5 Best Florist Software Examples: It is Time to Find Your Perfect Flower Delivery Software

Updated on February 28, 2024 by Alina Kostukova

florist delivery software

Struggling to keep track of orders, manage inventory, and make your flower delivery business run smoothly? You're not alone. As flower lovers, we get how important it is to balance petals and profits. That's why we checked out the best florist software.

According to research, the global flower and ornamental plants market is expected to hit $67.56 billion by 2028, growing at 9.7% annually. This indicates that the industry is growing at a tremendous pace, which will require businesses willing to take their share of the market to find solutions for scaling their operations. We advocate that the most resource-efficient way to scale is to digitalize operations and go with the tech-first approach.

The florist market is expected to grow, demanding businesses to scale in order to keep up

Source: The Business Research Company

In this guide, we'll check out some excellent florist software that is changing the game. Whether you run a small flower shop or a big one, these tools promise to make things simpler, make customers happier, and make your business bloom like never before.

Overview of florist software

In many respects, florist software solutions are similar to those used by businesses in other industries, unlocking cloud-based functionalities that unlock the potential of the mobile workforce and enabling data-based and paperless operations.

Florist software automates and optimizes various aspects of running a floral business. It ranges from inventory management to delivery routes and more.

Key features to consider

Florist software acts like a digital assistant for your flower business, handling various tasks seamlessly.

  • Firstly, it keeps track of your flower inventory, ensuring you never run out unexpectedly.
  • Moreover, it stores customer preferences, allowing you to surprise them effortlessly with their favorite flowers.

But hold on, there's more to it! This software makes buying and paying for flowers easy, ensuring smooth transactions for you and your customers. The software can also find the most efficient delivery routes for your orders, ensuring timely deliveries and cutting down on delivery expenses.

Why a small florist business should consider the tech?

Implementing florist software into the operations of a small florist business, including delivery management, offers a myriad of advantages that streamline and enhance both the operational and customer service aspects of the business. 

This software centralizes order management, customer data, inventory, and delivery schedules, markedly improving efficiency and organization. It diminishes the time spent on administrative tasks, allowing for more focus on creative endeavors and customer engagement. 

Additionally, with integrated customer relationship management (CRM) features, businesses can maintain detailed records of customer preferences and purchase history. This capability fosters personalized service and targeted marketing strategies, significantly boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Moreover, florist software comes equipped with inventory management tools that meticulously track stock levels and alert the business to low supplies, which is critical for managing perishable goods effectively and ensuring orders are fulfilled without delay. 

Delivery management features optimize route planning and scheduling, ensuring deliveries are punctual, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and potentially reducing delivery costs. 

On the financial side, the software facilitates better financial oversight through features for invoicing, billing, and reporting, aiding in profitability monitoring and cash flow management. 

Adopting florist software not only projects professionalism through branded communications but also scales with the business, accommodating increased complexity as the business expands, making it an invaluable asset for small florist businesses aiming for growth and enhanced service delivery.

Detailed reviews of the 5 best florist software for flower delivery

When selecting a florist delivery software solution for the first time it may be difficult to understand all the features and weight their pros and cons. Let us help you. We have reviewed a few industry-leading delivery management solutions and provide a comprehensive overview below.

1. The overall preference: Track-POD

Track-POD is a leading delivery management solution designed specifically last mile delivery, making it very relevant for a florist business and can become your perfect flower delivery software. Known for its robust capabilities, it's a crucial tool for florists looking to improve delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Track-POD offers tons of features to become efficient floral delivery software, but the ones listed below are the most relevant for a florist:

  • Order management: easily create, manage, and assign florist orders to your delivery drivers. Track-POD supports many different order custom fields making it easy to setup the platform to meet your specific business needs.
  • Map-based route planning: plan your delivery routes with a single click of a button as Track-POD finds the best multi-stop route based on your order details, vehicle characteristics, and many other factors.
  • Real-time tracking: with Track-POD, you will be always in control of your deliveries, keeping track of your driver status. The platform is also enjoyed by many due to its advanced shipping notifications that businesses use to inform their customers about the arrival of their orders.
  • User-friendly driver app: florist delivery personnel can utilize Track-POD's powerful driver app for route planning, service documentation, order management, and communication with dispatchers.

Usability: Track-POD's interface is designed with simplicity, ensuring users can easily navigate its comprehensive suite of features without requiring extensive training.

Pricing: Track-POD's pricing is wallet-friendly and can be either based on the number of driver licenses (starts at $29 per month per license) or on the number of monthly orders you deliver. And the cherry on top? You can try it out for free for 7 days, no strings attached.

Track-POD is the preferred delivery solution for florist business.

2. Strong runnerup: Tookan

Tookan stands out as a delivery management solution that can be highly customized. This means florists can adjust the software to fit their unique operational requirements and reflect their brand identity.

It provides many features to facilitate seamless coordination between delivery drivers and managers within the florist sector. Let’s look at a few:

  • Route optimization (requires Mappr integration): Create the quickest routes between multiple stops to optimize delivery efficiency.
  • Automated dispatch: Simplifies the task assignment process by automatically allocating delivery jobs based on predefined criteria such as location proximity and workload balance.
  • Customer notifications: Keep customers informed by setting up and sending shipping notifications, providing visibility throughout delivery.
  • 90 days of analytics (requires Kato integration): Utilize analytics data spanning 90 days to gain insights and improve performance, enhancing operational efficiency.

Usability: Tookan is praised for its user-friendly dashboard and intuitive setup process, making it accessible for florists with varying levels of technical proficiency.

