want to see. Tools like Track-POD even offer a designated Customer Portal that empowers your frequent shippers to add, monitor, and manage their orders.

Live support for your business

Customers have the benefit to avail live call support and help desk assistance to resolve complaints at any time of the day.

Monitoring drivers’ performance

Advanced route planning software provides real-time information about the drivers’ performance if they are executing delivery according to the plan. Real-time vehicle tracking is available to customers too, as track and tracing powers one-click vehicle tracking without the need to input order ID or make any additional steps.

If you want to check one of the advanced options for route planning software with unlimited stops, try Track-POD now.