Best Pharmacy Delivery Software for Tracking & ePOD

Updated on November 17, 2023 by Yulia Miashkova

Best pharmacy delivery software for 2024

In an era where convenience meets healthcare, the role of technology in optimizing pharmaceutical services has never been more pivotal.

As the world advances towards a digital future, pharmacy delivery software and medical courier apps emerge as game-changers, streamlining processes and enhancing accessibility to medication.

This article explores the best pharmacy delivery software solutions reshaping the landscape of pharmaceutical services. From improved efficiency to heightened patient satisfaction, these platforms are transforming how pharmacies operate.

Join us on a journey through the digital frontier, where cutting-edge technology meets the critical demands of healthcare delivery.

Shortcut to the best pharmacy delivery software for 2024

Why use pharmacy delivery software?

Pharmacy delivery tracking software offers myriad benefits, revolutionizing how pharmaceutical services are managed and enhancing the overall customer experience. Below are some key advantages.

Real-time visibility

Pharmacy delivery tracking software provides real-time visibility into the status and location of each delivery.

This ensures that pharmacists and customers can monitor the progress of their orders, leading to more efficient operations.

Pharmacy delivery tracking software allows for accurately estimating delivery times (ETAs), giving customers transparency and reducing uncertainties. This contributes to an improved customer experience and increased satisfaction.

best pharmacy delivery tracking software

Optimized delivery routes

By optimizing delivery routes, pharmacy delivery software helps reduce fuel costs and delivery time. This boosts operational efficiency and contributes to cost savings for the pharmacy.

Using a route optimization algorithm, pharmacies can ensure drivers take the most efficient routes to reach every stop, whether they use trucks, cargo bikes, or other vehicle types. This not only reduces delivery times but also minimizes fuel costs.

Inventory management

Integration with inventory management systems helps in minimizing errors related to stock levels and product availability. This ensures customers receive the correct medications on time, minimizing potential health risks.

Automation in inventory management through pharmacy delivery software reduces the reliance on manual data entry, minimizing the risk of human errors. This promotes accuracy in tracking and managing inventory levels.

Proof of Delivery

Automated shipping notifications and alerts keep customers informed about their order status, ensuring seamless and transparent communication. This feature contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Using pharmacy delivery software, drivers can capture proof of delivery through photos, signatures, or notes. This ensures accountability and provides a record of successful deliveries, which can be crucial for both pharmacies and customers.

Customizable branding

Delivery software allows pharmacies to customize the branding of their delivery tracking page. This feature enhances the professionalism and consistency of the pharmacy's brand throughout the delivery process.

Custom branding helps pharmacies project a professional and cohesive image. When delivery software incorporates the pharmacy's logo, colors, and overall brand aesthetic, it conveys a sense of reliability and trustworthiness to customers.

Adaptability and scalability

Many pharmacy delivery tracking solutions can integrate seamlessly with existing order management systems, offering a flexible and scalable solution that can grow with the business.

As you can see, pharmacy delivery tracking software is a powerful tool that goes beyond simply managing deliveries. It transforms the pharmacy experience, from optimizing logistics to providing customers with the assurance of accurate, timely, and secure medication delivery.

Best pharmacy delivery software for 2024

Now that we've reviewed the benefits of using pharmacy delivery software, let's look at some of the best software vendors that offer solutions for pharmacy delivery tracking.

1. Track-POD

Track-POD is a delivery management software solution that can significantly enhance pharmacy delivery operations. Here are several ways in which Track-POD will be beneficial for pharmacy delivery tracking.

Track POD pharmacy delivery software

Native route optimizer

Efficiently plan and optimize delivery routes with unlimited pickup and dropoff locations, reducing delivery times and fuel costs. Track-POD's route optimization algorithm helps pharmacies complete deliveries more quickly and efficiently, contributing to improved customer satisfaction through timely service.

