Case Studies

Track-POD powers thousands of delivery operations all over the world. Learn what kind of challenges they successfully addressed with paperless & contactless delivery management solutions.

What clients say

Track-POD is an easy-flowing system that’s not difficult for drivers. It dropped us from an average of 24 minutes per delivery down to 17 minutes per delivery, which is a huge saving when you have 100+ drivers. The difference between then and now is that we have the flexibility to adjust on the fly.

ClientName Rob Barr

Track-POD is one of the only all-in-one software options with good auto route planning, e-signatures, and live tracking. Versatility, ease of use for new staff, adaptable to our system. Drivers picked up the use quickly, even older, less tech-savvy team. The geolocations and photos/signatures are excellent PODs.

ClientName Ian Nolan

Because Track-POD is so easy to use, as the driver drives with it, they get extremely consistent and fast. I love that with Track-POD there is a way to make it very easy and just say: we have this many vehicles – go for it and create our routes.

ClientName Stephanie Chupp

Customers know exactly when they’re getting their deliveries and they’re able to track the vans’ progress through Track-POD – this has been a massive asset in building trust. No one struggled with Track-POD for more than a few days – it’s really easy to use for everyone.

ClientName Catherine Powell

Track-POD has an easy, clear, intuitive interface, the ability to integrate and import data, map-focused route planning, and a licencing model I could manage and live with. Not only has the product never broken on us, working with the Track-POD team has proved to be a good working relationship.

ClientName Robert Campbell