Pricing: Tookan operates on a task-based model, where the volume of tasks determines monthly expenses. The basic plan encompasses 200 tasks and is available at $39 per month with an annual subscription. Additionally, Tookan extends a 14-day free trial, enabling businesses to evaluate the software's suitability before making a subscription commitment.

Florist delivery software

3. Strong runnerup: Routific

Routific is a user-friendly software designed to plan courier routes and manage floral deliveries effectively. Specializing in route optimization, Routific is designed to address the delivery challenges florists face, helping them execute daily deliveries more efficiently. 

In addition to its essential floral delivery management tools, Routific stands out with the following key features:

  • Order management: Efficiently organize orders and monitor their deliveries to streamline operations.
  • Route planning and optimization: Strategically plan delivery routes to maximize efficiency, saving time and resources while ensuring punctual deliveries.
  • Driver app and driver app lite: Empower couriers with intuitive driver applications, available as a complete mobile application and a web-based Lite version, enhancing their performance and ease of use.
  • POD (Electronic proof of delivery): Capture crucial delivery details, including electronic signatures and up to five photos, streamlining documentation and ensuring accountability in the delivery process. 

Usability: Routific emphasizes ease of use with a straightforward interface and quick setup, minimizing the time and effort required to start optimizing delivery operations.

Pricing: Routific's entry-level plan, available at $39 per vehicle per month for annual payments, offers a cost-effective option for businesses. However, it's important to highlight that access to live GPS and tracking functionalities necessitates an upgrade. Moreover, you have the option to try out the app with a complimentary 7-day trial, giving you the chance to discover its features without any upfront expenses.

Florist delivery software

4. Strong runnerup: Route4Me

Route4Me presents a comprehensive solution for handling delivery logistics and furnishing features tailored to aid florists in refining their delivery routes and boosting customer satisfaction.

Key features

  • Dynamic routing: Adjusts routes in real-time based on traffic, weather conditions, and last-minute order changes, ensuring the highest efficiency level.
  • Customer portal: Allows customers to track their deliveries, request changes, and provide feedback directly through a dedicated portal, improving the overall customer experience.
  • Dispatch and tracking: Floral businesses can efficiently dispatch and monitor floral delivery personnel in real time using the platform's tracking functionalities.
  • Mobile app: Route4Me offers intuitive native applications for florist delivery personnel compatible with Android and iOS devices, enhancing convenience and accessibility for on-the-go tasks.
  • Integrations: It effortlessly merges with a range of platforms like Salesforce, QuickBooks, and Zapier, amplifying the efficiency of floral delivery by bolstering connectivity and functionality across systems. 

Usability: The platform prioritizes quick integration and user-friendliness, aiming to deliver a smooth experience for florists and their customers.

Pricing: Route4Me offers a starting plan at $199 per month, with higher tiers at $249/month and $349/month, which include advanced route optimization features. Additionally, there are both free and paid add-ons available for the entire company account or individual team members.

Florist delivery software

5. Honarable mention: Floranext

Floranext is tailor-made for flower shops, offering some cool stuff like a point-of-sale system, website tools, and helpers for fulfilling wedding plans. 

It makes running your shop easier by handling things like ordering bills and keeping track of money. Here are some standout features:

  • Order management: Keep tabs on flower orders effortlessly, ensuring they're handled accurately and efficiently from beginning to end.
  • POS system: Enjoy a unique point-of-sale system made just for flower shops. It makes selling flowers in-store or online, managing inventory, and chatting with customers a breeze.
  • Website creation: Easily set up and run e-commerce sites to reach more customers and sell more flowers online.

Usability: Floranext shines with its super easy design, helping florists use all its incredible features. It makes running their business smoother and keeps customers even happier. However, Floranext doesn’t support any of order delivery features. 

Pricing: Floranext gives florists a bunch of features for only $59.99 a month. And guess what? You can try it out free for 7 days before you decide to buy.

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Additional considerations when choosing florist software

There are a few essential things to keep in mind when choosing software for your floral business:

  • Scaling potential: ensure the software can handle more stuff as your business grows without significant changes.
  • Smooth workflow: go for software that plays nice with your other tools, like accounting and customer stuff. It helps everything go smoother and messes up less.
  • Help when you need it: pick a provider that's good at helping you out. You'll need it if things go wrong, so having someone there for you is a big deal.
  • Watch out for costs: check the pricing carefully to avoid sneaky charges. Ensure the software fits your wallet now and later when your business grows.
  • Keep things safe: protect your business and customer info with software that has safety features like secret codes and regular updates.
  • Mobile magic: find software that works on your phone or tablet. It helps you deal with orders and talk to customers from anywhere.
  • Easy design: look for software that's easy to figure out. It helps you and your team get stuff done faster. A good look makes you better at making cool flower things.

Track-POD is the top choice for florists looking to upgrade their delivery service. It offers real-time tracking during deliveries. It optimizes routes to be eco-friendly. It provides electronic proof of delivery. It's user-friendly. It gives valuable insights through analytics.

Final thoughts and recommendations

Choosing the right florist software is a strategic decision. It can significantly impact the efficiency and profitability of your floral business. You must consider your needs, test the features, and plan for future growth. It will help you choose a solution that meets your needs and supports your success.

Tookan, Routific, and Route4Me offer valuable solutions for delivery management and efficiency. Track-POD is the go-to choice for businesses seeking an all-encompassing platform. It addresses various aspects of florist operations beyond delivery management.

Always remember that the best florist software should align with your business goals. It should streamline your operations and enhance your ability to deliver efficiently. Consider each option, consider the pros and cons, and make an informed decision. Make sure your chosen one helps your floral business bloom.