Custom safety checklist

Pharmacies operate in a highly regulated environment, with strict standards governing the handling and delivery of medications. Tailor Track-POD's vehicle safety checklist to pharmacy-specific requirements, ensuring compliance with safety protocols and regulatory standards.

Custom shipping labels

Create custom shipping labels in a drag-and-drop interface, ensuring that all orders make it to the correct recipients on time and in full.

Barcode scanning

Utilize industrial-grade barcode scanning functionality for accurate and streamlined load management, reducing errors in order fulfillment. With Track-POD, any smartphone can be turned into an industry-grade barcode scanner, eliminating the need for third-party scanner devices.

Custom branded tracking

Reinforce brand identity through a custom-branded live tracking interface, fostering brand recognition and trust. Change colors, elements of the live tracking page, and add your logo for consistent brand representation.

ePOD with 10 Photos & PIN

Capture electronic proof of delivery with up to 10 photos or use PIN verification, ensuring a comprehensive and secure record of successful deliveries. Track-POD offers a custom Proof of Delivery template in PDF, allowing pharmacies to tailor delivery documentation to their audiences.

Pricing starts at $0.12/task

Enjoy cost-effective delivery management with Track-POD, starting at just $0.12 per task, making it an affordable solution for pharmacies of all sizes.

Track-POD also allows you to pay per driver/vehicle, starting at $29/mo with an annual subscription.

2. Onfleet

Onfleet can be a valuable tool for pharmacy delivery management, offering a range of features that enhance efficiency, communication, and customer satisfaction. Here's how Onfleet can be utilized for pharmacy delivery management.

Onfleet pharmacy delivery software

Onfleet presents a robust set of benefits for pharmacy delivery management, catering to the unique needs of the healthcare sector. Here's an expanded look at the key advantages.

Automated route optimization

Onfleet's automated route optimization feature ensures that pharmacy delivery routes are efficiently planned, considering traffic, distance, and time constraints.

Live tracking & ETAs

Real-time tracking provides pharmacies with live updates on the location and status of delivery vehicles. This is crucial for monitoring deliveries, managing customer expectations, and making real-time adjustments.

SMS shipping notifications

Onfleet enables automated communication with customers through SMS shipping notifications.

Note that email notifications in Onfleet need to be set up via a third-party Zapier integration.

Collect customer feedback

Onfleet allows pharmacies to collect valuable customer feedback after each delivery. This feature is instrumental in identifying areas for improvement and maintaining a high level of service quality.

Proof of Delivery

Onfleet allows drivers to capture evidence of successful deliveries through photos, signatures, barcodes, or notes. A digital record ensures accountability and is a valuable reference for post-delivery issues or concerns.

Contactless signatures

Amid health and safety concerns, Onfleet supports contactless signatures. This feature allows customers to confirm receipt of their medication deliveries without physical contact.

Pricing starts at $0.25/task

Onfleet offers solutions for pharmacy delivery management starting at $0.25 per task. There's no option to pay per driver.

3. OptimoRoute

OptimoRoute can be a valuable tool for pharmacy delivery operations due to its robust route optimization capabilities, real-time tracking, customer communication features, and scalability. Let's take a closer look.

optimoroute pharmacy delivery software

Fast route planning

OptimoRoute excels in fast route planning, allowing pharmacies to organize and optimize delivery routes efficiently. This feature is crucial for ensuring that medications are delivered in a timely manner, contributing to overall customer satisfaction and adherence to delivery schedules.

Last-minute orders

The platform is designed to handle last-minute orders effectively. OptimoRoute's dynamic re-routing capabilities enable pharmacies to quickly incorporate new orders into existing routes, minimizing disruptions and ensuring that late orders are delivered promptly.

Coordinated orders

OptimoRoute supports coordinated order fulfillment, allowing pharmacies to plan delivery tasks that require the involvement of several staff members at once.

Flexible driver start time

The platform offers flexibility in setting driver start times, suggesting best times for shift start for each driver. This feature is beneficial for pharmacies that may have varying delivery time windows or specific operational requirements.

Proof of Delivery

OptimoRoute enables drivers to capture evidence of successful deliveries. This may include photos, e-signatures, or notes. The proof of delivery feature contributes to accountability and provides a digital record of completed deliveries.

Customer feedback

OptimoRoute facilitates the collection of customer feedback after each delivery. This feedback mechanism is valuable for pharmacies to assess customer satisfaction, identify areas for improvement, and continuously enhance the quality of their delivery services.

Pricing starts at $35.10/driver

OptimoRoute provides a simple pricing structure, starting at $35.10 per driver. There's no option to be charged based on the number of tasks you execute in a month.

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4. Upper

Upper offers several features that make it well-suited for pharmacy delivery operations. Below is a quick overview.

upper route planner for pharmacy delivery

Up to 500 stop routes

The ability to handle routes with up to 500 stops is particularly beneficial for pharmacies managing a high volume of deliveries. This capacity allows for the optimization of extensive delivery routes, ensuring efficiency in the distribution of medications.

Archive routes for future use

Archiving routes for future use is valuable for pharmacies with recurring delivery runs. This feature streamlines the planning process, allowing pharmacies to reuse optimized routes and enhance overall delivery efficiency.

Curbside delivery

Curbside delivery is relevant today, where contactless and convenient delivery options are prioritized. Pharmacies can utilize this feature to provide a safer and more accessible delivery experience for their customers.

Schedule for months in advance

Upper's ability to schedule routes months in advance benefits pharmacies with predictable delivery schedules. This feature enhances operational planning, ensuring routes are optimized well in advance and accommodating future changes or events.

Email & SMS notifications

The platform offers email and SMS notifications for customers, enhancing communication and improving delivery success. Notifications can be sent to customers to provide real-time updates on delivery status, contributing to a positive customer experience.

Custom fields

Custom fields allow pharmacies to tailor delivery software to their specific needs. This flexibility is particularly useful for pharmacies with unique requirements, enabling them to incorporate custom data points into the route planning process.

Pricing starts at $100/mo

Upper's pricing model, starting at $100 monthly for three users, provides a cost-effective solution for pharmacies.

5. eLogii

eLogii is a developer of delivery tracking solutions used by pharmacies and medical couriers, among other business types. Let's see what makes it a good fit for pharmacy delivery management.

elogii pharmacy delivery software

Multi-depot optimization

eLogii's multi-depot optimization feature benefits pharmacies with multiple locations or depots. It allows for efficient planning and coordination of deliveries from different depots, optimizing routes and ensuring timely deliveries.

Live traffic routing

Route planning with consideration for live traffic data is crucial for adapting to real-time traffic conditions. This feature helps pharmacies optimize routes dynamically, minimizing delays caused by traffic congestion.

Fixed and recurring routes

eLogii supports fixed and recurring routes, providing flexibility for pharmacies with varied delivery needs. This feature is handy for managing regular medication deliveries and ensuring consistency in service.

Service time

The service time feature allows pharmacies to account for the time required at each delivery location. This ensures accurate planning and helps optimize routes by considering the specific service times for each stop.

Barcode scanning

Barcode scanning enhances delivery accuracy for pharmacy deliveries. Pharmacy courier drivers can verify each package before departure, reducing the risk of errors in fulfillment and improving overall quality control.

Shipping labels

eLogii facilitates the generation of shipping labels, contributing to a streamlined delivery process. Shipping labels help identify and organize packages accurately, ensuring that medications reach the correct recipients.

Pricing available upon request

Even though eLogii doesn't disclose its pricing or have a transparent subscription model, you can request a custom quote with account for your exact business model and scope. 

Before you go

As a pharmacy delivery operation, finding the right delivery management software that meets your operational needs and helps you exceed customer expectations is crucial.

I hope this article gives you sufficient insight into pharmacy delivery tools and vendors. If you have questions about pharmacy delivery solutions for your specific business case, book a live custom demo, and we'll be happy to address them in real-time.

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